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Washington D.C.

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2,513 Reviews

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Harold Woolley - New York, NY on Aug 15, 2022 said:

“Great fun”

Paola Henrquez - DO on Aug 15, 2022 said:

“It was very interesting, a lot of visual stimulation, but a good experience overall”

Jessica Holmes on Aug 8, 2022 said:

“Favorite experience from our DC visit.”

Sophia on Aug 7, 2022 said:

“It was a fun mystery looking for doors. It did feel a lot like walking through a full estate sale though. I was so afraid to accidentally break something. ”

Jonathan King on Aug 6, 2022 said:

“Such a fun experience for my family and I. The secret door experience brings out the kid in everyone. ”

Stephanie Harris on Aug 6, 2022 said:

“Wonderful experience. Our grandchildren, 10 and 7 delighted in searching for the hidden doors! The collection of items in each room was amazing and so well curated. Staff were friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful.”

Vicki Guiel - Frederick, MD on Aug 5, 2022 said:

“Such a great hidden gem!! We had a blast!”

Ashley M - Milwaukee, WI on Aug 5, 2022 said:

“Definitely worth a visit when in town!”

Christopher Zoller - Tampa, FL on Aug 5, 2022 said:

“"This was by far one of the best experiences we've had in our life. Thank you for making my wife's birthday such a blessing. ”

Christine Kulak- Allentown, NJ on Aug 5, 2022 said:

“This is a very unique and interesting museum! I would definitely return to the museum and bring another group of friends. I want to believe that we found all the big hidden doors, but we almost left without seeing the Halloween room, so we weren't as observant as we had expected. I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a unique experience in DC.”

Darlene Anderson-Katz - Cuyahoga Falls, OH on Aug 5, 2022 said:

“This was a great experience. The historical facts, the mystry and all the creativity made this experience unique. we loved it!!”

Fran LoIacono - US on Aug 5, 2022 said:

“It's a crowning achievement that I got as far as I did in the rock n roll hunt.”

Erica Sontheimer on Aug 5, 2022 said:

“Unique, absorbing, memorable. A challenge and adventure for the whole family. It felt like stepping into a world of wonder. The history of the Mansion and it's incredibly diverse collection of art and artifacts was delightful. ”

Arlene Gimovsky on Aug 2, 2022 said:

“The Sunday Magic Show was amazing! Misdirection aside, he must have eyes un the back of his head to complete his flawless performance. He put on a delightful show; it was truly magical!”

Bernard Demczuk from UDC/MPD, on Aug 1, 2022 said:

“I loved the magic show. Thank you. I would suggest that at the end of the magic show, guestshave an opportunity to talk about the history and culture of magic with the magician, - a fascinating topic. Thanks. -Bernie”

Chris Keilholtz on Jul 31, 2022 said:

“Had a blast. will certainly return in the future ”

Chris Keilholtz on Jul 31, 2022 said:

“Had a blast. will certainly return in the future ”

Debbie on Jul 29, 2022 said:

“This is truly a hidden gem in D.C. This place is amazing! The secret door tour is very cool. I need to come back and try to find more and do more shopping! Such an eclectic place---I've never seen anything like it!”

Michiko on Jul 20, 2022 said:

“We had a wonderful time exploring this amazing hotel - we could easily have wandered the hotel for days!! Would highly recommend this very eclectic hotel. Spent quite some time looking for the hidden wine cellar, was definitely the highlight of our searches! Thanks for helping us celebrate our 40th anniversary in such a unique way. We will be back!”

Katie Sherman on Jul 19, 2022 said:

“The house is fascinating and packed full of neat items displayed in a fun, eccentric way. Great for curious kiddos. My 11 year old daughter's favorite finds were Tinker Bell and the Elvis room. We laughed, got lost, and loved it all!! We went 1.5hrs before closing, but I'd recommend more time. People were great too.”

Dan Foster - Springfield, MO on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“Fun treasure hunting adventure for the family.”

Jonathan Secrist - Roanoke, VA on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“Entertaining teenagers can be especially challenging. This experience was a lot of fun for the entire family.”

Anna Evans - Kalamazoo, MI on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“A lot to see.... some could be overwhelmed. We found it fun and found 18 secret doors. There is memorabilia is everywhere. The history of Rosa Parks and the different collections add to the experience.”

Scott Stedman - Staunton, VA on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“Such a fun little place to seek and explore. Was a bit worried about accidentally bumping into something expensive but everything was secured and their was room to navigate even in some tight areas. A must if you are visiting the DuPont DC area.”

Jose Landaeta - US on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“Awesome place to visit!”

Stefanie Myer - US on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“Really fun adventure!”

Korie Griffith-Port Townsend, WA on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“Super fun to go to after the Spy Museum!”

Kelley Woodard - Eagle, ID on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“Very fun way to spend a few hours!”

Brian Russell - West Lafayette, IN on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“so much to explore! it's never-ending!!”

Lara McLaughlin - Baltimore, MD on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“This was s super fun trip to give to my two oldest grandchildren, 11 and 8. We thought we would take advantage of the themed treasure hunt lists but they only wanted to focus on finding the hidden doors! It turns out that children are REALLY good at finding the doors. We (haha, THEY) found every single room! We had time to go back to some of our favorite rooms and of course they both bought something to remember the trip. A crazy whacky place to visit and my husband and I will probably go back by ourselves to take advantage of some of the virtual app links to be found that add special information, and maybe use those treasure hunt lists.”

Joseph Quiroz - US on Jul 16, 2022 said:

“This experience was so much fun! My girlfriend and I were determined to find as many of the secret rooms as we could. We may just have to book a stay at this hotel/museum to find all of them through out the night. Highly recommend this for anyone!”

Tara Bowen - California, MD on Jul 11, 2022 said:

“Enjoyed it. Felt like I was getting wander around my grandparents house with zero shame!”

Al Laudat - Columbus, OH on Jul 11, 2022 said:

“I had a lot of fun looking for the hidden wine cellar. I'd love to catch a live show.”

Keiko Gurley - Washington, DC on Jul 11, 2022 said:

“We did this for our anniversary date and it was really fun! Finding all the secret doors is an adventure and the rooms are so interesting. Would recommend to anyone looking for something fun to do in DC!”

Ronald Dayter - Albany, NY on Jul 11, 2022 said:

“A must see experience for anyone visiting Washington DC.”

Aida Colombo Princeton, NJ on Jul 11, 2022 said:

“Super eclectic novelties for sale and a great new experience for people tired of the same stuff everywhere you go.”

Noah Wossen - White Oak, MD on Jul 11, 2022 said:

“Had fun with my girlfriend! Fun date day.”

Byron & DanYelle Word - Atlanta, GA on Jul 11, 2022 said:

“This was a fantastic experience and very fun for my family. Be sure to allow at least two hours to go through the whole space. We could've stayed for three easily.”

Benjamin Seitelman on Jul 11, 2022 said:

“This was my second experience at the Mansion, and first in almost four years. I went with an out-of-town guest who had never been before. She had a blast, as did I. Four years was enough time to forget most of the secret door locations, and on this visit I even found more doors, including in unexpected places. It was a great rainy day experience; I can't wait to go back someday (but not for a while--I want to forget where all the doors are).”

Anthony Pace on Jul 10, 2022 said:

“This place is absolutely amazing!! We wanted to do something different on this quick trip to DC and The Mansion was the perfect choice. We figured it would be an hour or two but were completely blown away by everything there was to see and explore. All said and done we spent nearly 5 1/2 hours there discovering new things around every corner. Couldn't ask for a better time. The staff was incredible as well. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend The Mansion to everyone who wants to have a great time a little off the beaten path. One of DCs hidden gems for sure.”

rano bakieva on Jul 8, 2022 said:

“excellent experience - fun to look for secret doors. lots of stuff to see and buy. time well spent”

Beena Patel on Jul 2, 2022 said:

“Super cool experience! Totally could spend an entire day here just looking at everything and reading all the letters etc. will come back for sure!”

Susan Foord on Jul 1, 2022 said:

“No, this is not a 5 star - Out of 5 stars it is a 10. Took my 7 and 10 year old grandsons this time (I've been here many times - had a big birthday bash here a few years ago) and they were enthralled. Immediately after leaving they asked if they could come back sometime. OF COURSE!!!”

Bob Kuntz on Jun 28, 2022 said:

“We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. learned a lot and was an inspirational time.”

Tracy Collier on Jun 27, 2022 said:

“My 8 year old son and I had a memorable and very fun experience during the hidden door tour, we found 12 hidden doors in total and my son was completely engaged and excited the entire time. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The rooms and decor are fantastic and we definitely plan to return to the mansion in the future for more fun! ”

Kevin C Staton on Jun 26, 2022 said:

“Every time that I visit I find something new. This is my third time, and I would definitely do it again. ”

Aaron Decker - Lindsey, OH on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“Truly enjoyed this amazing museum!! We would love to stay here on day!”

Alexis Barone - Baltimore, MD on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“Fun time. Dfini unique.”

Adriana Horochovic - US on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“absolutely amazing!!! me and my boyfriend can not wait to come back and explore again we had so much fun. the owners and staff were just wonderful. thank you for an amazing time!”

Becca Carneiro - US on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“We had a great time on this scavenger hunt! It was challeneing but still fun!”

Carron Morris - Princeton, NJ on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“We enjoyed being able to wander at leisure and explore. Only occasionally spoilt when someone else came through a hidden door!”

Mercedes Munoz - Portland, OR on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“What a magical experience. Definitely enjoyed this visit to O Museum. Each room was an adventure of its own and finding a secret door brought peals of delight and laughter. The history of Rosa Parks and music in some places was an added bonus.”

Lorena Barrenechea - Washington, DC on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“Loved it, awesome place!”

Meagan Sherk - Hopeland, PA on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“Very fun experience! Self guided tour aspect was fun!”

Melissa Cresswell - Dallas, TX on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“Amazing experience, highly recommend! I want to do it again”

Maddie Bowman - US on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“A fun option for something to do in DC! Love that it was self-guided and full of memorabilia”

Thaddeus Weed from Cogent Communications, on Jun 20, 2022 said:

“the O Mansion is magical. The service and accommodations are world class. There is no place on the planet like the O!!”

Michelle Jiles on Jun 19, 2022 said:

“Super time, one of the most interesting places in DC. ”

Nick on Jun 19, 2022 said:

“The secret door experience was exciting and engaging. While looking for secret doors and passages you also experience and learn about the history behind the mansion. I'll definitely be coming back to look for more secret passages and hopefully experience the many other opportunities that the mansion offers.”

Geoff Andersen on Jun 18, 2022 said:

“Great time. Truly unique experience. I'll definitely bring other people here as there will be plenty for me to enjoy again. Very friendly and helpful staff. ”

Grace M Dickerson on Jun 17, 2022 said:

“It is a place to come back to. There is so much to discover. Lots of fun for any age person.”

Cassandra Leigh Turner on Jun 13, 2022 said:

“We had so much fun exploring the mansion and looking for secret doors! We would definitely return.”

Bryan Seiling on Jun 11, 2022 said:

“This place is simply awesome. It is muchMore than a museum, it's an event and a wonder of exploration and discovery. We found 12 doors, and really want to go back to find more. We also purchased a few nice items and saw many more we would have loved to get. I highly recommend by of the tours. Simply terrific time. ”

Geoffrey on Jun 7, 2022 said:

“A blast to look around at every room. The house is bigger than expected, with secret doors both somewhat obvious and completely inventive. I love that nearly everything is for sale.”

Anne on Jun 7, 2022 said:

“Enjoyed the Secret Door Experience. Heard about you from friends. We posted 2 pictures on FB to spread the word too. Wish there was a list of rooms you could pull up on your phone to click when you've seen them. We went back to the web site lodgings part to look at the pictures to determine what we had missed & seen. We had a lot of fun! Thank you.”

Lisa Phelps on May 30, 2022 said:

“This was the most fun my kids have had in some time (they are over 21yr). We went all over the place looking and going through secret doors.The people were helpful and the rooms were fun to experience”

Ansley E Dennis from N/a, on May 30, 2022 said:

“Everyone loves to discover a secret. This tour went above my expectations, and my children did not want to leave. Everyone was so welcoming, and the secret doors made us feel like winners every time we found one. Thank you for sharing your special home!”

Janna Lin on May 29, 2022 said:

“Soooo good”

Nate Kipping - San Diego, CA on May 26, 2022 said:


Teresa Gresham - Cary, NC on May 26, 2022 said:

“The O Street Museum is a completely unique experience.”

Catherine Hampe - Scranton, PA on May 26, 2022 said:

“This was so much fun to do with our group of eight! Everyone saw the same things and yet had different experiences. it was wonderful to watch the kids explore and get excited at every turn”

Julia Van Nutt - Roanoke, VA on May 26, 2022 said:

“Such a fun time exploring all of the fun rooms! The intro was helpful and we found several doors! Highly recommend as a fun thing to do especially on a rainy cold day like today.”

Emma Garner - Washington, DC on May 26, 2022 said:

“Excellent, little known gem in the city!”

Brian Russell West - Lafayette, IN on May 26, 2022 said:

“so much to explore! it's never-ending!!”

Vika Pashby - Portage, MI on May 26, 2022 said:

“This was awesome!”

Catherine Hampe - Scranton, PA on May 26, 2022 said:

“We had a wonderfultime exploring! Each one of our party of 8 had a different and amazing experience!”

Gabrielle Weis - Virginia Beach, VA on May 26, 2022 said:

“The coolest hole in the wall gallery! Informative with a whole lot of history & secret passageways through, I could have been in there all day(-:”

Daisha Robinson - Boston, MA on May 26, 2022 said:

“They were thoughtful and detailed. We knew exactly what we were getting into when we came and the experience was something I never expected. It's something you can have stories about years down the line. The mansion of Secret Doors! So very grateful for the experience!”

Brian J Haney from The Haney Company, on May 24, 2022 said:

“I had several friends in town from Nashville and told them this was the #1 under the radar MUST SEE experience and as always... IT DELIVERED! I will keep coming back and keep bringing people back as well.”

