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Washington D.C.

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2,554 Reviews

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Janice Swenson on Jun 9, 2024 said:

“I brought my husband and kids (ages 14 and 11) and we spent 2.5 hours in the house looking for secret passageways and compartments. We found 20 but wanted to find all 80 lol. Some were easier than others. Be sure to close a secret door behind you for the next person to find. The items in the rooms are all for sale and theres a bar to take a break at. A really fun and different way to spend a few hours in DC. ”

Meredith Marshall on Jun 8, 2024 said:

“Third time I have been to the mansion and I found two new secret doors I had never found before. So much fun. So much to see. ”

Devin on Jun 6, 2024 said:

“Looking through reviews before I went, and both the reviews and in person say the average does you find are 2-3. I went just the other day and managed to find 13 doors, as well as the collectible Tinkerbell hidden away as the must difficult thing to find. By far one of my favorite experiences, and I highly recommend going!!”

Demetra Roberts on Jun 5, 2024 said:

“We had a wonderful time, we were about to find 16 secret entrances and will be back to find more. ”

Amanda on Jun 3, 2024 said:

“Very cool experience. I liked how big it was and how everything was preserved fron years ago. Learned a lot! Definitely recommend as a fun activity to do in DC ”

Ruth Wright on Jun 2, 2024 said:

“Awesome experience ”

Donnell on Jun 2, 2024 said:

“My wife and I enjoyed viewing all of the art and history. It was breathtaking. There was so much to see. We certainly plan to visit again because there was so much to see, and although we toured the whole Mansion there was plenty that we missed (excluding the secret rooms we couldn't find, We only managed to find 4). One visit isn't enough!”

Kent Giles on May 30, 2024 said:

“The museum is amazing, we enjoyed searching for hidden doors while browsing the many artifacts displayed in the mansion. Fantastic experience, highly recommended.”

Kate Trenerry - Washington, DC on May 25, 2024 said:

“This tour is so interesting and unique! Great way to do something memorable with a group.”

Christopher Alderman - Latta, SC on May 25, 2024 said:

“The tour was phenomenal. We felt like it was personalized for us. A great staff and tour experience!”

Ian Shen on May 25, 2024 said:


Sergio Specia - US on May 25, 2024 said:

“Try and find the secret doors - as many as you can . So much more fun!”

Melissa Sara - Chino Hills, CA on May 25, 2024 said:

“Get lost here and have fun doing so. Spend a few hours going through all the themed rooms and try to find the secret doors.”

Kathy Harvey Nelson - US on May 25, 2024 said:

“What fun to spend hours looking at so many amazing artifacts and trying to find the secret doors! So much fun! We'll be back!”

Jane Jasmin - US on May 25, 2024 said:

“Very interesting experience! Kept our 2 grandsons,12 &14 busy for the duration of the tour. Fun place.”

Iris Welsch on May 22, 2024 said:

“What a great time my book club had exploring your mansion.I will be back! ”

Hope D. on May 19, 2024 said:

“What a phenomenal place to explore! We said we'd love to come back and spend the entire night looking for the secret doors. So cool!”

Vishakh Unnikrishnan on May 11, 2024 said:

“ Excellent museum”

Matthew Unke on May 11, 2024 said:

“This is a must-see attraction. Staff were amazing and the exhibits were very I interesting. Best of luck trying to find everything! Absolute great time!!!”

Shelly Flores - Salina, KS on May 11, 2024 said:

“Such a fun adventure! Highly recommend. So much to see!”

Louli Kourkounakis on May 11, 2024 said:

“Can't really rate the rooms as we didn't stay there, but the staff was very friendly. We enjoyed walking around seeing all the museum has to offer and exploring the secret doors!Growing up, being told not to touch things, made it very difficult for us to want to pick things up and try to find the hidden doors! But it is definitely encouraged here,Definitely worth coming back. There is much to see and despite walking through the areas several times, there was always something new we noticed.”

Betty Hsu - Los Altos, CA on May 11, 2024 said:

“I had fun looking for secret doors in the mansion. It was harder than expected. The fun part is looking at the collection of music and sports memorabilia. My husband could stay there a lot longer if time allowed.”

Nyla Fritz - Seattle, WA on May 11, 2024 said:

“This was a fantastic interactive venture for me and my 13 year old nephew. It was great mixture of types of engagement for each of us as we searched for the secret doors and explored all of the cultural and historical features and memorabilia. I'll definitely be back!”

Katherine Rhone on May 11, 2024 said:

“So much fun for all! They even have an elevator, if needed. We didn't stay at the hotel, just went through the secret doors. So fun!”

Celeste Bozeman - US on May 11, 2024 said:

“Great tour!”

Nathan Cornett - El Cajon, CA on May 11, 2024 said:

“This is definitely an eclectic and odd attraction. It was more fun than I think we were expecting.”

Abdulhafiz Zakieh - Visalia, CA on May 11, 2024 said:

“Great experience!”

Quinn Starling - Pittsburgh, PA on May 11, 2024 said:

“Much bigger than I anticipated and very lively. TVs were programmed for each room and every theme was so detailed. We will definitely be back!”

Street View Reviews on May 11, 2024 said:

“Really fun place to visit with your children! Lots of things to do.”

Megan Whiting - US on May 11, 2024 said:

“So fun! I did this solo while my husband was working. It exceeded my expectations. Loved trying to find the secrets on my own.”

Andy Henry - Greenville, PA on May 11, 2024 said:

“It was a very fun experience. Went with my kids 10 and 13. Their thoughts were..."Most of the secret doors were awesome" and "The fairy doors were not what we expected." It was an interesting experience and a lot of fun getting lost and finding the hidden doors.”

Stephanie Dabbs Hart - Cary, NC on May 11, 2024 said:

“Fun, eclectic spot. We enjoyed trying to find as many secret doors and spaces as we could.”

Mims Gross on May 7, 2024 said:

“Sophia was lovely and informative. A very nice young lady. She's an asset to the mansion!”

David Bloom on May 5, 2024 said:

“Fun experience with so many interesting things to look at. Exploring was great and really enjoyed Chuckie's room! ;-) ”

Jeannette Cona-Larock from The Magic For Less Travel, on Apr 29, 2024 said:

“We had three adults and three children aged 10 and under to visit the museum. I bought the ticket and added the hidden gems tour as well. The children had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed hunting for the secret doors! They found, unbelievably, 26 of them! That said, for a first time visit, it's probably not necessary to do the add-ons especially since I had to pay x6 which increased the cost a fair bit. There's definitely enough to see and searching to do without adding on. For a second, third or fourth visit (and that would be fun to do!) adding on some of the other tours would enhance the visit. I'm so glad we stumbled onto this. I was looking for something fun to do with the children and this hit the mark for sure.”

Colleen on Apr 29, 2024 said:

“Sensational! Intrigue, mystery, sleuthing, attention to detail were all elements built in to the secret doors/Asian Garden/scavenger hunt tour. Delightful hosts and an experience for my adult family that was the cherry on the top of a wonderful DC experience! Whatever you do in DC on your visit -- make sure to end with this experience!”

Colleen on Apr 29, 2024 said:

“Sensational! Intrigue, mystery, sleuthing, attention to detail were all elements built in to the secret doors/Asian Garden/scavenger hunt tour. Delightful hosts and an experience for my adult family that was the cherry on the top of a wonderful DC experience! Whatever you do in DC on your visit -- make sure to end with this experience!”

Colleen on Apr 29, 2024 said:

“Sensational! Intrigue, mystery, sleuthing, attention to detail were all elements built in to the secret doors/Asian Garden/scavenger hunt tour. Delightful hosts and an experience for my adult family that was the cherry on the top of a wonderful DC experience! Whatever you do in DC on your visit -- make sure to end with this experience!”