Amanda Simonson on May 20, 2022 said:

“Mine and My son's (8) first time in DC. My husband's 4th. We were all pretty excited when I found this adventure! Parking was a but harder than expected, I didn't expect the mansion to be in the city, either. But it all worked out well! Our hostess let me know how to get everything taken care of. The mansion itself did not disappoint! I wasn't sure how many hidden doors we would find, but we found all the doors I think.. those little cubbies hiding around are very tough, we didn't find and tiny ones.. very cool to see everything in the mansion and all the wonderful rooms. Definitely something to check out if you haven't already!”

Robert Rutland-Brown on May 16, 2022 said:

“We loved it! It was nice to not have too many people there, which made for better exploring.”

Edie Webb on May 13, 2022 said:

“We had an amazing stay at The Mansion! Truly a unique place. We enjoyed The Safari room and had a great tour with Samantha. We played pinball, sat out in the courtyard and found a few hidden doors on our own! The location couldn't be better. Staff was all lovely! We will recommend a stay here to others. Would love to come back to do a dinner in the hidden wine cellar. Our one recommendation would be to have coffee/tea available in The Mansion for guests. Thank you to all for an incredible experience!”

Anita on May 8, 2022 said:

“Loved the unique experience at the Mansion. Cannot imagine staying there, as it is too "over the top" for me, but it was lots of fun! We enjoy doing non-typical things in cities, so this was great.”

Kate Williams on May 4, 2022 said:

“Amazing! One of a kind experience. Kids loved as much as adults!”

Jean M Gambo on May 3, 2022 said:

“We had a great time. So much to see and do. The people working there were wonderful”

Randy Julian from Julian Tours, on May 1, 2022 said:

“Tours at O Museum are a wonderful meld of adventure and magic... which is why we include it as the final, pinnacle stop for our special VIP clients visiting Washington, DC. Our guests consistently find it unique and engaging... it's fun for everyone, and the food is beyond amazing.”

Tatyanna Shanee - Chicago, IL on Apr 29, 2022 said:

“excellent and thought provoking experience. There so much to explore and learn along with several photo ops. The staff was very nice and helpful.”

Susan Burgos - Cape May, NJ on Apr 29, 2022 said:

“Such fun! We found 5 doors - can't wait to come back and try to find some more!”

Nicole Idler - Tucson, AZ on Apr 29, 2022 said:

“This house is very eccentric with so many twists and turns. We actually stayed a bit longer than the hour and a half, which flew by. We were bound and determined to complete our quest. This would be a very fun experience for all ages. There are so many various collectors items that there is something for everyone. Some of our group was just interested in finding hidden doors, some really enjoyed the specific quests and treasure hunt. Others just preferred to look at everything and take it all in. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.”

Nate Burrow - Greeley, CO on Apr 29, 2022 said:

“Very nice”

Kalon Gourdine - Harrisonburg, VA on Apr 29, 2022 said:

“This was a great experience. Will definitely come back”

Paul Leonard on Apr 25, 2022 said:

“Awesome time. Thank you. A nice diversion on a trip to our nation's capital ”

Nathan Wrigh on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“Very cool experience, brilliantly curated mansion museum. We had a great time, I'll come back with another group for sure. Hidden gem with thousands of stories.”

Natasha Shirawadekar on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“O Street Mansion should be a must do stop in DC. This place is magical and you can literally get lost in the maze of rooms and artifacts displayed throughout the mansion. It was a lot of fun exploring the mansion. Highly recommended”

Rebekah Smith -Little Rock, AR on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“You're going to want to take your time in here! We would have stayed more than the 2.5 hours we did, but our parking meter ran out. Could keep exploring all day!”

Susanne Hartkop Pappal on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“A very interesting museum. Worth it for the history”

Rob Wiscount - Swedesboro, NJ on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“This place was CRAZY! Takes you to an entirely different world and me and my friends loved every second of it. It was definitely a one of a kind experience and I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a fun time in DC!”

Caitlyn Brady on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“This is a must visit experience!! Every inch of the museum is decorated & leads you through a fun & ever changing journey. We can't wait to go back to DC and go through the museum again!”

Gabby And Reece T on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“fun finding secret doors!, but the main attraction was DC culture”

Anna Cariello on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“If you're visiting Washington DC make this a priority stop! My boyfriend and I had a blast exploring the mansion, hunting for secret doors, and soaking up the history. There is so much to explore and the staff was welcoming and kind. Highly recommend!”

Yaro Trujillo on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“We had so much fun exploring the mansion with kids ages 11 and 14!”

Phillip Wise on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“Surprisingly fun to explore and look. Kinda hated that we couldn't find all the hidden secrets, but by the end loved that it wasn't super easy and that there was more for the future.”

arah Claiborne on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“We had a great time, thank you for such a memorable experience.”

Laura Wright on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“So much fun!”

Hanan AlJohani on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“Nice and challenging! Worth visiting!”

Charles Morris on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“This place is wonderful. My wife and I really enjoyed it, and it's something you will have to do more than once, as its huge and takes alot of time. But an experience everyone should enjoy!”

Suzanna Montoya on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“Wonderful experience and would definitely recommend!”

Edie Vaughan - CA, United States on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“Great experience. A Gem! You can spend hours looking at all the interesting items in the house. I recommend it, especially if you've already seen the Washington sights and want something different.”

Jenn Cianchetta-Riordan, Holly Springs, NC on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“Super-fun experience with the family! It was exciting to roam around in search of secret doors. So many things to look at!”

Beth Rue - Annapolis, MD on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“This is by far one of the most eclectic places I've been. There are so many things to look at. It would be hard with little kids because I think they would want to touch it all! But cool experience for certain”

Amanda Nguyen on Apr 22, 2022 said:

“Love Love Love this experience. This would be great for a cute date or a team building experience to a personal escape/get away to get lost in. Next time in DC I will definitely do this tour again to see if there are more doors I wasn't able to find. I do wish there were more hints as to where the smaller doors are hidden. I only found 17 out of the 70+. It's definitely a wonderful challenge.”

Laralyn Victoria on Apr 19, 2022 said:

“Thumbs up all around! The kids loved getting lost and finding new doors. So fun!”

Janet Price on Apr 18, 2022 said:

“It was like stepping into the pages of an "I Spy" book and having a look around. Truly something for everyone to see and appreciate as you move through what by itself is an immense gorgeous house. After the 3 hours of wandering, I feel like I barely scratched the surface. I will definitely return, hopefully for an event night. Thank you for protecting this wonder.”

Tracey Sanders on Apr 16, 2022 said:

“As always, it was fun finding secret doors and we especially enjoyed the newest secret door!”

Ramsey Poston on Apr 15, 2022 said:

“O Street Mansion is a DC treasure. A visit to the Mansion should be on every tourist's and local's bucket list. For locals, the mansion is the perfect place for a "staycation" and for tourist it is an opportunity to see a very different part of this city. The Mansion staff treat their guests like royalty. For music lovers, there really is nothing like the Mansion's collection of guitars and other historic artifacts. ”

Ava gabrielle on Apr 12, 2022 said:

“It was so fun and interesting ”

Evy on Apr 11, 2022 said:

“What a remarkably unique experience! I can honestly say I've never seen or experienced anything like the mansion! It's great fun exploring the rooms and searching for the secret doors!!”

Sondra Hines on Apr 11, 2022 said:

“Had a great time wandering the mansion. We found about 20 secret doors! A must place to visit when you are in DC.”

Dee on Apr 8, 2022 said:

“It was really different. My family had a blast. Those secret doors are har to find especially the smaller one. We found Tinker bell within 5 minutes. We will be back.”

TERRY D BARNES on Apr 7, 2022 said:

“So fun looking for the doors, really great exhibits to see. ”

Lynn F Koiner from Koiner Farm, on Apr 1, 2022 said:

“I was there in 2018 and I wanted to bring my neighbor and best friend as a Christmas present. She was thrilled. I missed some of the hidden places that I found in 2018 but I found new ones. We want to come down again with her family. Posted photos on Facebook and this stimulated great interest.”

Joe Redd on Mar 29, 2022 said:

“It was very fun. Finding the secret doors was exciting, but so was the for sale items, the memorabilia, and the things you could do. I brought 2 teenagers, and my son and daughter both had fun. We played pinball, billiards,clapped for chucky, put together a puzzle. It was quality time for us. Very few museums could ever pull that off.”

Naomi Savaro on Mar 27, 2022 said:

“Such a great place to explore. So many twists & turns - you find a secret door and think you're heading somewhere new - sometimes you end up someplace you already seen.”

Kaylee Norris on Mar 21, 2022 said:

“We found this place last minute & it was the best part of our day! We will definitely be back. ”

Jiaqi on Mar 21, 2022 said:

“Definitely the coolest place I've been to in DC. I wish I could stay there overnight for my next visit!”

Frances meyer on Mar 18, 2022 said:

“Very eclectic, we spent hours going thru the numerous rooms. Very enjoyable experience. We even found tinker bell. Glad we came! ”

Renee Gibson on Mar 14, 2022 said:

“Our first visit here (definitely not the last) and absolutely was enchanted! Had so much fun discovering doors, rooms and artifacts. I would love to see a room checklist given to guests at the beginning just to check them off and see what we missed/how many rooms we actually found, so I could go hunting more the next time! ”

Mary Sciotto on Feb 25, 2022 said:

“Awesome! I brought my sister here as a surprise for her birthday. She is an Agatha Christie fan and loved the mystery of the secret doors. We found 12! The mansion is beautiful. Thank you for a wonderfully fun experience!”

Robin Rouse on Feb 23, 2022 said:

“Wow, this place is so AWESOME! It's truly unlike anything we've ever experienced. Honestly, if you visited every day for a month and stayed three hours, you would still not see everything. At times it was a little overwhelming; so much to see WHILE trying to find secret doors/rooms. The secret doors lead you to totally different spaces; it somehow seems to be never-ending! We just wish it had been a little less crowded; we didn't get a chance to "find" some of the doors because people came through them! But even that was a bit of a thrill, having a wall suddenly open up next to us. A visit earlier in the day might have been a better bet where that's concerned. Being a boomer, this place brought up all sorts of memories and nostalgia and trips through history. If you're a museum lover, you will absolutely love the mansion. If you just like a challenge, you'll absolutely love the mansion. If you were around anywhere near the 60s and 70s, your heart will swell! (But it's not all for older folks!) And I had champagne, so ... :)”

Samantha on Feb 22, 2022 said:

“I had such a fun time exploring the mansion and learning about its history. I've lived in DC for three years and wish I'd gone sooner. You could easily spend two to three hours visiting and still not find all the secret doors. Great for group events and solo excursions any time of year. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. 10/10 recommend. ”

Cathy & Tony Ramstetter from Prestige AV & Creative Services, on Feb 22, 2022 said:

“We enjoyed exploring the mansion; it was fascinating to see memorabilia next to dishes or books or promotional knickknacks. SUCH a collection. Finding secret doors and seeing what was behind was an added bonus. Exploring in a small group would be fun to work together or do a game of some sort...but we had the best time by ourselves! AND: we met Ted. THANK YOU, Ted, for sharing YOUR story, and H's vision and work to bring the Mansion to life. We are grateful and look forward to seeing you again when we next come to DC. ”

Lori Stultz on Feb 21, 2022 said:

“We loved everything about the Mansion -- the story, the collections, the art, and of course, the doors!”

Wendy Snyder on Feb 21, 2022 said:

“Great time with our 10 year old grandson and his best friend. The Mansion is a treasure no matter how old you are or how many times you've been there. ”

Eileen Nicholson on Feb 21, 2022 said:

“I brought my daughter and two daughter's in law and one granddaughter for a girls day to celebrate their birthdays. We had a wonderful time. We found 12 secret doors!!! Great day! Thank you H and Ted.”

Christa Graham on Feb 20, 2022 said:

“This was the most incredible experience. There was so much to see and each room elicited a different emotion, some were of awe, some of nostalgia, some of surprise. It was a most personal and entertaining visit. We already look forward to returning next year when we are again in the Washington area. ”

Heidi Hawkins on Feb 20, 2022 said:

“Never been to such a cool place!!!”

Deborah Anderson - Charlotte, NC on Feb 19, 2022 said:

“Fun family experience!”

Shelli Sotiro - Leonardtown, MD on Feb 19, 2022 said:

“A spectacular array of rooms and objects! We knew we were going to an historic townhouse with lots of objects and hidden doors. We didn't realize that it's a combined four row houses with artistry in every inch and it is basically also an operating hotel, so most of the rooms are bedrooms, each decorated uniquely - some French provincial, some art deco, some Bohemian, and others just an eclectic mix of styles, textures, prints and knick knacks. It was fun. We found seven of the secret doorways into other rooms, and that gave our boys a thrill. The owners happened to be on site during our tour, and we really enjoyed a few minutes of conversation with this incredible, intelligent, wordly and other-worldly, culturally diverse couple! A separate experience to my liking would be a tea time chat with H and her wonderful partner in crime! A visual smorgasborg!!”

Tugce Aldemir - State College, PA on Feb 18, 2022 said:

“It was so much fun to explore the rooms. Each room has a different story to tell. We especially fell in love with one of the rooms, where we hope to stay as guests in the future.”

Seo Yeon Yoon - San Francisco, CA on Feb 18, 2022 said:

“A treasure trove of some of the most unique collections in the town, it's a great experience for anyone who stays curious and loves learning.”

Cathy Spisak - Plainville, CT on Feb 18, 2022 said:

“Would definitely go back. I didnt see all the rooms”

Kelly Sparling - Toronto, Canada on Feb 18, 2022 said:

“So much fun and so eclectic! so much to adventure and see, everything was really cool to walk through and look at.”

Jaxson Benjamin on Feb 17, 2022 said:

“Great experience! Appreciated the flexibility in learning moments from the intro video, staff, and scannable videos. Will be back soon!”

Amelia Kays on Feb 16, 2022 said:

“I have lived in DC for eight years ands never heard of the Mansion until a month ago. I want to tell everyone I know how special it is but I don't want them discovering any secrets I didn't! This was a wonderful Valentines Day event - very memorable.”