Ashley Howard on Apr 28, 2024 said:

“Th young "doorman" who performed a magic trick really sticks out in my mind. My kids are already asking to come back. It was like a dream!”

Ellen K Sax from retired, on Apr 22, 2024 said:

“Lots of fun. We found 6 doors!”

Thomas Sellnow on Apr 21, 2024 said:

“So full of stuff! But it works! Fascinating and Fantastic.”

Caleb Dear on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Really cool museum to just wonder around and explore! Of course it's always amazing finding one of those secret doors. And the entire staff is absolutely bravo. Can't wait to return.”

Anna Eberl - Wrzburg, Germany on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Nice attraction, I enjoyed the garden with musicians a lot.”

Molly Connaughton - Cincinnati, OH on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“We had a fabulous time with our 12 and 17 year old as well as the three adults. Such a unique and interactive event!”

Susan Lyons - Aurora, CO on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“This was fun as an afternoon item to keep busy. Finding doors that weren't obvious was really difficult! We had a good time though and would definitely recommend it.”

Dan Lundy -Westerville, OH on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“my family and I had a great time. excellent combo of fun, culture, and history.”

Caleb Dear - Detroit, MI on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“The O museum was really cool! Can't wait to go back”

Laura Frazier - Gallipolis, OH on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“This place was really neat with so many things to look at. My little one had major sensory overload, so we didn't get to stay as long as we wanted, but that is ok. I enjoyed it, and was delighted to find out you could actually rent a room there!”

Kathy Rico on Apr 15, 2024 said:


Claire Simon - Bozeman, MT on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“You know when you have a dream where you're in a house that turns into a log cabin and then into Rosa Parks' bedroom? Yeah, that's this place. An absolute fever dream in the best way. Thanks H!”

Kristin Pace - US on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Fascinating architecture in the magical museum!”

Christina C - Billings, MT on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“We had a great time. My son took home his first souvenir.”

Sahil Deschenes - Raleigh, NC on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Highly recommend this unique experience while you're in DC”

Caroline Bernard - Montreal, Canada on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Exprience hors du commun! Divertissante! La visite du manoir est vraiment un incontournable. Avec mon fils de 10 ans, nous avons t super bien accueilli. A ntre grande joie, Paola nous as accueilli en franais :) Les guides sont sympathiques. Nous allons revenir sans aucun doutes car nous avons encore beaucoup de portes trouver!”

Valerie Taylor - Philadelphia, PA on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“I had an amazing time here. There was so much to see that I couldn't get to it all. Definitely warrants another visit.”

Kelli Simmons - Rootstown, OH on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Eat before you go so you are not hungry and can stay as long as you want! The rooms are so much fun!”

Leah Berry on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“This is something you just have to experience! We found 12 doors in 2 hours and were enthralled the entire time!”

Brett Lisak on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Had a great time. Staff was great. So much to explore and re-explore!!!”

Sarah Cirone - Haleiwa, HI on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Incredibly cool and fun museum tour! Plan to spend a few hours as you hunt for doors!”

Milli Zaranyika - Lancaster, PA on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“This place is GREAT!! I have never been to something like this before and it really exceeded my expectations! I LOVED the secret doors! It was such a thrilling and fun adventure!”

Christina Alkire - US on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“awesome place with a very eclectic vibe. soooo much to see.”

Scott Mechkowski on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“When we think of selfless service and going the extra mile, "First Responders" often come to mind. However, today I want to highlight two individuals who exemplify these qualities in the hospitality industry.Meet H.H. Leonards and Ted Spero of the Mansion on O Street, Washington, D.C. -- a place that's a definite must-visit in the capital!H.H. and Ted are the epitome of gracious hosting. Their dedication to creating an unforgettable experience for every guest is unparalleled.Each time I visited D.C., the Mansion was my home away from home, enveloping me in its unique ambiance right in the heart of Dupont Circle.But it's more than just the vibe; it's the sense of family that H.H. and Ted foster. They are truly unforgettable personalities that leave a lasting impression on all who cross their threshold.If you're ever in D.C., don't miss the chance to experience the wonder of the Mansion on O Street and the exceptional hospitality of H.H. and Ted.”

James on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“A wonderful museum to visit. For $33, one can spend all the time they'd like to find the 70+ secret doors throughout the 30,000 square foot mansion that consists of 5 row houses.It truly is an eclectic blend of items, rooms, and decorations, where almost anything and everything is on sale! Make sure to stare up at the ceilings!Famous musicians have visited this place, which explains a lot of signed guitars throughout the rooms. They have artwork hanging on the walls from artists in residency. There's a wine cellar, an Elvis Presley room, and a Rosa Parks room, who stayed here for 10 years.”

Ethan Huang- Plainsboro Township, NJ on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Ted and his co-hosts were fantastic! We wanted him to accommodate a larger group for our time slot (12, compared to the max of 10), and they were very responsive. They made it easy to schedule, there were no problems, and our group had a lot of fun exploring! We split into many smaller groups and bumped into each other randomly through the hidden doors. It was a lot of fun, would recommend for anyone who has never tried this type of attraction before.”

Chris Walker on Apr 15, 2024 said:


Andy Huang on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Over 100 rooms and 80+ hidden doors, what not to like? It's the second time that my family has done the tour, it's honestly a lot of fun and you can really spend the entire day there if you take the time to enjoy the moment in each room...read a book, listen to music, sit back and relax, and just talk to friends.”

Maria Alesci - Syracuse, NY on Apr 15, 2024 said:

“Highly recommend! We had a range of children, including a hard-to-please teenager, with us and all had a great time! Staff was very friendly and each room was full of fun things to see.”

Nancy Beaird on Apr 6, 2024 said:

“Accompanied my two pre-teen grandkids to the O Museum and all three of us had a blast. Getting kids that age engaged (in anything not screen related!) can be tough, but the secret doors had them enchanted for several hours. Looking forward to a return visit next time I'm in the District. There is so much to see, it could never be boring. And the support for the arts is essential!”

Rachel L Carter on Apr 6, 2024 said:

“This was such a fun experience! Every room was beautiful, and finding secret doors was a lot of fun! I would go back again and again if I lived in DC!”

Ralf Wandel on Apr 4, 2024 said:

“Amazing, amazing amazing”

erik sandvig from bodyworks, on Apr 3, 2024 said:

“very unique experience, amazing place”

Kelly on Apr 3, 2024 said:

“Last rainy day of spring break brought us this gem and once we (mom and three kids 15, 12 and 10) found our first door (we found 4!), we were hooked and will definitely be back to explore more!!”

Katie Conrad on Apr 2, 2024 said:

“What a spectacular place! My husband and I poked around this curious museum filled with knick-knacks, baubles, and pieces of history. There are new things that catch your eye wherever you look, and it's so satisfying finding a hidden door. If we're ever in the DC area again, I can definitely see us returning. Highly recommend going, and spending as much time as you can exploring!”

Jarrod Blay on Apr 2, 2024 said:

“Such an amazing place. Just so much stuff to discover, incredible memorabilia and curiosities. The staff were all so nice. Could have spent all day there, easily. Would go again. Would recommend 100%”

Treasure on Mar 30, 2024 said:

“It was a beautiful and intriguing spot that had something for everyone to enjoy. I had a lot of fun searching for the secret doors and exploring through all of the rooms. At the end I had a nice chat with one of the staff members from Italy. Thank you!”

Nikki McCargar on Mar 29, 2024 said:

“This was a very cool place to visit. The antiques and history was fascinating, the different styles of rooms and ornate architectural features throughout the mansion were beautiful. The opportunity to find secret doors was an added bit of fun. Our group found 11. There were many rooms off limits during our visit, and it was crowded enough that we quickly started to feel claustrophobic. It made it very hard to get around and really look at much. We spent a bit over an hour there and had to leave because it was getting more and more crowded by the minute and we were uncomfortable. If the number of people in a time period were better managed we felt like we would get to see more and enjoy our time better. Otherwise it was very nice. Our your time was 11am on a Thursday.”

Kisha Allen on Mar 24, 2024 said:

“OMG! This museum was the highlight of our visit. We came for the Cherry Blossom festival but made a point to visit museums and so very glad this one was on the list. It was the first stop of the weekend and nothing else compared. I have an 11 year old son and for him it became a competition of who could find the most secret doors. I think we ultimately tied but he was happy to tell other visitors when he was ahead. An additional highlight was meeting and chatting with HH. Talked to Ted as well but didn't realize it was him. He told me a funny story about one of the secret doors I asked him about and then shared a YouTube video with us to go with the story. They are so down to earth and it added to the experience. I also appreciate HH signing a couple books to me and the message she wrote.The staff we interacted with were great also. Great sense of humor and willing to provide a nugget or two of information about the mansion but they didn't give anything away.It is a must visit and will be on my list for every trip to Washington.”

Matt Nealy on Mar 23, 2024 said:

“I have never been so pleasantly surprised and impressed by any museum or attraction...ever!”

Kim Kinyon Coke from Columbia College, on Mar 23, 2024 said:

“By and far our favorite experience while in DC. A fabulous night of connection, community, and creativity. Would love to come back and experience more. Thank you for the laughter and inspiration, we had a FABULOUS time!!!”

Pinar Beygo on Mar 20, 2024 said:

“Came with my family in December and had to come back with my friends this week just to show them the chaos and whimsy of the museum. Even without the secret doors (we found 14 of them!) just looking at all the items on display and the beautiful doors and windows in the mansion is worth the visit. Staff are friendly and helpful and it's just an experience like no other.”

Mike O'Hara from BohlerDC, on Mar 18, 2024 said:

“It was my first time in the storied Mansion and it lived up tot he hype. The structure and everything in it (including the people) are superb. The musical act was quite enjoyable as was the bartender. Thanks and I'll be back!”

Cyndy Hernandez on Mar 16, 2024 said:

“We were a group of 4, Mom and 3 kids ages 9-14. We had a great time seeing all of the memorabilia and trying to find the secret door first. This was a great experience for all, I was a "cool mom" for the night. ”

Samantha Nimmerrichter on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“This place was amazing. I recommend doing the scavenger hunt. There is so much to see and we loved finding the secret doors.”

Rita Cramer on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“Fun tour of the mansion”

Heather Tarman - Austin, TX on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“We had an amazing time visiting the O and the Secret Doors! I went with my teenage daughter and we both really liked it. Parking was a bit of a challenge but they provided good details for parking. It's a great space and we were glad we went.”

Toshika Fegade - US on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“Fun experience. We were able to find a lot of doors. I would come back again for sure.”

Ezra Auerbach on Mar 15, 2024 said:


Madison Rusch - Virginia Beach, VA on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“A fun way to spend the afternoon”

Charlotte Giordano - Falmouth, ME on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“One of the coolest experiences I've had! We spent hours wandering around and finding new things, would highly recommend ”

Mykaela Benka - US on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“Actually really cool and neat to go and experience”

Kandace Kundert - Rockwall, TX on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“I was excited about the secret tours door and was very happy that the three kids I brought with me enjoyed it too! Super fun for everyone!!”

Monica Acton - Evesham, NJ on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“Great experience!”

Sereda Morford - Harrisonburg, VA on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“Great spot for a family. lots to explore and thebkids loved looking for doors. We spent about 2 hours here and found 10 doors.”

Lauren Holinger - US on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“This was absolutely incredible! We had such a blast searching for secret doors. The mansion was magical. Would recommend this to anyone who is visiting DC as a MUST DO while you're there! We loved it!!”

Auralynn Rosario - New York, NY on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“This was such a unique and fun experience! There's so much to look at and explore, I just know I'll notice different things if I go back 5 more times. We felt like kids exploring all of the rooms, colors, textures, trinkets, etc. Was blown away to learn that this is also a functional hotel! Would love to stay there one night.”

Joan Masterman on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“Visited the O Street Museum in the Mansion today to see the "The Through the Looking Glass Exhibition" in the museum's secret gardens. So much to see... secret rooms, hidden passages.... Docents and staff were excellent - friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely return... so much to see and secret rooms to find.”

Tj Rumler - Greenville, SC on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“We had a fantastic time! Highly recommend.”

Briana Gascho - Harrisonburg, VA on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“We had a great time exploring the mansion! It was an unexpected treasure.”

Michele Hammock on Mar 15, 2024 said:

“A really fun experience, especially for school groups!”

Mark Antez on Mar 15, 2024 said:


Miranda Dilic on Mar 10, 2024 said:

“It was an amazing experience. Very different than any other museum we visited.Must see!”

Zeyu Qiu on Mar 8, 2024 said:

“A perfect one time experience, best for first time travelers to DC, although I would like to come back next time :). You can never forget the excitement you get when you find the first secret door and get hooked. The place has a lot of collectibles and there is bound to be something that interests you!”

John Pilla on Mar 6, 2024 said:

“My wife and I had a great time looking at all the great memorabilia scattered throughout the mansion and trying desperately to find as many of the secret doors and rooms as possible. We were able to find about a dozen of the secret chambers (some with the help of other searchers) and we promised ourselves we will be back to try to find more! It is such a great time!”

Lisa Wood from Scholastica, on Mar 4, 2024 said:

“The Mansion on O Street welcomed us on a tour leader training trip. We had so much fun in this one-of-a-kind experience. The team is so welcoming and kind. We can't wait to go back and give our groups this unique experience. Thank you! ”

dajia on Mar 4, 2024 said:

“Loved the hotel and many of the secret doors we founded. I would definitely visit again”

Pam Lipscomb on Feb 29, 2024 said:

“My group had a lovely time. Your docents(?) were very knowledgeable and interesting and we enjoyed conversing with them. I loved the bathrooms and tubs!!!”

Susan Steck on Feb 29, 2024 said:

“Always a great time at the Mansion! Brought some more people to see. Best kept secret in DC!”

David from The King of West Virginia , on Feb 23, 2024 said:

“It was my 3rd visit, and I still noticed new things. I brought a friend from Medellin, Colombia and she loved it. Her daughter works for Georgetown University and my guess is She and her friends will be stopping by soon, too. Also, my oldest son is a guitar enthusiast with about 20 guitars, and seeing my photos, he plans to visit on his next trip to DC. I look forward to the upcoming "Spy Room." Thanks for a wonderful morning and Mandy's warm treatment as we showed up at 9:00am.”

Eric Kruschke on Feb 23, 2024 said:

“Really interesting place!Loads of stuff everywhere...not sure how people would have the space to stay in the rooms!!My wife and I were up and down the place several times and only found about 12 doors...or about 18 if you count both sides...so I've no idea where the other SIXTY doors were hiding!!Nice way to burn a couple hours...not sure I'd come back, unless given a hint or two about how to find more.”

Peggy Hernandez on Feb 20, 2024 said:

“We had a great time at the museum, we thought it was lots of fun. The kids (ages 10 - 13) enjoyed searching for doors, rooms and Tinkerbells! The boys particularly enjoyed the Chucky Room. I appreciated the docent at the introduction speaking directly to the kids also and giving us things to look for, it definitely helped our experience.”