Stephanie Aument on Feb 14, 2022 said:

“Great experience and so much fun! We were 9 people, multi-generational, and everyone agreed it was a great way to spend the afternoon. So much to look at, with details to entertain everyone. ”

Deborah Winkler on Feb 13, 2022 said:

“I became so interested in the wood, glass, interior design, objects and artifacts that I almost forgot to look for the secret doors. What fun!!”

Lynne E Markowitz on Feb 7, 2022 said:

“Very fun experience. Loved looking at the art, guitars, and looking for the secret doors.”

Kelli Cutting on Jan 31, 2022 said:

“My husband, my son, and I had a wonderful time at The Mansion. We would have loved to have a list of all the rooms because we feel like we may have missed something. ”

Dawn Mulqueen on Jan 26, 2022 said:

“Even my husband admitted that it was a really cool place! My young adult children loved it. A great time was had by all! ”

Reny Morris from RM Enterprises, on Jan 7, 2022 said:

“This was the best event I have ever attended. I don't know where to begin: food, decor, entertainment, staff. I wish there were more stars than 5!”

Lulabella on Jan 7, 2022 said:

“We LOVED This place!! My family and I had a blast - can't wait to come back. ”

Secondi Consignment on Jan 6, 2022 said:

“My Christmas Party was held last week at the Mansion at O Street. In thirty-five years in business I have only returned to a venue twice for our party--The O Street Mansion was such a hit with my staff in 2019 that we came back. This is a very, very special place! The mansion itself is filled with such things as a guitar signed by all the original Rolling Stones, a Miss America tiara, and innumerable works of art. There is so much to see here, it is hard to tell if you are in a museum or on a treasure hunt. And if this didn't intrigue our group there are 80 hidden doors to find. We had 45 minutes to explore the mansion before dinner and it was hard to regroup in the dining room because we were all having so much fun.Dinner was even better than our last one here. The caprese salad was amazing and our vegetarian and chicken entrees were as tasty as they were beautiful. We had all sorts of dietary needs in our group (no red meat, no fish, no mushrooms, vegan only, vegetarian, etc etc). Our meal was planned bearing all this in mind thanks to the patience and expertise of Madison and the chef.Madison coordinated everything and could not have possibly been more gracious. She stayed until the end of the evening- a very long day for her, I am sure. She was wonderful.The chef, and the servers Luigi and Forenzio, were absolutely excellent. We couldn't have asked for a more professional staff.The geniuses behind this magical mansion, H and her husband Ted, have created magic in downtown Washington DC. Magic, joy, and a place like no other.Just go.”

Michelle on Jan 1, 2022 said:

“I wasn't sure what to expect because the website was so hard to navigate and find the NYE event we were interested in, but pleasantly surprised at the experience when we got there. Delicious treats were available and a chocolate fondue fountain. My husband and I explored for about 2 hours and found about 12 doors including the wine cellar. We couldn't find any tiny doors though. We'll have to come back to find those! ”

Luz Pelaez Lowe - US on Dec 30, 2021 said:

“I loved the museum. It had wonderful items from different eras. Looking for the doors was an adventure. We were in the room where Rosa Parks stayed as a guest. History ”

Shellie Lambert on Dec 30, 2021 said:

“Very unique & creative experience! Everyone was very accommodating & pleasant as well. I would come back again for another fun time. Thank you for all you do! ”

Kevin Lawrence on Dec 29, 2021 said:

“Awesome place. Super fun ”

Jaren Hafen - US on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“So much character and the hosts are friendly and helpful”

Amanda DiLorenzo - Gainesville, FL on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“Book for an early time in the day so you can fully explore the mansion. It's mystifying and so fun to get lost in”

Jennifer Patterson Fort - Lauderdale, FL on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“This is a wonderful experience. There are several different secret doors and winding turns that takes you on an adventure. It's almost like you're transported through history to different locations and periods of time. Good bang for your buck. Make sure you find the wine cellar it's a real treat!”

Scott Baker - Madison Heights, VA on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“An awsome experience. So much to see and explore. Everywhere we looked there was something new and unique. Looking for secret doors was reminiscent of going on an Easter Egg hunt as a child.”

Nici Vigh - US on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“This is a really cool place to visit. Make sure you separate from other guests so you can find your own hidden doors.”

Andrea Prieto Mavares - VE on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“This was s gift for my boyfriend and we loved it! It was a lot a fun”

Kelli Risch - US on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“Fun experience, we loved trying to find all the secret doors!”

Lorraine Madden - Hanover, PA on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“This is an experience that is totally what you make of it, in a really good way! We originally wanted to find all of the secret doors, but became enchanted with the experience of each room, every floor, and making sure we visited each brickstone (we almost missed one!). There is no reason to not enjoy, because it's self guided and self described. Do you want to soak in the memorabilia?, the original art works?, the design elements?, the secret doors?, the unique ambiance of each room? There's a lot to appreciate here, including the historic relevance of this location and its ties to Mrs Rosa Parks and so many other persons. And the staff are incredible and super friendly, we enjoyed talking with them! This was a fabulous, way outside the typical DC tourist destination, which made it even more special and enjoyable!!”

Dayna Ehrenberger - US on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“This was such a fun adventure! Looking for the doors and absorbing the artwork was a lot to take in and it was fun. Enjoy!!”

Cristy Mette - Easton, PA on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“Plan to explore all day!”

Barry Hextall - Bingfield, United Kingdom on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“A very enjoyable Sunday morning. The house has an amazing history and the stories were well told.”

Virginia Miracle - Austin, TX on Dec 25, 2021 said:

“This place is perfect for intriguing a whole family. I stayed with my 9 year old, but my teenager enjoyed being able to explore on his own, discover the secret doors and spot some of the magical possessions in H & Ted's massive collection. Ted kindly showed me some amazing footage on his phone after I expressed interest in one of the bands who've visited! This is a delightful adventure with different layers or aspects of significance depending on your age.”

Zaraith on Dec 17, 2021 said:

“Everything was very nice!Staff very friendly.Decoration was incredible.Amazing experience!!!”

Caitrine Callison from Secondi, Inc., on Dec 16, 2021 said:

“My Christmas Party was held last week at the Mansion at O Street. In thirty-five years in business I have only returned to a venue twice for our party--The O Street Mansion was such a hit with my staff in 2019 that we came back. This is a very, very special place! The mansion itself is filled with such things as a guitar signed by all the original Rolling Stones, a Miss America tiara, and innumerable works of art. There is so much to see here, it is hard to tell if you are in a museum or on a treasure hunt. And if this didn't intrigue our group there are 80 hidden doors to find. We had 45 minutes to explore the mansion before dinner and it was hard to regroup in the dining room because we were all having so much fun.Dinner was even better than our last one here. The caprese salad was amazing and our vegetarian and chicken entrees were as tasty as they were beautiful. We had all sorts of dietary needs in our group (no red meat, no fish, no mushrooms, vegan only, vegetarian, etc etc). Our meal was planned bearing all this in mind thanks to the patience and expertise of Madison and the chef.Madison coordinated everything and could not have possibly been more gracious. She stayed until the end of the evening- a very long day for her, I am sure. She was wonderful.The chef, and the servers Luigi and Forenzio, were absolutely excellent. We couldn't have asked for a more professional staff.The geniuses behind this magical mansion, H and her husband Ted, have created magic in downtown Washington DC. Magic, joy, and a place like no other.Just go.”

Jacob Burchfield on Dec 14, 2021 said:

“The Museum was a very cool experience. A lot of rooms and a lot of stuff to see in each of them. Each room had its own theme and looking for the secret doors were half the fun! Kept us looking and wondering around every corner. A Must See if anyone visits the DC area. ”

Aaliyah Greek on Dec 12, 2021 said:

“It was an amazing! The host were amazingly friendly. They knew a lot about the house! The secret doors where awesome! The hidden things on the way was awesome! ”

Lori on Dec 11, 2021 said:

“Better than expected! Loved the vibe and decor! Enjoyed meeting the owners! Will definitely be back!”

Lance Tracey on Dec 6, 2021 said:

“Lez Zeplin is always great and to see them that up close is a fantastic experience. Thanks for all you do to make this happen!”

James Sandefur on Dec 5, 2021 said:

“This is the way to see a concert, Lez Zeppelin in this case. We saw them the previous night in a large venue, which was really good, but being a small venue and close to the band made this performance at the Mansion on O Street special. You could tell that the band members were also having a good time. Awesome night.”

Teresa Griffin on Dec 4, 2021 said:

“We had a lot of fun! We found five secret doors (7 if you include the two hidden compartments...) and had a lot of fun exploring. Thanks for making our DC visit memorable!”

Virginia Miracle - Austin, TX on Nov 29, 2021 said:

“This place is perfect for intriguing a whole family. I stayed with my 9 year old, but my teenager enjoyed being able to explore on his own, discover the secret doors and spot some of the magical possessions in H & Ted's massive collection. Ted kindly showed me some amazing footage on his phone after I expressed interest in one of the bands who've visited! This is a delightful adventure with different layers or aspects of significance depending on your age.”

Kevin Commodore Jr - York, PA on Nov 29, 2021 said:

“Awesome and fun experience ! Very educational and also something optimistic to do in DC ! If you are looking for fun things to do , take a awesome tour through a cool mansion!!!”

Barbara Steele - Hershey, PA on Nov 29, 2021 said:

“This was a magical and fun experience. We loved exploring on our own and finding the secrets doors. Can't wait to do it again!”

Jacklyn Brown - US on Nov 29, 2021 said:

“If you're in the area this is a must see!! We had so SO much fun doing the rock and roll scavenger hunt and looking for the hidden doors! We definitely want to come back. You could go many times and still see something different for sure. Also it is a hotel so you can stay there. A very unique one at that. How fun would it be to stay overnight there!? Although I can't imagine staying more than one night, as it would be too overwhelming for me with the amount of nostalgia each room holds! It's wonderful the collection of items this place holds! From the lobby, bar area, function room to all the guest rooms, every inch of this place is filled with memorabilia - And you can purchase just about everything in the hotel. Great date night idea for all ages! This was a surprise gift experience for my husbands 61st birthday and he wasn't sure what to expect when we first arrived. Then our experience began and we spent an entire afternoon looking for the items on our list and all the doors we could find. We did pretty well - even found the very hidden beautiful wine cellar!! But we did spend 4 hours! Depending on your child: Children may get overwhelmed or not find it interesting as it may feel like going through an antique or consignment store to them - although with that being said searching for the hidden doors which are not easy to always find may keep their interest and find the whole experience FuN for them - I'm sure of that much! We also met the owner's husband who was so kind and had a few stories to tell us. He assured us as well as other staff that if you really needed a hint they would be sure to help you out - but what fun would that be!? Just enjoy the experience!”

James Grier - Hampton, VA on Nov 29, 2021 said:

“This place is absolutely amazing. I'm certain we didn't find all the secrets but what we did find was great. And the collection was superb, I wanted all of it. Will definitely return every time I'm back in DC.”

Connor Merryman - Severna Park, MD on Nov 29, 2021 said:

“Lots of fine and will be returning to find more hidden doors!”

Luke Modlinsky - Merrimack, NH on Nov 29, 2021 said:

“The museum was great fun! Lots of space to explore, & some very unique trinkets/artwork. If you're looking for a quirky excursion, this is the perfect spot!”

Michael And Christina Pesce - New York, NY on Nov 29, 2021 said:

“This was a fun experience very unique to the average tourist activity. My husband and I loved the exploration for the mansion.”

David Duplessis from Tennessee Photographs, on Nov 29, 2021 said:

“What a wonderful experience! So much to see it's a little overwhelming. We hope to return and explore even more and stay in a couple of the rooms. Thanks so much!D. Duplessis”

Sarah Ford Norma Jean Rahn on Nov 28, 2021 said:

“We had the best time ever. The Chocolate tray was amazing. In all my years I have never enjoyed a museum as much as I did at the O Street Museum. We were welcomed the most friendly staff. Thank you so much for a truly unique and tremendous experience.”

Cynthia thrasher on Nov 27, 2021 said:

“Didn't know what to expect, had great time. Will come back. Even found a pipe stand that was was awesome and bought it”

joan cromwell on Nov 26, 2021 said:

“It's a must see in DC. ”

Gigi Atkinson on Nov 26, 2021 said:

“Everyone was so gracious Loved everything about the museum. I will come back every time I am inDC. I will probably plan my next trip based off the events at the O”

Laura on Nov 15, 2021 said:

“We had such a great time. We loved that we were free to explore the mansion on our own and at our own pace. It was such a cool place and finding the secret passageways was the best part.”

T Sistare on Nov 14, 2021 said:

“The Champagne and sweets were fantastic, really made the event special. We loved all the rooms, so much to see and interesting things to look at.”

Harmony Flora from Carnegie Hall West Virgnia, on Nov 8, 2021 said:

“This was a fun experience. The Mansion is so eclectic- there was so much to see! Would like to have a "secret door check list" with a short general description of each door, that did not give away any locations- so we knew which ones we had not found yet. And could keep track of the ones we did.”

John Gary Barrett on Nov 8, 2021 said:

“First visit by my family to the Mansion and it was wonderful. We spent 2 hours exploring on a Sunday afternoon and could have spent a lot more. The wandering complexity of the spaces, huge volume and diversity of things, fantastic decoration throughout were absolutely wonderful. Our kids - 13 1nd 15 - had a laser-like focus on finding secret doors (found 8!) while my wife and I spent a little more time enjoying the experience. Delighted that we went, strongly recommend it to others and we will certainly be back!”

Sherry Knutson - Tacoma, WA on Nov 5, 2021 said:

“So much fun! And, so much to see, explore and find.”

Enirah Joseph - Silver Spring, MD on Nov 5, 2021 said:

“I had so much fun looking for all the hidden doors and overall touring each room.”

J LeAnne Booker on Oct 4, 2021 said:

“The Mansion is DC's best kept secret! I have found a new artist that I love and a person who knew Rosa Parks! It is a wealth of History.”

Rasheema Y Messina on Sep 28, 2021 said:

“Great experience, just wish we could have found more hidden doors.”

Dwayne on Sep 23, 2021 said:

“The team went above and beyond to make our wedding truly exceptional and memorable. Our guests were amazed by the venue. They loved all the memorabilia and searching for hidden doors. The food was amazing. People are still talking about the omelets and the salmon. And each staff member was wonderful and engaging. Was the perfect day! ”

Rebecca on Sep 21, 2021 said:

“We didn't really know what to expect, but we had a great time exploring the mansion. We can't wait to come back and stay as hotel guests.”

Terry D Green on Sep 19, 2021 said:

“Had a great time. Would gladly come back.”

Lauren Kaiser on Sep 16, 2021 said:

“We attended the Rock N' Roll hunt and had a blast! It was a great birthday event to bring friends to and search the mansion to find historic rock n' roll memorabilia and try to find secret doors! We didn't know what to expect really but spent well over two hours exploring and enjoyed every second of it!”

Christen Thomas - Silver Spring, MD on Sep 16, 2021 said:

“Had a great time exploring the mansion! Will definitely be back to find more doors :)”

Sarah Bromley - Port Saint Lucie, FL on Sep 16, 2021 said:

“There is so much to see, something for every age, every interest.”

Rebecca Fracassi - Cheektowaga, NY on Sep 16, 2021 said:

“Really great time. Will be coming back and counting to make sure we found all the secret doors. Such a fun experience for someone looking for a unique experience.”

Alex on Sep 13, 2021 said:

“The staff was super nice, it was great to get some initially info about the Do's and Don'ts of the tour. They gave enough info to pique the curiosity then set you free throughout the mansion. Definitely has you looking through every book and cranny, while admiring some of the famous figures who stayed within the hotel. Definitely recommend this to everyone in the area or visiting! Thank you!”

Alex on Sep 13, 2021 said:

“The staff was super nice, it was great to get some initially info about the Do's and Don'ts of the tour. They gave enough info to pique the curiosity then set you free throughout the mansion. Definitely has you looking through every book and cranny, while admiring some of the famous figures who stayed within the hotel. Definitely recommend this to everyone in the area or visiting! Thank you!”

Maria Raggousis on Sep 13, 2021 said:

“A truly fascinating and fabulous experience. Highly recommend getting lost among the themed rooms, secret doors, and unique art!”

K Allen Griffy on Sep 11, 2021 said:

“I LOVED the Secret Door Tour! It was so much fun, and it was really cool helping and being helped by other visitors. I'm recommending the Mansion on O Street to everyone!”

Emily Perez - Lancaster, PA on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“You'll have a great time looking for secret doors, that's for sure!”

Grace Whelan - Brighton, MI on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“Had a great time!”

Valerie Eden - Frederick, MD on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“A great find in a great location! Must see!”

Debbra Haven - New York, NY on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“thank you!”

Jessica Cmelo Nagan - Westchester, IL on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“Fun, out of the box experience.”

Sasha Seco - Miami, FL on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“So fun, especially for kids and family over 3 years old!”

Meghan Devlin - Tinton Falls, NJ on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“This was such a unique and fun experience!”

Rashid Thigpen - NY, United States on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“Definitely should attend, you will not regret it. Good luck finding everything it makes it worthwhile. Also it's rich in history.”

Shawna Garcia - US on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“I have 3 kids 11, 8, and 1. They all loved it. I carried the baby on my back and he was silent enjoying the experience. Definitely a must do.”

Maureen Moore - Tucson, AZ on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“Met Ted himself very friendly and informative”

Dawn Taylor - Nottingham, MD on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“Awesome Experience!!! This is a must see for everyone no matter the age! An experience like no other. We had so much fun exploring and finding secret rooms and hidden doors. I want to go back again as a guest in the hotel.”

Guillermo A Menjivar - Springfield, VA on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“Great place to spend a Saturday”

Sacha Chadwick - US on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“What a lovely and wonderful experience! It was excellent walking around and discovering all the secret rooms and fun nicknacks.”

Krystle Bersch - Sacramento, CA on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“So much fun here! Explored for 90 minutes and could have spent many more hours there. Every time I found a hidden door, it was exciting.”

Jennifer Micoleau - Portland, ME on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“Amazing! So fun for all ages. My kids are 7 and 10. We were told finding 3 doors was better than average. We found 11!!!! Of course that leaves 59 to go. We will definitely be back!”

Yasmin Abdullah - US on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“This place is amazing the host a very nice. An excellent idea for a family trip!”

Gina Durante - Tustin, CA on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“We really enjoyed touring the mansion and learning its history. So much to see and the hosts are full of interesting information.”

Heather McFarland - Spring City, PA on Sep 9, 2021 said:

“Amazing experience! We've visited DC countless times over many years, but this was our first time here. A truly unique, engaging time we will return to again as there is so much to uncover.”

Kathy Weyman on Sep 7, 2021 said:

“I visited with a group from Loudoun County the previous week. I was so impressed that I returned Labor Day weekend with out-of-town guests. I knew they too would love the mansion.”

Mark Pierce from N/A, on Sep 7, 2021 said:

“An absolutely astounding collection of memorabilia, especially for a music lover. Do not miss this experience!”

Marika Romero - NY on Sep 6, 2021 said:

“We had an amazing time exploring, being detectives, playing with our inner child's imagination. The eclectic inventory and history are endlessly magical. Its a must see and now a must stay! This will be our next accommodation. We loved it and will be back.”

Maria Menjivar - United States on Sep 6, 2021 said:

“Great experience! A magical place to go.”

Valerie Eden - Frederick, MD on Sep 6, 2021 said:

“A great way to spend a few hours! Fun for all ages. Easy to book, helpful! Thank you!”

Megan Rathbone on Sep 5, 2021 said:

“We had a great time finding about 20 hidden doors and passages. There was soooo much to see! We would love to know more about the history behind many of the rooms too, so very interesting!”

Megan Rathbone on Sep 5, 2021 said:

“We had a great time finding about 20 hidden doors and passages. There was soooo much to see! We would love to know more about the history behind many of the rooms too, so very interesting!”

babszee from me inc., on Aug 28, 2021 said:

“LOVVVVED IT! The O Mansion defies description. It's a combination funhouse, decor tutorial, historic architectural tour, video and audio show, brainteaser, blast from the past, gymnasium and yard sale. It's cozy, confusing, creative, confounding and cuddly. It triggers emotions and memories, releases stress, and increases productivity... and creates a natural high achieved by just being in it's presence. This expanding-contracting time capsule is a MUST EXPERIENCE. I found you through Atlas Obscura, but I am certainly willing to tatoo you across my ..., for advertising purposes, so the uninitiated can experience you. ”

Susanne Steele on Aug 27, 2021 said:

“Such a unique and wonderful time!! Highly highly recommend!!!”

Grace on Aug 24, 2021 said:

“Time flies in here! There is so much to take in. I loved browsing all the books throughout all the rooms. I was so impressed with myself when i started to discover hidden doors on my own. The staff member working at the counter was so friendly and helpful. I felt welcomed immediately. The experience was wonderful through and through”

Giannina V Zapatero on Aug 23, 2021 said:

“Desserts were exquisite!!! The entire experience is fun and engaging. Highly recommended. ”

Beverly Nunes on Aug 22, 2021 said:

“Amazing hidden treasure of a place in DC! Very eclectic, interesting, and fun place. A definite "must see" when visiting DC.”

Ashley Martin on Aug 18, 2021 said:

“It was amazing! So much to look at and explore! My husband and I had an amazing time. We did find Tinkerbell and the wine cellar. I will definitely be recommending!”

Kim Bogart on Aug 16, 2021 said:

“Great family fun. Interesting and fantastic time”

Elizabeth Shoop on Aug 16, 2021 said:

“It was my second trip to the museum, because I had to bring more friends and family after my first experience there. What a uniquely fun day! The museum re-ignites the wonder of childhood, fascination for history and nostalgia, and passion for creativity, music and books. All my favorite things!! Thank you for another memorable visit!”

Laura M Ciulla-Nelson on Aug 16, 2021 said:

“What a fun place to visit and explore! ”

Daniel Cohen on Aug 15, 2021 said:

“A great experience - very much off the beaten path. Something for everyone: visual arts lovers, music historians, Rosa Parks aficionados, secret door sleuths. All ages from kids to 50's had a blast. Staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Only regret is that we did not have more time to spend there - will plan on spending all day next time.”

MeganVan Dam on Aug 13, 2021 said:

“We (family of 5) had a wonderful time! It was the perfect way to spend a blazing hot (100 degree) day. My kids were engaged and excited throughout our visit. This was a unique, memorable, and fun stop on our trip to DC!”

Bob and Anita Price on Aug 6, 2021 said:

“We've never had so much fun in a museum before! Found only 19 doors and just sorry that we didn't count the rooms! Took tons of pics and spread the word lots of ways including FB. Memorabilia is fantastic and we will definitely come back next time we are in DC. ”

Janine Schaub on Aug 2, 2021 said:

“I'm so glad that I came across The Mansion on O Street as a recommended "Thing to Do" in DC. Our family of two seniors and three adult children loved it! So different from any other experience we've had in our travels together. My only regret is that I chose a late event time (3 pm) so we only had about two hours to wander around. We all would have preferred to spend much more time there. We will definitely go back as a family and our adult children plan to go back with friends as well. So much fun!! ”

Bryce Holliday on Aug 2, 2021 said:

“I've been once before with my girlfriend and had a great time, so I brought my parents this weekend while they were visiting. They really enjoyed it and I found plenty of things I missed the first time through.”

Heidi Wahl- McDonald on Aug 2, 2021 said:

“It was really fun to try and find all the hidden doors! My family and I loved it! ”

Bryce Holliday on Aug 2, 2021 said:

“I've been once before with my girlfriend and had a great time, so I brought my parents this weekend while they were visiting. They really enjoyed it and I found plenty of things I missed the first time through.”

Margie Lidoff on Aug 1, 2021 said:

“I love the O Street Mansion. I had a big birthday celebration for my most recent special birthday and have enjoyed several other activities there. Yesterday was no exception. The book talk was inspiring, the authors engaging, H.H. Leonards friendly and welcoming. All the staff was friendly and helpful. I had not known about Rosa Parks' connection to O St. and was moved by visiting her room and the video that was playing in it. Thank you for all your cultural and socially-relevant gifts! Margie Lidoff, Washington D.C.”

Lynne Joseph on Jul 31, 2021 said:

“Awesome time!”

Bob and Anita Price on Jul 31, 2021 said:

“We've never had so much fun in a museum before! Found only 19 doors and just sorry that we didn't count the rooms! Took tons of pics and spread the word lots of ways including FB. Memorabilia is fantastic and we will definitely come back next time we are in DC. ”

Tracy Strub on Jul 30, 2021 said:

“Super fun- amazing all the items. A great time. ”

Annette Abramson from Face Works Events, on Jul 30, 2021 said:

“This was a 'mystery date' for my boyfriend. We had a blast and spent almost 3 hours exploring and searching for the secret doors at the Mansion. We look forward to returning for 'Special Events'.”

Tracy Strub on Jul 29, 2021 said:

“Super fun- amazing all the items. A great time. ”

Alan Hirschfeld on Jul 26, 2021 said:

“So much fun!”

Monica Colby on Jul 25, 2021 said:

“We LOVED spending a couple of hours at the mansion looking all around at the art and memorabilia, and walking through the secret passages. This is a must-do in DC and I look forward to coming back!”

Bobby Coady on Jul 20, 2021 said:

“My favorite thing in DC...stayed busy everyday for a week and this was the most fun I had... spent 3 hours could of spent 8 easily. We did hidden gems hunt but spent our time focusing on the hidden doors, much more rewarding finding different wings to the mansion than any item.”

Anthony Charles Eglesias on Jul 20, 2021 said:

“I love this place! You can spend an hour or five and not see everything they have to offer. You will absolutely WANT to return to this museum again.”

Peter Scheyer on Jul 19, 2021 said:

“I attended the Bluegrass Jam. It was fantastic!”

Mark Cooper on Jul 18, 2021 said:

“My family and I attended for the 1st time and found it to be delightful. The staff was friendly and earnest. The museum itself was a blend of pop art and kitsch in the best way. Looking for the hidden doorways was fun for us and the fellow visitors- and yes, we did find some! But not all- that just leaves a challenge for the next time. Fun for kids of all ages”

Deborah Weinstein from LGEF, on Jul 13, 2021 said:

“Super fun & creative thank you ! ”

Pam Laster on Jul 9, 2021 said:

“Great experience! One of the top excursions in DC. Staff great, friendly. Can spend hours exploring and hunting. So glad we went and will definitely be back.”

Peter Scheyer on Jul 9, 2021 said:

“Bluegrass Jam, fantastic event. Will attend again. Appreciated the comp'd veteran entry fee, pretty sure they liked my participation too. Say hi to the organizers for me if you get a shot.”

SHERRY L SHEARER on Jul 6, 2021 said:

“This is an awesomely fun experience! We explored the museum in search of hidden doors and found over 20 in just a few hours. Of course, our family of four is excellent at solving puzzles and working together. Once we found a couple, we were determined to find as many as we could. We loved seeing all the nostalgia and interesting items for sale as we searched for hidden passages and doors of all sizes hidden in the mansion. ”

Frankie Hargrove from Retired, on Jul 5, 2021 said:

“I'd love it to come back. I must learn when it's open to visitors ”

Dallyn Steenerson on Jun 30, 2021 said:

“Amazing experience! Beautiful rooms and art, friendly staff and volunteers, and such a wonderfully creative and inspiring space! Definitely coming back!”

Dallyn Steenerson on Jun 30, 2021 said:

“Amazing experience! Beautiful rooms and art, friendly staff and volunteers, and such a wonderfully creative and inspiring space! Definitely coming back!”

Stephanie on Jun 30, 2021 said:

“This is one of the most well-done, creative, authentic, engaging, fabulous tours we have ever done (and we are very well-traveled)...Thank you for being truly unique and genuinely spectacular... we will return again and again as there's so much more we want to see!”