Susan Julian on Feb 20, 2024 said:

“Amazing and fun adventure!”

Ian Wilmoth on Feb 20, 2024 said:

“The staff were so fun! Really made my visit to the Mansion extra special.”

- KR on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“Really fun place to hang out and explore in! Would have been even better if we had more time in our trip itinerary to relax in the mansion. Overall a great experience!”

Mary Shultz - Washington, DC on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“This was a really fun experience! Would highly recommend to visitors and locals alike- it's completely unique and very DC. My only nitpicks are that it's a little chaotic getting started, and the items inside are pretty overpriced. That said, if they were priced to move, the staff would have to replace the whole place every month.”

Debbie Fisher - Richboro, PA on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“Great time. Lost in stuff for 90 minutes”

Simca Dobson - Los Angeles, CA on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“My 8yr old was very excited to check out this museum and it did not disappoint. The hosts were friendly, helpful and well informed. There was a lot to see. I would definitely recommend and would go back again.”

Victory Ekwere - Mount Pleasant, MI on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“I had fun found a total of 11 doors. so much nostalgia and peace in the rooms., ”

Ryan Walsh on Feb 17, 2024 said:


Ben Shirk - Glenside, PA on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“Loved our first visit to the museum. You could spend all day here just trying to look at and find everything. We'll definitely be back on our next trip to D.C.”

Thomas Lindsey on Feb 17, 2024 said:


Kevin Lin on Feb 17, 2024 said:


Autumn Anderson - Chicago, IL on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“Quirky but fun experience, but a little overstimulating! I did not know Rosa Parks stayed there, which was a nice bonus. I also found a trinket and a book, plus over 10 doors...worth the visit!”

Jason Lester on Feb 17, 2024 said:


Patrick Kahn - US on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“Lots of fun for our group. Spent about 2 hours here.”

Gail Abrams - Durham, NC on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“This is a great tour to experience! Lots of rooms to explore and secret doors to find so you can find more rooms to explore! So many memorabilia throughout the mansion and fun videos to watch. It was truly a highlight of our visit to DC!”

M on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“Didn't stay at the hotel, but went through the museum. This is an amazing collection of a little of everything. Plan to spend a lot of time to see as much as you can. The hidden rooms make the experience that much more fun.”

Kendra McErlean - Westerville, OH on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“We had a lot of fun exploring the rooms and trying to find doors”

Jason Kennedy on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“It was fun exploring, staff were great and helpful.”

Peg Hamilton - Emmaus, PA on Feb 17, 2024 said:

“The museum was such fun for my grandchildren 9 and 11!”

Benjamin Peterson on Feb 15, 2024 said:

“Everyone was SUPER helpful and welcoming, but also let us figure things out ourselves! Had a blast and we'll be back to find more doors!”

Starr on Feb 15, 2024 said:

“We did a self guided tour and it was fantastic! Something that's not talked about enough is the expertly curated music playing throughout the mansion! I used "Shazam" the whole tour to figure out which songs were playing. The mansion is definitely an ode to imagination! Felt like I walked into a trippy book and the narrator was Willy Wonka.”

Quentin Simmons on Feb 12, 2024 said:

“Staff was very helpful with our special needs son”

Suzanne S. LaPierre from FCPL, on Feb 7, 2024 said:

“This is a fabulous place. We had a lot of fun finding hidden doors and admiring the collectibles. I enjoyed learning more about Rosa Parks' later years and seeing her room. The live bluegrass music was a happy surprise, as was the bartender (and his signature Old Fashioned).”

Teri Claar on Feb 5, 2024 said:

“Two adults, a 5 & 7 year old and had a blast. We spent 2.5 hours before we even heard one "is it time to go yet" because they were so engaged. We have very active kids and were worried about the you break it you buy it part, but everything was secured and arranged that as long as kids were kept in eyesight there were zero problems. There was some confusion because a large group of GS were starting just as we did, but once we got going to was an amazing experience ”

SABRINA VIEIRA from Indiva Marketing, on Jan 28, 2024 said:

“A fantastic experience that will evoke a wide of emotions from excitement to ”

Susan Volman from Dupont Circle Citizens Association, on Jan 25, 2024 said:

“The Dupont Circle Citizens Association had our annual January "Resolutions" Party at the Mansion, as a Dessert and Champagne Celebration. The food, venue, and set-up were all fabulous. Many of our members enjoyed a tour of the Mansion, and loved it, even if they had been there before, there's always something new to explore.”

Coren Jonathan Allen from The Kambimbi Academy, on Jan 16, 2024 said:

“One of the very coolest, most eclectic and interesting journeys one can take in D.C.! Impossible to digest everything of interest--no exaggeration. We took our two teenage daughters and they enjoyed it at least as much (maybe more) than we did. Take a trip down memory lane (for those of us seasoned in life) and enjoy an intellectually curious adventure...and just keep in mind--I might have to do this again to see everything I missed! ”

Debby Missal on Jan 15, 2024 said:

“Amazing place! Everyone had so much fun. The food was incredible and the staff is so friendly and helpful. Truly the coolest place in DC!”

Maya on Jan 6, 2024 said:

“What an amazing adventure this was! My friend and I truly enjoyed ourselves and the challenge of trying to find all the secret doors/passages. Every team member (employee) was incredible, so polite, and extremely helpful! What an amazing crew! I highly encourage everyone to take the time to seek out this gem:)”

Susan on Jan 4, 2024 said:

“We had so much fun at the mansion! Easy walk from the metro. We did the Champagne New years night and it was a blast. The staff was very helpful and friendly! We will be back for sure (we didn't find all the doors!) One of our best date nights!!”

Gillian Woodward on Jan 4, 2024 said:

“Holiday parties can be tricky.. you made it easy! Our staff had a great time at the Mansion, from the food to the decorations everything was perfect. This was a great way to celebrate our staff and give us an opportunity to engage with one another on a social basis. The self-guided tours helped keep the group occupied until our White Elephant exchange and the food was delicious! Even the playlist was perfect. Thanks so much for everything! ”

Brianne Fischer from Fischer Consulting, LLC, on Jan 3, 2024 said:

“Our New Year's Eve at the Mansion on O Street was enchanting. The blend of whimsical charm and curious elements created a perfect ambiance for celebration. The experience leaves us eager to return with more friends and family. Thank you for the excellent experience. ”

Scott D Gallimore on Jan 2, 2024 said:

“The museum is remarkable!!! We have never been anywhere like it. The combination of hotel, lavish decorations, curio shop, antique store, and secret doors are astounding. The museum is so creative, fun, and inviting! Absolutely wonderful!”

Stacey on Jan 1, 2024 said:

“Hidden treasure in DC. We went earlier in the day and beat the crowds. Staff were engaging and helpful. A return visit is already on my list!!”

Lecia Pearce on Dec 31, 2023 said:

“Everyone in my group had a great time. The mansion is one of a kind!”

Michelle Giese- Deale, MD on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“Great experience and so very different than anything I've seen before. I'd like to return without my 13 and 11 year old so I'd have more time to look around”

Shawn Venditti - Bloomfield, NJ on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“Very eclectic mix of rock, historical, and other pop materials. All for sale to keep the museum funded.”

Jessie on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“Very lucky to meet the owner of the O MuseumAt the elevatorAmazing hotelHighly recommended this historic hotel ”

Barbara Blakistone - Harrisburg, PA on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“It's way more than "secret doors.”