Laura G on Jun 27, 2021 said:

“Wonderful experience. We used to attend the amazing brunches, and wanted the overnight experience. Thanks!”

Matt Waldron on Jun 19, 2021 said:

“Simply amazing, why haven't I done this already!”

Millicent Wade on Jun 15, 2021 said:

“We had a good time. Lots to see and even found some secret doors. The staff was very helpful and friendly.”

Tam Pitts on Jun 14, 2021 said:

“When reserving my ticket to the museum, I was very leery about the experience. However, I am so glad I visited the museum. It was an experience and adventure I will NEVER forget. The hunt of the secret doors was fun, all the items on display were unique and/or vintage! Getting the chance to meet Ms. H was awesome! And I loved the tribute to Rosa Parks! Very informative and creative! If you get the chance to visit the Mansion, take your time, look at everything and enjoy the experience. FYI, we found over 7 secret doors! LOL”

Dawn Darr on Jun 7, 2021 said:

“First time visitor and my family was blown away by the uniqueness of this museum. Hunting for the secret doors and the "gems" on the sheet kept us engaged from the moment we stepped off the elevator on the fourth floor until we left 2:5 hours later. Having found 17 hidden doors, my family felt like real sleuths. What a treasure O Street Mansion is! We can't wait to bring our friends and come back again to explore more. ”

Alix Johnson on Jun 3, 2021 said:

“My granddaughter, age 9, and I visited the Mansion for the Secret Door tour and it was just enchanting! We scurried up and down the corridors and in and out of amazing rooms for more than and hour, and managed to spy ten hidden doors! Since we were so focused on the hunt we did not spend nearly enough time discovering the other magical features of the Mansion and we will plan another trip soon.”

Melissa MacLellan on May 31, 2021 said:

“Super cool! Definitely need to come back to find all of the rooms I'm sure we missed!”

Cheryl on May 31, 2021 said:

“We loved it ”

Deborah Bielecki from Jazzercise Springboro Centerville, on May 30, 2021 said:

“Super fun!! Everyone was so nice. The mansion is just unbelievable! Could have spent many many many more hours there and definitely want to come back! Highlight was having H as our personal bartender and getting the opportunity to chat with her. Also, learning about the connection between Rosa Parks and civil rights. Learned so many interesting interesting things and had a ball!! Cannot wait to do another tour here!”

Lea G Caplan on May 24, 2021 said:

“We had a great time... so much to see. ”

Heidi Thompson from DanFam, on May 24, 2021 said:

“Technically it was really well-done, flawless. And not all zooms are. Knowing this was your first hybrid... you nailed it!Dan Navarro is a superb workshop leader, songwriter, performer and human being. He knows how to teach and build community in the process, and how to provide useful guidance while supporting and building confidence in all in the workshop. He makes learning so much fun, for everyone! Quite masterful. Thanks so much for doing!!”

Cindy Davis from DanFam, on May 24, 2021 said:

“I attended Dan Navarro's "Songwriting and the Creative Muse" songwriting workshop, and it was amazing. Dan was kind and welcoming while providing meaningful feedback, and I learned so much. The hybrid Zoom and in-person format worked great (I attended via Zoom). Any time you have Dan back for this workshop, either in person or virtually, I want to sign up! :) Thank you so much!”

Kristin Wenzler on May 19, 2021 said:

“This was a great find!! We were visiting from out of town and struggled to find activities due to covid closures. This was a FANTASTIC find. We had a great time searching through rooms, looking for secret doors and viewing all the pieces in the museum. We had two kids, 8 & 10 and they LOVED it. We went back through and relooked at some of our favorite rooms and items. Definitely would recommend. You could go again and again and always see something new, I'm positive. It would be amazing to spend a night here!!”

Julie Butterbaugh on May 12, 2021 said:

“I took out of state guests here for our event and everyone loved their experience! We were given a genuine welcome and left to our own devices to explore. 3 hours later we still hadn't covered even half of it, so we'll be going back for sure! If you haven't been here, you need to experience it! I've never seen anything quite like the Mansion!”

Nolene ferguson on May 12, 2021 said:

“Such a cool place! Look forward to coming back”

Belinda on May 11, 2021 said:

“This was my second visit to the Mansion I enjoyed it just as much as the first and I am sure I will be back again. Each time I go I find something I didn't see before !”

Nadia Robinson on May 10, 2021 said:

“Amazing. First time ever going to O mansion glad I gave it a try.Really memorable mothers day activity. Found rosa parks room and a handful of secret doors but still looking for secret wine cellar. We will be coming back when we have a full day to truly explore this museum. ”

Aly on May 9, 2021 said:

“Had an absolute blast!”

Morgan Schmidtke on May 9, 2021 said:

“Everyone went above and beyond. We spoke with the chef downstairs and he took the time to tell us the story of the kitchen painting and make our experience magical! Isaac also got excited about the doors we found with us as well as another young gentleman who showed us the gardens outside! We think we spoke with the lady who was the manager as well (forgive us for not catching your name!) and she made our experience warm and welcoming! My grandma also marveled at how clean everything b was and how we couldn't find a dust bunny anywhere in the whole museum! We spoke with the nice cleaning lady (also didn't get her name) who took pride in making the museum a home! We found 34 doors (this was our second visit, and we know of more doors in some of the rooms that were rented out)! Our grandma (whose first visit it was) raves about the experience. She has already started to plan a return visit and wants to tell all of her friends. We had an absolute blast! The added challenge of the hidden gem Hunt was good too! My husband took it seriously and counted every single item he could find... up to 110 angels!! What an adventure!! ”

Carol Schlef on May 9, 2021 said:

“Fabulous experience! Only wish we'd allowed more time. Will be back!”

Roger Sherman from The District Pit, on Apr 24, 2021 said:

“My wife and I attended a book signing by Brianna Thomas. Author of Black Broadway in Washington, DC. The artist spoked about her book, the experience of writing it, why she wrote it and then took questions from the audience. This event was profession, entertaining and meaningful in todays environment. The event was a socially distant event that took place in a converted garage! It was beautiful, spacious and airy. My wife and I felt comfortable the whole time we were there. We also had a chance to walk thought the secret garden. A true oasis in the middle of the city.”

Bernard Demczuk from UDC, on Apr 24, 2021 said:

“Always a pleasure to be at The Mansion. Thank you. ”

Amber Samm on Apr 13, 2021 said:

“Fun day experience for our time in DC. Would definitely go back!”

Kathleen Wright on Apr 10, 2021 said:

“Very much enjoyed it! Next trip we will stay longer!”

Stacy whedbee on Apr 10, 2021 said:

“Amazing experience! Super fun adventure....so much eye candy! highly recommend this sweet treasure”

Stacy whedbee on Apr 10, 2021 said:

“Amazing experience! Super fun adventure....so much eye candy! highly recommend this sweet treasure”

Anne Gauthier on Apr 9, 2021 said:

“What an amazing place! Fantastic building, more memorabilia and art and odd furnishing plus more than you could ever imagine. The walls are literally covered with artwork. The secret door tour (self guided) was so much fun. We found 8 of 70. We live in the area, work in DC, and can not believe we had never been before. Also, we appreciated the steps to stay COVID safe -- excellent job.”

Kurt evans on Apr 7, 2021 said:

“This place was just a blast I mean talk about the coolest place to revisit history I got to visit with Mrs. H and I didn't know it till I left I was stoked . Every person in the civilized world should see this great treasure !!!”

Rita on Apr 6, 2021 said:

“It was fun. Went with 4 teenagers and they had a blast looking for all the hidden doors, checking out the funky decor and unusal objects all over the place. Reading the stories on the guitars was another favorite.”

Mache Chase on Apr 5, 2021 said:

“This experience was amazing! We found 22/70 hidden doors. The host told us he'd only found 42 and he's been working there for about 2 years so I'm super impressed with the hidden spots. If you have an opportunity please stop by! There's a pool table, scrabble, and chess for guests to play. Hand sanitizer is located throughout.”

MarRay Bailey on Apr 5, 2021 said:


Sue Adezio on Apr 4, 2021 said:

“The hidden door tour was so much fun. Who knew you could hide doors behind so much stuff!? Finding the wine cellar was the gem of the tour. I won't tell you where it is but it was very well hidden. We were very proud of ourselves when we did find The Wine Cellar.”

Heidi Cerrud on Apr 4, 2021 said:

“It was wonderful, thank you all very much ”

Amber Wolff on Apr 4, 2021 said:

“Our first visit to Mansion was so much fun! We brought the children for the Easter Hunt. It was such an engaging experience for all of us and everyone had a great time. Covid precautions were in place and we felt comfortable doing the tour activities. We will be back!”

David Sacks on Apr 4, 2021 said:

“Love your place and continue to show to new people! Yesterday was my third visit in 5 years.”

Ann on Apr 3, 2021 said:

“Very unusual and fun. Wilson gave a great intro.”

Karen on Mar 29, 2021 said:

“Being a competitive family, it was fun to see which ones of us could find the most secret doors. A place you can visit more than once and you would see and experience something different each time. We loved it!”

Cecilia Kennedy on Mar 25, 2021 said:

“Great fun on a rainy day although the gardens on a sunny day would be a plus. Best to have a couple of hours to enjoy it all. Staff and H.H. were very gracious and welcoming.”

Allie J on Mar 24, 2021 said:

“Such a wonderful and exciting experience. Definitely a place you will plan on revisiting. Don't miss this spot.”

Emily Mendola on Mar 15, 2021 said:

“Very cool. Can go through multiple times and still find something new”

Morgan Schmidtke on Mar 14, 2021 said:

“So. Much. Fun. My husband and I loved hunting for doors together and pointing out interesting items. There were several dream-building pieces that we want in the future (that glass table and ornate chess set was incredible)!! We had so much fun taking a few hints too. My husband is an architectural draftsman so my favorite part was when he was counting how many townhouses wide we had gone and said, "We are missing some space," before we found a secret door to another section of the houses! We had a BLAST. Thank you to the team there!!”

Ward Biggs on Mar 14, 2021 said:

“Amazingly Dope Tour! Great staff! I just wished we found more secret doors, We were only able to find 14 lol ”

Kelsea Olszewski on Mar 9, 2021 said:

“I cannot recommend this experience enough!! We took my little sister there for her Bachelorette and it was such a fun and unique experience! So much to look at and room to explore! Reuben was hilarious and kind which helped make the experience even more fun! Definitely make time for this!”

J on Mar 1, 2021 said:

“Wilson was great upon check-in and continued to be helpful through the weekend. Unbelievable. Definitely a hidden gem! We've already told people they have to visit.”

Roger Sherman from The District Pit, on Feb 19, 2021 said:

“I could not have been happier with the accommodations at the Mansion! The location was beautiful! The staff is top notch! I could not have asked for more. I will certainly be coming back for another visit. ”

Salim-Hassan Williams on Feb 18, 2021 said:

“The mansion on o is the place to go for a fun outing and adventure”

Ash on Feb 15, 2021 said:

“Can't say enough about how cool the mansion is, we went in nearly blind, not knowing what to expect and we ended up spending over two hours. Incredible experience, with so much to see. It really feels like a magical place and an awesome date spot to take pictures in and explore together. Staff is so friendly and nice as well. We will definitely be returning to discover more!”

Stephanie Slatner on Feb 14, 2021 said:

“Great stay comfortably beds unique experience d definitely will return again someday!”

Mary Sawyer on Jan 24, 2021 said:

“3rd time I've visited the Mansion, bringing different friends each time. This time was the best. Adding the video prior to exploring is great. It's difficult to explain all the nuances adequately, so the video is very helpful in doing that. Reubin our host was awesome. Another gentleman arriving later was awesome also. It's good to understand the concept of the hidden doors better, thanks to our hosts. We actually found more than originally thought when including stained glass & closets. We spent hours leisurely exploring the first 3 floors, took a champagne break, then finished the tour with the lower level. Great way to spend a few hours on a cold, winter Saturday. Visiting the Mansion never disappoints.”

Ponnia Muyen on Jan 13, 2021 said:

“Amazing and will definitely go back to find more secret doors/rooms”

Jarid Matylewicz on Jan 13, 2021 said:

“Awesome experience. Never have done anything like it”

Jiraporn Tancharoen on Jan 11, 2021 said:

“It is really fun and interesting. My son is 11 years old love this place and he said he will come back again when we visit in DC. And we might book for stay here.”

Krystal Oliver on Dec 29, 2020 said:

“What an amazing family outing. We went here for our Christmas family get away. The lay out was a bit challenging to maneuver but in a good way. (there are elevators if the stairs get to be too much. I just slowed down and let my (adult) kids go ahead of me.. ) My son was able to find at least 60 of the 70 doors. The wine area was one of the best spots for me. You must go there and just take in the ambiance. I love the Rosa Parks room and the Michael Jackson tribute. There was also a shout out to the great icon Prince!!! I do encourage you to take advantage of the parking. We were not able to park on the street and found the spot online that was walking distance. The neighborhood is eye catching and the walk was refreshing. I can go on and on.. just go its worth it.”

Michele Hopkins on Dec 29, 2020 said:

“ First off, I have to tell you that the staff did such an incredible job fixing up the garage. We had a magical time (and encouraged H's husband to please keep the room up and keep using it - a real treasure.) The transformation from Monday to Thursday was unbelievable. So, our thanks for making such a memorable evening for our group. We had a ball.Second, thank Jameel for the most delicious meal. We were absolutely wowed! From start to finish no detail was left out. Please thank him and the kitchen staff.”

Taina Robles on Dec 22, 2020 said:

“There was so much to see and explore can't wait to do it with my kids. ”

Christina on Dec 21, 2020 said:

“We had a blast! We spent about two hours and did three run through a, finding about 20 of the hidden doors, nooks, passages, and crannys. We could have spent so many more hours looking at everything and I wish we had more time. I can not wait to come back! ”

Lisa Burris on Dec 19, 2020 said:

“The museum was absolutely fascinating! My teenage boys had so much fun finding the secret doors. And we loved Robert, the employee who was working during our visit. He's so knowledgeable, both about the museum and American history. Our conversations with him definitely added to our fun. Cheers!!”