Tobias Murphy - Huntington, WV on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“If you are trying to fit in everything when you come to DC, you can fit literally everything in one trip to the O Museum. Shopping? Just about everything you find in the decked out rooms is for sale. Games? They have a pool table, pinball tables, and more.... you just have to find them. Get a drink or snack? They have great cocktails. History? Yep! See Rosa Parks' room as well as a room dedicated to John Lennon. This is just a few of the 80 rooms you can see. We were hoping to blitz through them, but it was more fun to stop and look around carefully at all of the interesting things. There was even Judaica! The staff was warm, personable, funny, and helpful. This would be a fantastic experience for kids. There is also an elevator, making most everything handicap accessible. The direction video is also signed and available in multiple directions. They thought of everything! I couldn't recommend this highly enough. I couldn't believe they also have rooms available for reservation. Someday, I hope to do this.”

Ryan Olaguer - Baltimore, MD on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“Anyone who visits D.C. should come here. It has so much history to share!”

Cassie Podgorski on Dec 30, 2023 said:


Donald Clint Brown - US on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“We had a wonderful time.”

Jon Murrill - Roanoke, VA on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“So much fun!”

Tamika Peters - US on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“My family and I really enjoyed this place! Trying to find the secret doors was great. We wished we would have found half of the door, lol! But we did find the same amount as another family so we tied with them! If in the area again we hope to find more!!”

Marylyss Estrada - GT on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“algo distinto de disfrutar”

Jerry James on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“Great place to look around, Really like the hidden doors!”

Janine Beckett - New York, NY on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“I got engaged!”

Kristina Kruglyak - San Diego, CA on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“Quick trip to Washington DC with my daughters and this was definitely the highlight. We went to the White House, the monuments, the Smithsonian, etc., but this beat them all. Definitely prioritize this when you are in DC.”

Judy Corbett on Dec 30, 2023 said:

“The Secret Door tour was great and so much fun. The house is very funky; we were there for almost 2 hours. My daughter and I only found 6 hidden doors during that time. ”

Betsy Swan on Dec 28, 2023 said:

“I booked the Christmas Eve Breakfast and Tour for my family, and we thoroughly enjoyed the Mansion. This was my husband's and my 2nd visit, and we found more to look at than the 1st visit. You have a wonder in what you have and what you allow visitors to see - our 9 year old grandson was still commenting today about the Mansion trip. Thank you H and Ted!! You are amazing.”

Lisa Graine on Dec 28, 2023 said:

“Fun day exploring.”

Rick Reid on Dec 28, 2023 said:

“Wonderful experience. I had been before but my friends had not and they were blown away. Thanks!!”

Bill Tilburg from 20915471, on Dec 22, 2023 said:

“Enjoyable, fun and interesting to explore the rooms and see the memorabilia. ”

Erika from Element Solutions, on Dec 21, 2023 said:

“We had employees in town for a company event and decided to do the Secret Door tour afterward as a fun activity. Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was just the right combination of challenging, interesting, and kooky. People also enjoyed being able to congregate by the bar. The actual bar drink selection was a little disappointing but the atmosphere was nice.”

Brittany Saulsberry - HI, United States on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“The more you know, the more you will appreciate this valuable/magical place.”

Amanda Giffin - Atlanta, GA on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“Super fun. Took my 5 year old and 2 year old. Probably a little too delicate for the 2 year old, but the 5 year old was in heaven.”

Naronica Shaw - US on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“It was like stepping into a time machine and each turn there was something memorable! So interesting! I actually purchased a poetry book from the one of the host, can't wait to get into it.”

Carlos Sherman - US on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“A bit of an adventure.”

Victoria Christensen - US on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“Really fun! We found 12 doors! It's tricky!!!”

Sandy Wester on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“The museum was quite fun. We spent a few hours here exploring the different floors and rooms; trying to find the secret doors and passageways. I wish it wasn't quite so hot, and it was also hard to find parking. But would totally do it again!”

Ella Habib - North Bethesda, MD on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“So much fun looking for passages and at all the themed/decorated rooms! Staff is lovely too.”

Bethany Scott - US on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“A great experience! Very fun and interesting!”

Shaun Stevenett - South Jordan, UT on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“Soooooooo coooooool!”

Barbara Achten - Casa Grande, AZ on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“Super fun”

Melissa Gonzalez on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“This place was amazing for the kids. They loved it so much!”

Brianna Rosa on Dec 18, 2023 said:


TG on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“A treasure and secret to be found around every corner. A great day with friends trying to find all of the hidden doors and passageways! Sunday is the best day for parking”

Bernie Snead - US on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“Fun spot for working as a team with your group. You must return it's no way to find a majority of the hidden doors in 1 day. Especially if the room is booked by someone staying in the boutique hotel. Hidden gem in D.C. for sure!”

Shao Chieh Lo - Secaucus, NJ on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“Best experiences ever”

Justin Filmore - Ashland, KY on Dec 18, 2023 said:

“10/10 recommend”

Natasha Hudson on Dec 18, 2023 said:


Maureen Sullivan-Bahr from Jim's CC, on Dec 16, 2023 said:

“The museum is awesome. So much to see & experience. It's needs another visit. ”

Maureen Sullivan-Bahr from Jim's CC, on Dec 16, 2023 said:

“The museum is awesome. So much to see & experience. It's needs another visit. ”

Brianna on Dec 10, 2023 said:

“Me & my boyfriend went here yesterday & had an amazing time. This museum truly is a hidden gem and a unique experience. You could spend an entire day here not just looking for the hidden doors/ rooms but admiring all of the art work, the eclectic interior designs , the quirky little nicknacks , reading up on the famous people who have stayed there etc. It was truly a great experience for family's, friends & dates.”

Dominick donato on Dec 3, 2023 said:

“My comments would be it was very fun the only reason I didn't get five stars is because I'm upset we didn't find more doors LOL but we did find a great amount to the point where we helped other guests definitely want to come back to see other stuff just wanted to say I think during the 10 minute walk through the beginning you should give two or three give away doors but that's just my opinion I think it was a very good time and I love what you guys have going on here”

Benny from Personal , on Nov 29, 2023 said:

“The Robert James Workshop event was phenomenal. You always learn something significant when attending an event the O-Museum and you get to meet some of the most interesting people in the world. Every time I come to DC, I make a point of getting by the museum if my schedule permits. And although I have been there more than 5 times, there is always something new to discover. ”

Jo-Ann on Nov 27, 2023 said:

“Love this place!”

Wendy Oberfeld on Nov 25, 2023 said:

“I have now visited three times and this time I brought my family. It was wonderful as always.”

Jennifer Nein on Nov 25, 2023 said:

“We had a great time exploring the Mansion, getting lost in time as we perused all the incredible items and decor throughout the Mansion, and of course, sneaking through secret passages. The only complaint is we didn't give ourselves enough time - Next time we certainly will! ”

Kurt P Jaeger on Nov 24, 2023 said:

“Touring the Mansion was a really cool experience. This place is really different and fun.”

Kim on Nov 23, 2023 said:

“Really different and interesting! Lots of stuff to look at, fun to find the hidden doors, will go again! Many of the items on display are really noteworthy, lots of signed guitars and 'blasts from the past'! Could stand to be pared down a bit, some of the tchotchkes are really just random junk. Also it's weird that stuff that is for sale (records, books, artwork) is also used to deter use, like placed over a toilet seat and in a bathtub. Overall my kids (teen boys, hard to entertain without a video screen) liked it more than I even hoped! Will def bring visiting family there, there's something fun for everyone there. ”

Jeremy from 11/18/23, on Nov 20, 2023 said:

“My family and I had a wonderful time exploring the O Museum over the weekend! We were in DC to celebrate our daughter's 13th birthday and she was beyond excited once we started exploring. There are so many good things I can say about this place with one of the top being it's great for all ages. My wife and I were equally stoked to find the secret doors and enjoyed each room's different vibe. Also, learning about the history of the diverse array of guests that have stayed over the years was another interesting notch in O Museum's belt. The staff were all very friendly, starting with our guide (can't recall her name) who was enthusiastic about explaining the museum's history. Special shoutout to the staff member in the kitchen who encouraged our daughter to not be put off by the wet floor signs, which led to a great discovery ;)It was the highlight of our trip and we will almost certainly be back to check out future events. ”

Tabatha on Nov 20, 2023 said:

“It was a birthday gift to my husband. He was surprised and said it was unexpected. It was entertainment for our whole family. We loved it. ”

Chris on Nov 19, 2023 said:

“A museum that felt like a home full of friends. Loved it here and would love to come back through the door ”

Teri Stacey on Nov 13, 2023 said:

“We came to DC for the weekend to celebrate my daughter's 30th birthday. Your museum was our first stop. We had a fantastic time. Definitely need to come back to continue the adventure.”

Dennis Alvarez on Nov 12, 2023 said:

“Fun times”

Amelia Swanson on Nov 9, 2023 said:

“One of the most fun museum experiences our group has had! We loved every single thing about our visit from the range of antiques to the labyrinth layout to the fun of finding secret doors (we found 10!). Such an amazing experience and will certainly visit again!”

Marisa Alvarado on Nov 4, 2023 said:

“We had the best time here! One of the highlights from our trip for sure. ”

Allison on Nov 1, 2023 said:

“We'd never been before and had no idea what to expect. I wasn't expecting so many things to see!! It was a lot of fun to wander around and try to find doors while looking at art and collectables. What a neat experience!”

James Potter on Nov 1, 2023 said:

“We visited on Halloween as part of our trip from the UK and this was one of the highlights of our vacation. The museum was one of the coolest places I have ever visited. Each room was an incredible mix of nostalgia and exciting artefacts and the search for secret doors kept our 14 year old engrossed. The John Lennon room was a personal highlight, as was finding the wine cellar, after watching others give up. Leaving with a bag of Halloween candy was the absolute icing on the cake. What an amazing place and what an experience. ”

Hera McLeod on Oct 31, 2023 said:

“We had such a great time. It was my oldest daughter's tenth birthday and we all had a blast looking around and hunting for hidden doors. I'll be back without the kids so I can take my time and explore more. Highly recommend this!”

Zabrina Lang on Oct 30, 2023 said:

“I'd never heard of this place except I saw a random TikTok about it last week and my friend and I decided to check it out. We had such a good time exploring the mansion and I highly recommend to other DC locals looking for fun things to do! Our favorite room by far was the Chucky room!”

Lee Ann Andrew from Retired, on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“This was the best experience. It is a must if you go to DC. Every room was amazing and the staff was superb. The challenge of finding the doors was exhilarating. I want to come back and stay there sometime. ”

Elizabeth Hofreuter from ESHA, on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Such fun for our group's icebreaker!”

Laura Steelman on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Very interesting and unusual”

Joi Jones - Minneapolis, MN on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Great experience, it's a self guided tour.”

Brandi Kenette on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“This place is like a funhouse, antique store, and cocktail lounge all in one. We absolutely loved it. Will be back with more time (2.5hrs FLEW BY).”

Shanese - Westfall US on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Interesting experience and it was great to do a rainy day.”

Chris Rucinski - Somerville, MA on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“So fun! I spent about 90 minutes searching through the mansion for secret doors and had a blast once I sort of figured out what to look for. There were definitely dozens of compartments I didn't find, though I think I wouldn't have the patience to come back and really search. This spot is great for kids too, and the staff is very friendly. Highly recommend!”

Siddharth Shah - San Francisco, CA on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“A truly amazing space! Looking forward to coming back to find more doors and rooms”

Christy Hempel - Moorpark, CA on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Nice break from all the political history.”

Melissa Metzger- Studley, VA on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Amazing!! So interesting and enjoyed the intriguing experience!”

Lisa Young - Melville, Australia on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“This was a fascinating place to visit - definitely worth a visit. I spent nearly 4 hours wandering around!”

Amber Smith- NC, United States on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Lots of fun! I've never experienced a place like this. Very novel.”

Denise Feger - US on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Great adventure spot!!”

Taylor Tumah - San Diego, CA on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Unique experience for the whole family! We enjoyed spending 3 hours there, there was so much to see.”

Leigh Anne Connett- US on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Imagination. From the start of the tour to the end---left us with more to explore. We left hidden doors behind and will need to visit again for another round with a new group of interesting people to meet.”

Denise Cabana on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“This place is so cool! It is a hidden gem in DC and we'll worth find. Ittaks hours to wander through and find doors as well as just take it all in.”

Debra Stouffer - US on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Unique and fun.”

Kavya Shah - Toronto, Canada on Oct 29, 2023 said:

“Great experience within DC to have fun with friends”

Stacy Borucki on Oct 28, 2023 said:


Stacy Cox - Raleigh, NC on Oct 28, 2023 said:

“What a fun and unique experience! A fun place with lots of history. We enjoyed exploring all the rooms in the mansion and looking for the secret doors. Great experience for all ages. Highly recommend if you are looking for a one of kind experience in DC.”

Taylor Hawkins on Oct 28, 2023 said:

“Amazing place. Highly recommend.”

Naomi Waheed - GB on Oct 28, 2023 said:

“This is a great experience!”

Marissa Markle- US on Oct 28, 2023 said:

“Really enjoyed all the unexpected and interesting peices and doors!”

Jean Willis on Oct 28, 2023 said:

“Best kept secret in DC. Couldn't even begin to describe the mansion. But we spent 3 hours there and could have stayed many more. So much fun!! We even found 8 secret doors! Will definitely go again next time I'm in DC. Most fun thing we did.”

Hillary Roberts on Oct 24, 2023 said:

“Had a wonderful time! We found about 15 doors and hiding places! Started loosing count after a while. Would love to spend the night here someday! ”

Erin Sidle on Oct 23, 2023 said:

“Staff was great! So much fun!”

Heather Manheim on Oct 22, 2023 said:

“We had a fantastic time! So fun and a unique experience!”

Kristie Pierocich on Oct 18, 2023 said:

“Very cool experience. Can't wait to go back when we visit DC again ”

Eason on Oct 15, 2023 said:

“Loved it! Had so much fun with my family and felt like we really bonded looking for all the artifacts. Beautiful place with such fun and helpful staff!”

Bex Moonah on Oct 13, 2023 said:

“Finding this place was like finding a secret door! I was looking for a place to visit in DC that allowed some walking, wasn't crowded and gave us lots to talk about. Wow!We spent almost two hours here, just walking around, looking at the rooms and seeing all the things in the various rooms and hallways. I know we didn't see it all, which kind of blows my mind.We found 8 or 9 secret doors, my husband had such a great time and is totally determined to have a secret door or two in our forever home :)The weekend after we visited I recommended this place to both my brother's family and one of my closet friends - I also recommend it to you.There is a lot of walking - up stairs, downstairs, through doors, hallways etc. and there is so much to see (and buy!). And hear - some rooms have music playing, some rooms have a lecture or speech playing and many also have related video on a screen.We had a great time here and are determined to return one day to find some additional doors and rooms.If you are someone who loves guitars, I would suggest you put aside some time and check the guitar collection out - we didn't really study them, but it was a very impressive collection.The two things that stuck out to me most were the sketches of Winne the Pooh and Piglet and the Yellow Submarine ukulele.This place was so much fun to visit, thank you so much!”

mary larraz on Oct 13, 2023 said:

“A place you must visit while in DC.”