Jon Antonsen on Dec 13, 2020 said:

“26 doors ”

Marco Rivera on Dec 8, 2020 said:

“Even though my visit was cut short due to unforseen events, I had a lot of fun in the short time I was there. Many hidden doors and interesting items all throughout the mansion. Definitely will come back to stay longer!”

Douglas Vo on Nov 28, 2020 said:

“This was my first scavenger hunt of this kind where I get to find hidden doors and cool artifacts that have come from America's history. From the Beatles and Rosa Parks to novelties like Marvel and artists like Michael Jackson and Prince. I highly recommend anyone with lots of time on the hands and curiosity for adventure to come to the O St Mansion”

Serena Terry on Nov 24, 2020 said:

“They are amazing and the place is incredible. It was so much better than we expected. We will definitely be back to find more rooms ;)”

Sylvana Fow on Nov 17, 2020 said:

“What a magical place! It was a very unique, amazing, and surreal experience. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Shiva Rahmani on Nov 17, 2020 said:

“Truly magical and unique! Inspired me to write a book!”

Laurie Taylor on Nov 15, 2020 said:

“Loved the rooms. Staff were friendly and helpful. Art was incredible. Great way to spend an afternoon. Really need to go multiple times to fully experience and explore. ”

Jodi Pilot on Nov 14, 2020 said:

“OMGosh! This place is amazing!!! There are no words to describe the O Mansion. This is a very unique experience and one I have never come across. The staff is polite and knowledgeable. The "quest" is exciting and fun, especially once you start finding those hidden doors!! There are over 100 rooms and over 80 hidden doors to find. However, the crowning gem itself is the hotel/museum and all the wonderful items and memorabilia you get to look at while searching!”

Erika Saxon on Nov 12, 2020 said:

“We had a blast, even though we only found a few doors. Robert was very kind and helpful and the other guests were lovely. ”

Lexy Burnett on Nov 12, 2020 said:

“Wow, just WOW! As a huge history buff, this activity definitely piqued my interests but it also played with my sense of wonder and definitely brought out my inner-child. Beyond my expectations, this mansion is a never ending maze of memorabilia and secret passageways where you will always end up somewhere new and exciting! The tour starts with a warm welcome and an informational video, then you set off on an experience of a lifetime. We found at least 10 doors, even accidentally found a whole other door/section on our way out!! I definitely plan on coming back to take some more time to really look around at the literature and art work more in-depth since everything is for sale. Thank you for having us and we will see you again soon!”

Treca Allen on Nov 11, 2020 said:

“So glad I decided to come here. This was a very interesting and fun experience. I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt looking for treasures! There's something interesting around every corner and in each room. The staff was friendly and helpful. This was a very unique experience. You'll definitely enjoy going”

Amber Tucker on Nov 11, 2020 said:

“Definitely do this! Unique experience. So many things to see. And you can stay at the place!!!!!! They have a hotel. So cool”

Cierra Farquharson on Nov 11, 2020 said:

“This was a really amazing experience! My husband and I found 18 doors together (4 with the help of our host). We had such a good time and want to come back with our friends!”

John Nester on Nov 11, 2020 said:

“A very fun trip with a Treasure Hunt feel!”

Nathan Hasz on Nov 6, 2020 said:

“So fun! And we had to change our reservation twice and they accommodated both.”

Joanna from Consultant, on Nov 6, 2020 said:

“This was my first time in the mansion. I really enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere, the video explaining the history, the amazing collections of unique memorabilia, the lovely decoration, and the incredible dinner in the secret garden under the stars. It was indeed a spectacular dinner! Thank you for the warm hospitality!”

Melissa Kimmel on Nov 2, 2020 said:

“My sister and mom loved it! I cannot thank you enough! They loved the wine cellar and the log cabin. It was awesome watching them search for the secret doors. My mom loves Rosa Parks and couldn't get over that you knew her and that she lived there!Thank you, thank you!”

paige tippett on Nov 1, 2020 said:

“What a fun, quirky gem! I've lived in NOVA most of my life and never heard of this wonderful mansion. Definitely planning to return (maybe around Xmas) to continue hunting for those hidden doors! My (almost) 11 year old aslo love it!”

Sonia Welch on Oct 29, 2020 said:

“I'm so glad that Airbnb suggestion this activity. I would not have known about the O Museum. It's a hidden gem. We had so much fun exploring hidden rooms and learning about the historical aspect of it all. Who knew Rosa Parks stayed here for 10 years. Simply amazing.”

Rosalind Redrick on Oct 28, 2020 said:

“Alot of thought went into the mansion and the variety of tours. A "must see and do" when visiting DC. Wear walking shoes, you'll get a workout in too. ”

Sean Huie on Oct 26, 2020 said:

“Magical experience! I went with my best friend on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Robert was an awesome docent. He ensured we found the secret wine cellar. I must warn you though, it can be a bit overwhelming at times with all the memorabilia. Things that come to mind without specific spoilers (old magazines and newspapers, guitars, baseball cards, paintings and much more) one of the best kept secrets in D.C.!”

CaShonda Henderson on Oct 22, 2020 said:

“Great museum!”

Kate on Oct 19, 2020 said:

“It was so AMAZING! We found about 6 doors and most of them were found by my daughter! Everyone of my friends thanks me for finding your place, it was extraordinary, we forgot about everything, even finding the doors was not the main point for the first time, We were looking at all the stuff! Sincerely, one of my best birthdays in my life (and since 22nd I make extraordinary). They all say we will remember it. ”

Kendra Wise on Oct 8, 2020 said:

“so much fun! it is totally sensory overload and we were tired from walking all day so to walk around and roam kind of trying to get lost but not miss anything was so fun. we will be back! ”

Lawrence Miesse on Sep 29, 2020 said:

“We had the most awesome experience last night! Please thank all the staff and everybody in your establishment for us. It was amazing.”

Larry M on Sep 29, 2020 said:

“THIS PLACE IS AMAZEBALLZ!! IMHO, the BEST place to stay in DC! I would refer to it as a "Destination Hotel/Museum". Took my GF here for her Birthday on a Wednesday. We had the place almost to ourselves! Not Just A Hotel, Not Just A Museum, but all that and more! Beatles Memorabilia (signed) Everywhere! Guitars in every room! Each Room Is Themed differently and Luxury Abounds! We went for "a night at the museum". We also splurged for the Personal Chef Dinner. We were served an amazing dinner (customized for us-there is no menu). Each course was more delicious than the last! The service was IMPECCABLE! We were treated like visiting dignitaries! I can't stop expounding on just how awesome it was!! Rosa Parks Herself lived there. There's a "Rosa Parks Room".We Had The Most Amazing Vacation and didn't even leave DC! Thank You Lady H! Thank You Robert and everyone else who made this one of my favorite nights in years!! I Recommend This In The Highest Order!”

Tracy Postell on Sep 14, 2020 said:

“My guest and I had a MOST fabulous time and we will definitely return...I RAVED to ALL of my family and friends about our experience!! Just OUTSTANDING and I received MAJOR brownie points with my companion for such a fun and creative date. ”

Danica & Kevin on Aug 11, 2020 said:

“What an absolute extravaganza at the big 0!!! From the moment we entered and throughout our wonderful stay we felt as though we tripped and fell down a rabbit hole. The entire staff created an environment of wonderment from which we danced and giggled our way up and down, in and out with a few skips and jumps. A most magical special place. So happy we stumbled into the big 0!!! ”

Anthony Salinas on Aug 3, 2020 said:

“I cannot begin to describe how great our visit to the 0 Street museum was. After searching for a fun and interactive activity for my group of friends, I came across this fun adventure. The booking process was extremely easy and the staff was beyond amazing. We spent a total of 4 hours touring the home, finding hidden doors, and experiencing the rich history this museum offers. I plan to book a room in the future (as a staycasion) to continue to explore and immerse myself into the true art that this place is.Highly recommend!”

Polina Chernomorets on Aug 3, 2020 said:

“ Fun place to explore. Five interconnected brownstones with lots of secret passages and a cool eclectic interior with a lot of for sale items. Extremely fun to visit with kids and search for secret doors. They also had a free musical concert the day we visited and have lots of events there on a daily basis. A bit touristy but still fun. ”

Andrew Zimdahl on Aug 3, 2020 said:

“The Mansion on O Street is an iconoclastic DC landmark. Home to historical figures as diverse as J Edgar Hoover and Rosa Parks, this is a very special place. I have attended many wonderful events here and hope to attend many more soon!”

Mindy Logar on Jul 23, 2020 said:

“This is a hidden DC gem. This last visit (of many) was my first with kids. They thought they would be bored, but their first step into the mansion changed that immediately. They were amazed that they could touch things and that they would be searching for hidden doors throughout the mansion. They ran around like little sleuths and they were excited every tine they found a new door. I have discovered something, new rooms, new hidden doors, every time I have come and I highly recommend this spot. I have not yet had a chance to do an event or a brunch here but I hope to in the future.”

Lisa Zenker on Jul 15, 2020 said:

“What an awesome experience! We can't wait to return. ”

Tim Monaghan on Jul 14, 2020 said:

“Great time and beautifully unique room. Felt like LA ”

Tania E. on Jul 7, 2020 said:

“Perfect summer activity w/ my 7 y/o daughter. We enjoyed every minute of the scavenger hunt & searching for secret doors! Literally 4 floors of fun for all ages - elevator accessible, too. Robert was one awesome host.”

Julie York on Mar 31, 2020 said:

“We had so much fun and we can not wait to come back! ”

Rochelle Anderson on Mar 18, 2020 said:

“Wow. You think you know museums, but until you have been here you don't know what is still out there. This was a truly unusual and great experience in an old mansion filled with secrets and hidden doors and passages. After your welcome and orientation you set off on your own to try to find your way in all directions. Gently push a panel and you are surprised to find more. The spaces are all beautifully decorated from floor to ceilings (look up) and shelves 3 deep. The pin ball machines even work. You will get lost which is part of the fun. Fear not, sooner or later you will find a staircase or elevator to re-orient. It is easy to spend several hours, but you still won't see it all! It kinda leaves you planning for more on another visit.”

Alisa Lovera on Mar 16, 2020 said:

“cool experience”

Shannon Fosdal on Mar 15, 2020 said:

“This was such a fun experience! I'm still trying to figure out where all these doors could be hidden. Robert was super nice. The Mansion is beautiful, especially the wine cellar. Other people were there too but the mansion is so huge, you hardly run into the others”

Cara Petersen on Mar 13, 2020 said:

“Great experience! Found 10 doors, will definitely go back!”

Rhonda Dallachiesa on Mar 12, 2020 said:

“First of all, the champagne was yummy( this is from someone who doesn't care for champagne) Mr Ted was extremely helpful to me in getting my car parked and offered to us a lot of information in such a short period of time and seemed happy to have us there. Robert was as nice and helpful as Mr Ted. You can truly tell how much he enjoys being there. The museum was more than amazing, and the collections incredible! Madame H was so kind and warm to us and took the time to personally autograph our books and seemed interested in our lives. It was a magical experience and we can't wait to return and bring our friends with us!”

Kaela Resendes on Mar 11, 2020 said:

“So different and fun! We loved how interesting and interactive it was. Would definitely recommend.”

John Robb on Mar 10, 2020 said:

“So much fun to explore. So much history ... Rosa, Fredrick and the many pieces of legendary musical history past and present. Extraordinary!”

Gayle Wald on Mar 9, 2020 said:

“It is impossible to thank you enough for pulling out all of the stops for us at yesterday's fabulous party. The food was great, the music was perfect, the vibe was chill, the word ZACHARY was on the screen! Kids and adults alike had a great time and raved about the food. Everything went to plan. In a word: Perfect!”

Brittni Bullins on Mar 9, 2020 said:

“This was such an awesome experience. The secret doors are a bonus to all the unique items throughout this mansion. Lots of history and diversity. Highly recommend!”

Reilly Mason on Mar 9, 2020 said:

“This place was endlessly amazing 100% recommend you visit the next time you are in town!”

Jen O Glymph on Mar 9, 2020 said:

“We had a blast! Kids loved it. One of our best days in the city by far!”

Kelly on Mar 9, 2020 said:

“Excellent customer service!! So much to look at and explore!! Cannot wait to go back!!”

Gwen Denson on Mar 7, 2020 said:

“This was my first time at the mansion/museum. I came to see The Art of Thom Wheeler. I found the mansion/museum absolutely fascinating! I could have spent hours looking at everything. You have a phenomenal collection of artifacts and memorabilia. I am looking forward to my next visit. ”

Rebecca Blankenship on Mar 6, 2020 said:

“Fabulous adventure in an amazing building. The amount of art and unique objects was astounding. So many turns and hidden passageways that it was easy to get lost. One would think this would be a bit overwhelming but it was more of a cozy feel. Like staying at an eccentric aunts home. Time slips away among the artifacts and books. It would be wonderful to just stay and read in one of the rooms.”

Jenifer Easthom on Feb 29, 2020 said:

“The O Mansion was absolutely magical! ”

Sabrina Brown from National Park Foundation, on Feb 27, 2020 said:

“The food was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere was amazing! Relaxed, creative, friendly, and perfect for our team retreat. Everyone at the office is excited to go visit the Mansion again! Thank you all for everything you did to make our retreat a super success.”

Arnold F Fege from Public Advocacy for Kids, on Feb 25, 2020 said:

“The perfect place to hold this presentation and book signing. Totally enjoyed Peggy Wallace-Kennedy and Mark, but also enjoyed the hospitality of the mansion staff. ”

Holly Avera on Feb 22, 2020 said:

“We had the best time! The video and chat with Robert at the beginning was helpful and then having the time to explore on our own was nice. We even got to talk to H for a few minutes. This place and people are gems!”