Taylor Hawkins on Oct 13, 2023 said:

“Amazing place. Highly recommend.”

Karstina Wong - Yonkers, NY on Oct 13, 2023 said:

“Amazing place to have fun and get lost”

Crystal Buchanan - Oklahoma City, OK on Oct 13, 2023 said:

“We had a blast at the secret doors museum! This was definitely a highlight of our trip to DC! If you are worried you will feel rushed, you WILL NOT unless you have booked something else immediately afterword like I did! This was my biggest regret... I wish I had not booked our brunch so soon, if I hadn't done that we would have had even more time to explore . Once you check in, you are free to explore at your own pace! We LOVED this little hidden gem and can not wait to return!”

Timothy Fairchild - US on Oct 13, 2023 said:

“A very interesting place to check out! I would say that some of the secret doors are obvious because they are marked with a note and some are so small that they don't really lead to a new area but there are still plenty of good ones and the checking out the themes of each room is really cool. It's definitely worth going because it's a unique experience.”

Stacy Cox - Raleigh, NC on Oct 13, 2023 said:

“What a fun and unique experience! A fun place with lots of history. We enjoyed exploring all the rooms in the mansion and looking for the secret doors. Great experience for all ages. Highly recommend if you are looking for a one of kind experience in DC.”

Naomi Waheed -GB on Oct 13, 2023 said:

“This is a great experience!”

Selina Downes on Oct 10, 2023 said:

“Mind boggling experience! Mansion stuffed with so much memorabilia it's hard to take it in all at once AND trying to find the secret doors! Would've liked a kids version with a little more help to find the doors. Fantastic, helpful staff and nice garden to enjoy a drink & snack. ”

Erin Mills on Oct 10, 2023 said:

“It was incredibly interactive. We felt like Alice in Wonderland.... The staff was beyond kind. The best part was - we found 16 doors. We are already eager to book our next trip!”

Amy Taylor on Oct 9, 2023 said:

“We had a really good time exploring. The Halloween themed rooms were unexpected. We did not find Tinkerbell but we did find a good number of secret doors. Such a unique museum experience! ”

Pavan Manchikalapati on Oct 2, 2023 said:

“A must to do activity in DC”

Vanessa on Oct 2, 2023 said:

“We liked the museum! There is so much to see that we were distracted from looking out for secret doors...It was nice that there were not that many visitors on that day and that hour,because we wanted to find the doors on our own and have the time to look around. We had a great time!”

Stephanie Armstrong on Sep 28, 2023 said:

“So amazing! We found 15 doors. Love the idea and the unique experience. Bravo to this organization for providing such a fun way to spend two hours in DC. Also the "late night" hours came in clutch. We would have not been able to attend if there wasn't flexibility on these nights. ”

Michelle Dierdorff - US on Sep 24, 2023 said:

“This was a unique experience. So many things to look at and very fun trying to find all the secret doors. Would definitely recommend checking this place out.”

Shana Dagel on Sep 24, 2023 said:

“My team had a wonderful time at our wine cellar dinner! It was beyond expectations. Thanks so much for all your help setting up the event.”

Aleah Blevins - Fort Riley, KS on Sep 24, 2023 said:

“We had a great time! It is definitely difficult to find doors but we both enjoyed seeing all the art and history within the museum”

Dexter Weathers - Columbia, SC on Sep 24, 2023 said:

“Great experience! Be sure to pay close attention to everything for secret doors, we found 6! And we were only there for an hour.”

Juanita Taylor - Portsmouth, VA on Sep 24, 2023 said:

“Awesome, fun, great family adventure”

Bruce Lo on Sep 24, 2023 said:


Lisa Bautista - SK, Canada on Sep 24, 2023 said:

“We had a great time exploring this house! There is so much to see and learn and finding a secret door is an absolute thrill. The only downside was that there was not enough time. We definitely recommend this place!”

Taylor Hawkins on Sep 24, 2023 said:

“Amazing place. Highly recommend.”

Hakeem Stepney - Norfolk, VA on Sep 24, 2023 said:

“With the help of my group, we found 7 doors in short time! I had to leave early, but my experience was more than worth the time spent here. I will definitely be back to find Tinkerbell ”

Debbie Morrow from Frugal Frights and Delights, on Sep 23, 2023 said:

“My husband and I spent several hours walking around The O Mansion. This hidden gem/museum is now on our all-time favorite places to visit list.Each room inspired awe, wonder,and curiosity.Evertime we revisited a room, we found another unique piece of art, or facet,that we missed before.The multitude of creative works and themes, transported us into the past. It also reminding us of the iconic activists and artists, who shaped our culture of today. We thoroughly enjoyed learning factual history of the many people who stayed at the mansion. Most of the rooms offer a comfy chair to sit and rest, while gazing at the many items within it. But better yet, you could touch the items, too. Almost everything displayed could be purchased, and the proceeds go towards the museum. With the many secret rooms or doors to be found,your sleuthing skills will be tested. Although you may not find them all, being surrounded by so much creativity, makes a person feel like there is still magic in the world. ”

Linda on Sep 20, 2023 said:

“The place is beautiful and they sure know how to put on a show. It was a wonderful night. ”

Lynn Koiner from IAA, on Sep 19, 2023 said:

“I had a ball! Great music, great entertainment in a relatively intimate setting.”

Thaddeus Weed from Cogent Communications, on Sep 19, 2023 said:

“The O Mansion is such an incredible place. The staff is amazing and hospitality unmatched. You must experience the love. ”

Lori Orach on Sep 17, 2023 said:

“So much more than I expected! I was worried that my daughter would find it boring, but all she talks about is coming back again to bring her sister and her husband. Great experience! Would love to do an overnight.”

Hctor Gonzlez Hernndez on Sep 17, 2023 said:

“I found many doors but not enough to be crowned the Grand DoorMaster of the O Manor. I will return someday and find the Door to the Infinite Childhood, the Gate of the 37 Eyes, the Gateway at the Start of the Nightmares, and the Exit Through the Gifted Shoppe.Beware! The person at the bar serves healthy pours.”

Erika Hale on Sep 10, 2023 said:

“My husband and I stayed at the hotel with four other adult family members. We had two two-bedroom suites in the building across the street. We arrived around 7:30 pm and spent several hours in the mansion, searching for secret doors and exploring all the eclectic rooms. After the museum closed at 9 pm, we had the entire museum to ourselves. We helped ourselves to the honor bar, played games and billiards, and did more exploring. We even met the owner of the hotel who told us a lot of stories about the mansion and its famous guests! The beds were really comfortable, and we had a superb time.”

Lauren K on Sep 9, 2023 said:

“Fantastic experience! I took my girlfriend here for a surprise date and she loved the mansion and it's secret doors as much as I did. ”

Laura Mordica on Sep 9, 2023 said:

“A great exploration of this amazing house and all the great history. Searching for the hidden doors was a phenomenal experience. The kids, 13 & 10, had a blast and put this as a #2, with the White House tour being #1. The family request we make this a spot for all of our returning DC visits. The staff was very welcoming. ”

Jake on Sep 6, 2023 said:

“A really fun experience. This was my second time here, but with a different group. It was entaining watching our friends struggle to find the doors. My only gripe was regarding the promised "best high five" for finding Tinkerbell, and I never got it. So, 4.5 stars without the high-five, but 5 stars with the round up.”