Tammy Ghizzoni on Feb 21, 2020 said:

“My son and I explored the mansion for two hours. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the mansion and would recommend it to anyone who likes sleuthing around. I wasn't sure we would find any doors, but we were excited to count nine doors before we finally made our way back to the main floor (one we didn't go through as it housed a creepy doll and led into the depths of the eves...) The contents and history of the mansion are impressive. Thank you for this hidden gem! I am so happy we stumbled upon this during our final day in the DC area! ”

David Sacks on Feb 21, 2020 said:

“My second visit and brought my cousin Carol along with me, who also ended up loving it as much as I do! I also had the great fortune and pleasure to meet lady H who was a gracious and yet accessible hostess for the time that we were able to spend with her. Robert our young host / docent, made our visit that much more pleasurable! Not only was he able to help us with a couple of purchases that I made (which I shall cherish for a long time) he was charming, cheerful and knowledgeable about this amazing home, event space and boutique hotel as well!!”

Al Severson on Feb 19, 2020 said:

“While we may have visited other more famous museums, this visit will be my most lasting memory in DC.”

Beth Robertson on Feb 19, 2020 said:

“It was a wonderful adventure with our grandson (9)who knew if the O Museum from his reading of Treasure Hunters. Success in finding hidden doors and observing some very interesting items and hotel features. ”

Mary Toth on Feb 19, 2020 said:

“Such a unique experience! We plan on attending another event the next time we come to D.C. This is something I would recommend to family and friends who visit D.C. ”

Libby on Feb 18, 2020 said:

“We were a group of 3 couples and we all had a great time! Such a hidden gem in DC.”

Kathleen Gallucci on Feb 17, 2020 said:

“The dinner and tour was ultimately a magical experience! Ted, and his attentiveness to our group, was the unexpected gift that truly was the icing on the cake! The O Museum is eclectic, unexpected, and whimsical. I arranged for a private dinner to share my excitement for this museum 3 weeks ago. The chef was accommodating, and introduced each course. The food was delicious! I look forward ,without a doubt, to my next visit to the museum, one will never get tired of this enchanting experience! ”

Terri NIMMONS on Feb 17, 2020 said:

“Amazing as always! I bring everyone I love to the Mansion and I'm in awe each time. Yesterday, I saw new rooms (12th visit!) and beautiful new artifacts, art and historical memorabilia. I had brought along a 21-year old friend of my daughter's: she was mesmerized throughout our 2 hour visit. O always lifts my spirits and expands my knowledge. ”

John Reviere on Feb 17, 2020 said:

“We brought our oldest child and I can easily say that all three of us had a great time. The history, the coolness, the uniqueness, everything was memorable and something that won't soon be forgotten. Would highly recommend! ”

valerie smith on Feb 15, 2020 said:

“We always enjoy the festivities and the ambiance is exquisite!”

Karen Farrington on Feb 11, 2020 said:

“The event was a talk by the 3 Tenors on climate warming and so very informative. I feel fortunate to have meet these 3 gentlemen in person and share their experiences. The building itself was amazing and was my first visit there. The young man that greated us at the door took time to answer my many question about the museum and was very enthusiastic. What a wonderful building with so much history. I look forward to coming back. Thank you so much.”

joel williams on Feb 11, 2020 said:

“At 42 its hard to awake the 8 year old boy that dreamed of secret passages and blind doors, thoughts of spies and secret rooms but that's just what you did! I couldn't stop talking about it at work. I'll be back for sure. ”

Eric Rittenhouse on Feb 10, 2020 said:

“Our family had so much fun going through the mansion on Sunday! We spent close to 3 1/2 hours wondering the halls and looking for doors. We will definitely be heading back again to look for more hidden gems. Great family experience, everyone got involved.”

Madeline Tilney on Feb 9, 2020 said:

“It was so so so much fun!! Me and my friend had the best time. Definitely a must do in DC. Will for sure be again. ”

Eric Campbell on Jan 28, 2020 said:

“My team had a great off-site meeting. Feedback was very positive. The food was great, location was fun and inviting, and the staff made us feel at home. ”

Tamar Gargir on Jan 27, 2020 said:

“Interesting house- fun exploring- lots of really special history”

Laura Duvelius on Jan 27, 2020 said:

“The magician was fabulous: funny and talented. The Mansion was filled to brimming with wonderful "eye candy". It was an exceptionally fun time!”

Lance Tracey on Jan 21, 2020 said:

“Great concert and great hospitality!!!”

Anna on Jan 21, 2020 said:

“What a fun day out! For anyone willing to explore, this place is awesome. You just have to give yourself over to not worrying about the time, a map, whether you are missing something - just go with it, open your eyes, and pay attention to the incredible things around you. From floor, to ceiling, to shelf this place if filled with incredible objects. Sure, there is the famous stuff - signed guitars, famous people's photos, but we got also got excited about old recipe books, vintage hair dryers, cool shaped bathtubs and the list goes on. It was awesome.”

Haynes Pryor on Jan 20, 2020 said:

“Outstanding performance by Lez Zeppelin along with usual wonderful and warm hospitality from H, Ted and the Mansion staff.”

James Orth on Jan 20, 2020 said:

“Lez Zeppelin concert and tour, great for this little cozy venue. Very well managed place (my second visit) with friendly, knowledgeable and spirited crew. Amanda is especially pleasant and helpful. We'll be back!”

Rudy D'Alessandro on Jan 20, 2020 said:

“Being a resident of the DC area for nearly 35 years, this was shockingly my and my wife's f visit to the Mansion on O Street. Even though my wife prefers an uncluttered home, we were both blown away by the opulent decor, and especially impressed with all the beautiful guitars, true works of art. As for the venue being a home to intimate music concerts, it's really a treat to be so close to the music and the musicians. While we both prefer rock musicians playing rock music to play it loud, we understand that had Lez Zeppelin cranked it up to even half the level of a club show, your chandeliers might have come crashing down. . All in all, this is a true DC gem that we're so happy to have belatedly discovered and we look forward to returning for future musical events.”

Andrew Prevost on Jan 20, 2020 said:

“Always an amazing experience ”

Robert Lawhead on Jan 18, 2020 said:

“Karen was wonderful & very helpful with suggestions in our search for the secret doors! .... we discovered 21 'verifiable' doors. Our group of 4 seniors had a blast for 3 hours exploring the house, and we will return. Thanks!!”

Denise Piece on Jan 13, 2020 said:

“Absolutely one of the coolest places! I loved it so much I cant wait to come back and do it again. I also hope to book a stay there in the future! So much to see and the staff was very pleasant and friendly.”

Brandon Evans on Jan 13, 2020 said:

“We didn't know what we were walking in to when we arrived at the mansion and upon entering, the place became even more intriguing. Unique, quirky and filled to the brim best describe the place but it was definitely what we were hoping for. The staff was friendly and the house is unimaginable. Thank you to everyone involved for making our Secret Door Tour worthwhile! ”

Joy Corey on Jan 9, 2020 said:

“Great experience!”

Olga Bernstein on Jan 6, 2020 said:

“It was SO interesting!”

Dr. Alex Cullison from Guidance Resources for Independent People GRIP, on Jan 6, 2020 said:

“Amazing mansion. Extremely friendly and engaging staff! If you view all the objects as a representation of a past era, the history the mansion provides is outstanding. What is really mystifying is how they provided plumbing to all the exotic bathrooms and kitchens in the mansion. Fascinating! ”

Len Jaffe from Len Jaffe, on Jan 6, 2020 said:

“Dan Navarro's songwriting workshop was GREAT!!! It gave me incentive to get back into writing again after a ten-year hiatus.”

Heather Webster on Jan 5, 2020 said:

“The Mansion on O street did not disappoint. From 13 to 62, everyone in our group enjoyed the entire experience. It was so fun to see nostalgic items and explain it to the younger generation. We will be recommending to our friends and family and highly recommend that everyone take a journey into the past. We will be back! Thank you H for making this a possibility!”

Caitrine Callison from Secondi, on Jan 4, 2020 said:

“My staff and I recently went to The Mansion on O Street to celebrate the holidays. I have hosted Christmas dinners for my staff for over 30 years; in that time we have been to many of the best restaurants in Washington, but of all of these, O Street ranks at the top. We loved it. For the better part of an hour we were invited to explore the mansion/museum and see how many of the 80+ secret doors we could find (I found four). We wandered through the three floors in total awe. Everywhere we looked were amazing displays. We spotted the black and white dress (the actual one!) that Audrey Hepburn wore in "My Fair Lady." There were guitars signed by the Rolling Stones, there was a note from John Lennon, and on and on. We were met by several servers carrying appetizer trays who pointed us in various directions. And this was all before dinner! Our table was set in a long private room with beautiful chandeliers. Our food came promptly and was lovely. The chef accommodated all of our requests -- vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, anchovy-averse, et cetera -- and it was very impressive, delicious, and plentiful. The only problem was that our room looked out on the dessert buffet -- with a chocolate fountain. We loved our dinner but we needed to assess the dessert table and give it proper attention. And we did.I do not remember a meal more filled with laughter and all-out happiness. To rate this venue, I would give the meal and the menu five stars but for the owners I would give many more stars. H and Ted were the most gracious hosts and I need to explain what they did that went above and beyond. On a rainy night I arrived with my car loaded with gifts for the staff and didn't think to mention ahead of time that I would need a valet. I handed my key to H and learned when I left that evening that she had taken it upon herself to park my car for me. Not only this but when we were packing the car to leave my battery died. Ted came out (after a long day working and a long night and day ahead of him) and jump-started my car. He could not have been more gracious. He was just wonderful.Perhaps I should have been more brief, but the O Street Mansion is one of a kind and the owners are a rare breed. Just when you think civility is dead -- you need to meet H and Ted.”

Blue Galvan on Jan 3, 2020 said:

“Super enjoyable experience! Loved how fun it was for both adults and children. As two adults going in for some New Years Eve fun we definitely enjoyed the drinks that were there & the pool room they had after finding all of the secret passage doors! super interesting & recommend anyone with an adventurous heart to go!”

Trina Walsh on Jan 3, 2020 said:

“The Mansion on O Street is an amazing place that offered an experience for my guest and me that could not be replicated anywhere else (in the area--or anywhere). While the "finding doors" challenge was intriguing for a while, the experience was so much more; finding a way to immerse oneself in the environment and take in the quirky stuff/decor/thematic splendor was the best part (along with the pinball machines, of course). The two hosts (who were not, to the best of my knowledge, any of the listed individuals) were gracious and helpful throughout.”

Kelly Rose on Jan 3, 2020 said:

“We were mesmerized with the mansion, it's history & care! Kudos to the accommodating staff, you were entertaining, kind & ever so helpful. We enjoyed finding all the hidden doors & delights for hours which proved just perfect on a rainy day. The wine cave may have been our favorite! Thank you again, we will recommend a visit & book again when back in the area. Cheers! ”

Marc Montalvo on Jan 1, 2020 said:

“The collection was magical and brought back great childhood memories. A dinner party in the wine cellar would be excellent. All the bathrooms are special and fun. We came away with some decorating ideas.”

Kami on Jan 1, 2020 said:

“Our second visit to the mansion, and it was fantastic. Beautifully decorated, super friendly staff, and a totally unexpected variety of snack options. (Sushi boats?? Yes!!) The Groupon deal was a great value. We will definitely encourage friends to join us for the party next year. Thanks for an excellent experience.”

Pam Blais on Dec 31, 2019 said:

“What a fantastic experience! Fun, fun and fun. Great value and enjoyable for the whole family. Will recommend”

Oliver Pittman on Dec 31, 2019 said:

“super fun and my girlfriend and i found lots of doors!!”

Sendrea Penaflor on Dec 31, 2019 said:

“Highly recommend. The place was very interesting, fun, and interactive. You could easily spend hours in the mansion, there's so much to see.”

Tina Naugler on Dec 31, 2019 said:

“So fun! I live in DC and had no idea this awesome place existed. My family came to visit and found this experience on Airbnb and it sounded interesting so we signed up and it ended up being the best activity of the week! We had four adults and a twelve year old and we were all entertained for hours on so many different levels. We explored, laughed, and learned together while still finding moments for yourself to be entertained.”

David Willson on Dec 31, 2019 said:

“My wife and I had an amazing experience here. And we were elated to find out that everything in the home was for sale, so we walked out with some unique Christmas gifts as well. Finding the hidden doors and cubbies was a ton of fun. We only found 17 however. There are a lot more than that.”

Michelle Paxton on Dec 30, 2019 said:

“We had a great time. There are so many passages, I'm sure I missed parts of the mansion. Definitely going back.”

Cassandra from Elder, on Dec 28, 2019 said:

“My 11 year old grandson thought it was "Amazing". And the rest of us loved it too. ”

Mei He on Dec 27, 2019 said:

“Great mansion!”

Nahomy Rojas on Dec 27, 2019 said:

“It was a wonderfully unique experience! Me and my partner were so immersed in finding the doors that time flew by!”

Pam Flail on Dec 27, 2019 said:

“This museum is a total blast! There's so much too see...leave yourself a couple hours. I plan on going again!”

Michelle on Dec 25, 2019 said:

“So much fun I can't wait to return and find more hidden doors and see what I may have missed so much to look at.”

Caitrine Callison from Secondi, on Dec 21, 2019 said:

“I have written a long review which I will send after Christmas. It amounts to a love letter and my staff says it's too long but I don't care. I'll edit it and send it soon.”

Olga on Dec 18, 2019 said:

“Fabulous experience ”

Frank Terminesi on Dec 18, 2019 said:

“This was the most magical place I visited in DC. Do not pass up an opportunity to go to the Mansion.”

Jonathan Williams on Dec 18, 2019 said:

“Could not have asked for more fun and adventure. There staff was friendly and inviting in every way.”

Chuck Leavell from America's Forests and Keyboardist for the Allman Brothers & The Rolling Stones, on Dec 11, 2019 said:

“If you've never been [to the Mansion on O Street], you have just got to go there and see this place. ...There is an incredible display in the Mansion now about Mrs. Parks, and I would encourage you to go see it.

Alethea Chatman on Dec 5, 2019 said:

“It was an awesome experience to be up close and personal with some of the people that experienced Mrs. Parks. I enjoyed the hospitality, food, and music. There were some amazing things in the Mansion that I had not seen before. Great experience.”

Stacy Harris from Bicast, on Dec 4, 2019 said:

“O Mansion is the most amazing venue and H and Ted are truly gracious hosts. Thank you for a wonderful evening!”

Jean Krivjansky on Dec 2, 2019 said:

“My husband and I had a great time. What a unique place to visit. We have never seen anything like it. The rooms are each so different and decorated beautifully! The staff is super friendly. We managed to find 17 secret doors. We are excited to come back and look for more with family when they come to visit. ”

Del Collins II on Dec 2, 2019 said:

“Awesome experience. We would absolutely do it again. Great dinner, great service, great adventure!”

Amanda Bergin on Dec 2, 2019 said:

“loved it! I just moved to DC from Boston and my Dad came down for Thanksgiving to visit. We didn't know what to expect but thought this was MEMORABLE Thanksgiving to say the least. ”

Leanne Lipton on Dec 1, 2019 said:

“This was my third time taking the secret door tour and I loved it as much as the first time.”

Giselle Bella on Dec 1, 2019 said:

“I had a superlative time! The food was just delectable and so rich in flavour from dinner to dessert. The tour was a fun and allowed my inner child to enjoy the possibilities. Again, I must give a bravo to the kitchen for the food. The entire staff where pleasant. This made the experience even more enjoyable. Gratitude, all! I shall return. ”

J Hays on Nov 30, 2019 said:

“Super fun! Our group had a good time exploring each floor and finding each other to show off what we discovered. There is A LOT to take in. It's easy to get distracted by everything there is to see and do. Would definitely recommend checking out!”

Bev Nerenberg on Nov 29, 2019 said:

“We LOVED it! So unique, so awesome, so fun!! We found 12 doors on our first visit!! ”

Megan Lott on Nov 29, 2019 said:

“The food and service were outstanding! And our whole group had a blast exploring the house. It was a festive and magical Thanksgiving celebration that we will all cherish! ”

Jeff Harris on Nov 18, 2019 said:

“fun espionage hunt and enjoyed seeing all the creatively decorated rooms, memorabilia and art work. ”

jobei-wan from Balance gym, on Nov 18, 2019 said:

“love every minute !!!!!!”

Dalal Nahle on Nov 10, 2019 said:

“So much fun!”

Rena Vakay on Nov 8, 2019 said:

“Love the stories about past guests and how the Mansion "evolved". The mansion is filled with so many , many treasures that you will never see anywhere but the mansion. ”

Len Buckley on Nov 7, 2019 said:

“Amazing venue for both a visit and a performance. ”

Mary Harris from NIH, on Nov 6, 2019 said:

“If was funny experience to find the secret passages. I did battle allergies due to another paper. But it was an adventure and amazing parts of history to see.”

Mary Harris from NIH, on Nov 6, 2019 said:

“If was funny experience to find the secret passages. I did battle allergies due to another paper. But it was an adventure and amazing parts of history to see.”

ILLIETT OJEDA on Nov 5, 2019 said:

“My family and I had a wonderful time. such a unique experience. Thank you - it was truly something I will never forget.”

Starr Horton on Oct 29, 2019 said:

“Fun and unique experience!”

Russell phimister on Oct 28, 2019 said:

“Exceptional! Fabulous intimate concert, great hospitality and fascinating, inspirational Mansion ”

Benjamin Kunstman on Oct 28, 2019 said:

“We had a terrific, intimate experience getting to see the Milk Carton Kids for their benefit show for the artists in residence program. We really enjoyed exploring the museum and all of the Halloween decorations, and look forward to visiting again and trying to track down more of the secret passages. Thanks as always for your hospitality and generosity!”

Brian on Oct 28, 2019 said:

“It was a lot of fun...really enjoyable time”

Lauran Hardin on Oct 28, 2019 said:

“Exceptional experience! The food was fantastic, the environment was exquisite and the service was professional and personal. My guests remarked that it was a one of a kind evening they will never forget.”

Stacie Banes on Oct 26, 2019 said:

“The museum was super awesome! We had the most fun getting lost and discovering new treasures at every turn. The staff was just as amazing as the museum! We will be back for sure! ”

Melanie from Griffiths, on Oct 26, 2019 said:

“Wow, the museum is packed full of many interesting items. We had a lot of fun looking for secret doors, autographed guitars and many others. My favorite was the hidden wine cellar. It's an unusual and welcome twist for DC. Highly recommend it!”

Natalie Conner on Oct 24, 2019 said:

“Take your children! Cultural history in a condensed space, yes--but what's fascinating is how every member of my family found what they were passionate about and hunkered down into their own creative space (me too!).”

Kathie lynch on Oct 21, 2019 said:

“Love this place! Always a surprise at every turn!”

Cherie Rose on Oct 16, 2019 said:

“We had an amazing time and could have stayed there all day to explore! We found 7 doors and were intrigued by all the fabulous artifacts in each room we encountered. My daughter will be living in the DC area summer of 2020 and so we will be back and can't wait. Mrs. H was nice to talk to and gave my daughter very helpful advice on finding housing in the DC area for next summer. Thank you to all those people who donate and we will be sending you Mardi Gras/New Orleans items so maybe one day we can venture into that room! ”

Alan Schmidt from retired, on Oct 11, 2019 said:

“The intrigue of searching for and finding multiple hidden passages was a delight. Finding the entrance to the wine cellar took some extra sleuthing. The eclectic room decorations enhanced the ambiance of the log cabin, Beatles, Rosa Parks, Penthouse, and other rooms. I will recommend a stay or tour to relatives.”

Pam Catindig from , on Oct 8, 2019 said:

“I have already contacted several friends and told them this is their next can't-miss destination in DC. We were fortunate to have gone when there was very little traffic and couldn't have had a better time. Absolutely fascinating. We found 12 doors in two hours! Can't wait to come back and find more. ”

Sharon Smothers on Oct 5, 2019 said:

“I loved it! The only reason we left as soon as we did was my friend has medical issues with walking. I will be back”

Laura Craver on Oct 2, 2019 said:

“We had a ball at the Mansion! We've been to D.C. before and toured many of the historical monuments and museums. We wanted to change things up this time around and we're so glad we did. Everyone was kind and welcoming. We loved the design of the many rooms and had a great time exploring. We were able to find most of the large hidden doors. We'll look forward to getting lost in the Mansion again on our next trip.”

Linda Drew on Oct 2, 2019 said:

“We LOVED the entire experience. The owner is so engaging and truly likes what he is doing! Thank you for adding to the fun.”

Elizabeth cartella on Sep 30, 2019 said:

“It must be seen to believe”

Jim Bayer on Sep 29, 2019 said:

“The museum was the perfect venue for the Bosnian cultural event. It never felt too crowded, even though there was a substantial turnout. It was enjoyable to explore the museum and search for hidden doors. I loved it!”

Amelia Iliohan on Sep 26, 2019 said:

“Our staff absolutely loved our time at the O Mansion. This was such a cool and unique place to spend our afternoon! The staff was so welcoming and friendly. I can't wait to go back and take my friends!”

Josh D Miles from Freedom Alliance, on Sep 23, 2019 said:

“From the moment we rang the bell and the door opened we were in awe. This was our anniversary event and we could have stayed all day. We loved the interaction with the staff and with Ted. We will be back often and will bring everyone we know who is coming into town from now on!! Thank you for a truly magical day.”

Jessica Blazekovic from Burlington Dance Academy, on Sep 21, 2019 said:

“Too much fun!At first you feel overwhelmed but once you find a few secrets you start seeing things differently! We will defintely recommend this place and be back next time we are in the area! Thanks for the great afternoon!”

SONDRA FAYE STALLARD on Sep 21, 2019 said:

“An intimate evening with Jesse Colin Young. fabulous. ”

Paul Thieberger on Sep 20, 2019 said:

“Awesome as usual”

Skip Schlitzkus from Tropical Rain Barrels , on Sep 20, 2019 said:

“From the moment Ted stepped into the street, to him guiding me thru the back alley for private parking, to him giving information and getting my first cocktail, my experience was just plain EXCEPTIONAL. I've been traveling the world for 55 years, which includes 23 countries, and I've never been surrounded by such and eclectic gathering of memorabilia and incredible vibes. Floor after floor and room after room are loaded with the most unique and valuable treasures. The intimate setting where Jesse Colin Young played was perfect. 75 chairs filled with enthusiastic followers and first time believers.This is a MUST place to visit and support.Thank you, Ted.A memory forever.”

Jen Ellis on Sep 19, 2019 said:

“This was such a fun way to spend a couple hours in DC! There's so much to see it's easily something you can go to again and again. The staffs knowledge of the incredible amount of memorabilia was amazing. Who wouldn't like feeling like they're apart of their own little mystery adventure!?”

Jessica Young on Sep 7, 2019 said:

“This is the best tour I have ever been on. My daughter and I did the self-guided tour through this amazing mansion. We loved it! Definitely one of the highlights to our trip. Fun for all!! ”

Amanda Halverson on Sep 4, 2019 said:

“This place is AMAZING! If you get the chance to go, go! It was a once in a lifetime experience. I feel like you could go countless times and see something different every time. We only found 12 doors but just being immersed in the place's incredible history was worth going.”

Cardonick on Sep 2, 2019 said:

“We really enjoyed the mansion! Seeing all the different rooms and memorabilia was really interesting and a lot of fun. We only found about 5 doors and felt like we were walking in circles at times, but the experience was definitely worth it!”

Peggy on Aug 31, 2019 said:

“Coolest place ever!!! We had an amazing time searching for hidden doors and treasures.”

Ivana on Aug 29, 2019 said:

“Came with a friend for a book presentation by the author and very much enjoyed it. It was really great!”

Cloe on Aug 28, 2019 said:

“The museum was amazing and totally one-of-a-kind! It is a hidden gem in D.C. that deserves much more recognition than it has. It's a place that I now want to bring any visiting guests.”

James rochester from Jaguar land rover, on Aug 24, 2019 said:

“The o street mansion offers the unique experience to live out everyone's childhood dream of exploring a vast mansion with secret passages. It however also to my surprise was full of historical significance ,knowledge and memorabilia which is ALL available for purchase. The only letdown for me is that I didn't find all the doors!!, but I'll definitely be back. ”

Tallah Tracy on Aug 22, 2019 said:

“What a hidden gem! This is a crazy, wonderful, secret hotel and museum. We did the Espionage Treasure Hunt, and really appreciated that it made us slow down and enjoy the space. Our family spent two hours, but easily could have spent the day. Love that the purchase of art and collectibles supports the arts. Our 19 year old son joined us. He is a difficult one to impress. He was impressed. Now we are hoping to book a room when we visit next year. The owners and staff were delightful people, as well. ”

Irene Galioto on Aug 21, 2019 said:

“What a magnificent day I enjoyed with my 7 year old granddaughter. We were excited to find 26 doors on our first visit. More visits will definitely be on our agenda. ”

Molly on Aug 21, 2019 said:

“We had so much fun! There was so much to see and the rooms were filled with such interesting memorabilia. We found around 10 hidden doors and those were great. We took our time and really enjoyed it. Would like to come back for dinner or some other tour and bring our friends. Staff were friendly and there was a good vibe. Very cool place. ”

Kim Bufkin on Aug 20, 2019 said:

“Absolutely recommend! Kids are still talking about our visit, happy memories made! ”

Deborah Siegel on Aug 16, 2019 said:

“My 11 year old nephew and I had such a fun time searching the mansion for secret doors and exploring the rooms. We cant wait to come back and find more doors! This was a great alternative to the usual museums and a great way to spend some tome together. ”

Courtney Owens on Aug 15, 2019 said:

“I brought 3 twelve year old girls and they had an absolute blast at the mansion. Such a memorable day! The owners could not be any nicer and went out of their way to make the girls feel special. This is the place for you if you have a creative, fun and open mind. This is not the place for anyone who has a closed mind ”

Nurani Chandra on Aug 15, 2019 said:

“The experience was beyond our expectation. The thrill of finding the secret doors was even better. We spent nearly 2 hours available to us but probably Would have required another 4 to go over all the collections. Amazing indeed.”

Dan on Aug 12, 2019 said:

“My parents were in town to visit, and I did not know what to think about the Mansion ahead of time. We had a wonderful time exploring this truly unique house/museum. Finding 6 secret doors is not bad, right? I would highly recommend this activity for anyone - tourist or local - as a great excursion in DC that keeps you thinking rather than just looking.”

Jodie on Aug 11, 2019 said:

“Fun place to spend an afternoon with the family. ”

Andrew Kowal, MD on Aug 10, 2019 said:

“It was simply an amazing experience for us and our children. They still haven't stopped talking about it and already want to return to DC just so they can find more hidden secret doors. Thank you !”

Rebecca Wilson on Aug 8, 2019 said:

“This was a wonderful way to spend some fun time with our family. The opportunity to spend some time speaking with the owners made it even more special.”

Monica Gonzalez on Aug 7, 2019 said:

“Great Museum”

Suzi on Aug 7, 2019 said:

“Astounding! Creative! A "must" see and do experience. Splurge and take the private tour! Definitely worth every penny and every minute!”

Meredith Page on Aug 6, 2019 said:

“What a wild place! Hard to believe it seems to be virtually unknown up here in Baltimore, I'll try and spread the word;)”

Amanda Crose on Aug 5, 2019 said:

“Everything yesterday was phenomenal, the food was exceptional and everyone had a great time.”

Barry Brenig on Aug 3, 2019 said:

“Dinner event was in the wine cellar to celebrate my daughter's high school graduation. We were made to feel special. ”

Sheryl Titus on Aug 2, 2019 said:

“Interesting adventure for all ages. Kept my 16 year old granddaughter's interest and she engaged her Dad. Great time you won't find duplicated elsewhere.”

Shannon T. on Jul 31, 2019 said:

“My family did the Secret Door tour. My husband and I loved looking at all the items for sale and looking for the secret doors. Our two teenagers noted that it was the best part of their trip to Washington. My daughter would love to live there. I highly recommend visiting. If you are taking your children to many of the museums it would be great to break it up and plan a visit to the Mansion on O Street in the middle of your trip. ”

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