Amy Salcido on Aug 28, 2023 said:

“It was so much fun! I would have liked some more explanation to know what constitutes a secret door.. maybe like a sticker by every door once it's opened to know. But it was sooo much fun!!! ”

Jennifer Arrington on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“We were in DC for a vacation but some in my group had to attend to a couple business activities. While they were doing that, 2 of us visited the museum and had such a great experience, we brought the rest of the group back later in the week. There are tons of really great experiences in the DC area, but the O Mansion is at the top of my list!”

Melissa Bailey - England, United Kingdom on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Could have spent hours there, so much fun exploring.”

Nicole Stridiron - US on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Super exciting way to spend an afternoon. You'll feel like you're never really done exploring”

Eboni Lipscomb - Everett, WA on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Came to visit my bf & we wanted to do something different & this was it! Really cool place with lots of history & so much to look at & through. My bf found a good handful of the secret doors! There was one place we were too scared to enter... but you'll have to go & find out yourself lol”

Brandon Eng - Potomac, MD on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Fun time searching for all the hidden doors! The Mansion is a maze and there is so much to explore”

Aiden Bystrak- US on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“this was so much more amazing than expected. such an amazing museum; we were here for hours and definitely haven't found everything there is to see. we would love to come back!”

Shane Faison - Raleigh, NC on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Something fun plus different to do. I actually will be going back. The place is just so big that it's hard to actually take it in .”

Jitesh Nadimpalli - US on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Fun spot to discover in DC”

Maryl Widdows - Bellevue, WA on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Our teenagers had a blast exploring the secret doors. We found 22! It was one of the highlights of our trip to DC.”

Alex Davis - US on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Surprisingly educational experience with a deep history rooted in major events in America, as well as plentiful noteworthy individuals who either have stayed at the mansion, have photos there, or just have provided interesting memorabilia of some sort in general that adds even more discovery to the desire to try and find every hidden door. Overall, very fun and rewarding when you find a hidden door! Super simple and works just as well for a date as it does for a fun family outing.”

Valeria Pulcini - Milan, Italy on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Esperienza da non perdere!”

Corie LeighAnne - San Antonio, TX on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“This was amazing! Truly an underrated spot. Ted was awesome and they're truly so nice and hospitable. I would suggest eating before you go, you could easily spend hours in here. Every time you walk through it you find something new.”

Amy Ross - Becker, MN on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“We enjoied ourselves. Its not an Escape Room type of place but was still enjoyable”

Ryan Mustered - US on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Hard to think of a more fun and meaningful way to spend the day in DC! Rich in history, heart, and intrigue. Whole family had a wonderful time. Ted and his crew were kind, generous, and knowledgeable. Visited by many US presidents. Blessed to find 18 of 85 secret doors (average is 2-4) and see most of the mansion. Imagine exploring the largest escape room ever, filled with genuine treasures and history of the arts and humanities. Impossible to find everything, yet everyone learns and wins. Well worth the time and money. Would go back in a heartbeat”

Sara Wolkwitz - New York, NY on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“A must do in DC.”

Kierra Reed - Durham, NC on Aug 27, 2023 said:


Philip Wong on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“Family loved it, including wife and 2 boys 11 & 9. Kids loved secret doors. Wife loved secret rooms and exploring mansion, enjoying decor. Did not stay at property. Very unusual experience... Unique. Recommended!”

William Ramos - FL, United States on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“A must do whether visiting or long-term resident.”

Jennifer Evans - US on Aug 27, 2023 said:

“my husband and I had a wonderful.time exploring through all the rooms.”

Heather Conrad - Saint Marys, PA on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“This was a lot of fun and something completely different from the normal historical spots in DC. The Docents are awesome, and obviously have a lot of love for the place and all its secrets!”

Jennise Beverly-Chaffold on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Went to the O Museum in The Mansion for the tour. This tour included searching for hidden doors and gems through out the space. There are 70 hidden doors, but most that tour only find a small fraction of them. Normally less than 2. ;)Spent a few hours exploring and was able to find a few doors and a few hidden gems. 14 doors, and 2 gems. The Rosa Parks room was fantastic, to actually be in a space that she lived for over 10 years was epic. The entire mansion feels like a huge thrift/antique store. It has a ton of books, toys, dishes, you name it. The space is fantastic. It is a lot of walking and a lot of stairs, although you can take the elevator to each floor. Overall this was the most enjoyable tour we took while visiting the Nation's Capital.”

Lisa Rand - Vernon Hills, IL on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“This was a lot of fun exploring the house to find some of the hidden doors. We only found about 8 of the 70. It would have been nice to have some clues provided to help find the smaller ones. Overall, this was a fun experience and at a reasonable price.”

Vanessa Manz - Glenshaw, PA on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“This was our second visit and it did not disappoint. We even discovered a new hidden door and an area of the mansion we didn't visit the last time. Highly recommend to anyone looking for something truly special and engaging to do in DC.”

Cindy Strole - Siloam Springs, AR on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Great fun! Tons of memorabilia, finding secret doors was satisfying, and a good place to get lost in.”

Sabine Kremser - Saint-Gly-du-Fesc, France on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Nous avons dcouvert un lieu magique, trs intressant et amusant visiter ! faire absolument pendant votre sjour Washington ! Experience faire seul.e ou accompagn.es”

Moriah Yvette - US on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“We thought it was a very cool experience and enjoyed looking at everything in the house. There is a lot to see and explore in the house! When booking the tour we thought there were going to be more sneaky hidden doors and passages vs the easy to find entry ways to rooms and small cubby holes”

Marissa Ferrell - US on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“This place is honestly so fun. You'd be surprised how much fun you'd have finding secret passageways. My friends and I are all in our 20s and that's the most fun we've had in a long time. I went for my birthday and had an amazing time. 10/10 would recommend.”

Ana Rausch - Houston, TX on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Fun and interestin”

Courtney McQuain - ID, United States on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Thanks for a fun afternoon!!”

Nico DiPinto - South Bend, IN on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Surprising and wonderful experience that exceeded our expectations. Really neat to see all of the history they've collected over the years, all while staying engaged and finding some hidden doors!”

Courtney McQuain - ID, United States on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Excellent experience”

Nico DiPinto - South Bend, IN on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Surprising and wonderful experience that exceeded our expectations. Really neat to see all of the history they've collected over the years, all while staying engaged and finding some hidden doors!”

Jason Morris on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Awesome place to see. I only found 20 of the 70 hidden doors!”

Joshua Umo - College Park, MD on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Amazing. Mandy you are the best”

Xavia Hall - Fort Worth, TX on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“As they tell you when you go, this is THE hidden gem of DC. I lived in DC for 4 years and had no idea it existed! The Mansion is filled with so many unique and beautiful items: furniture, books, art, appliances, you name it! I felt like I was in a live version of an I Spy book and had the time of my life. The history is so rich, and I was truly in awe the entire time I was exploring.”

Christine Doroshenko - Middletown, PA on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Very good!”

Isaac S- US on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“This was a very nice way to spend a day away from the heat and the rain. Lots of fun things to do we only got 15Doors ”

Stefan Schumacher - Hagen, Germany on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Das Museum ist etwas ganz besonderes. Alle Rume sind voller interessanter alter Dinge, wie eine riesige Antiquittensammlung. Menschen, die Musik und Kunst lieben, kommen auf ihre Kosten.”

Laura Allotta - NJ, United States on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Great place to visit definitely a hidden gem.”

Isaac S - US on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“This was a very nice way to spend a day away from the heat and the rain. Lots of fun things to do we only got 15Doors ”

Jennifer McConnell - Redmond, WA on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“This was really the most fun unique magical experience. Not to be missed and a fun shift from museums and history when visiting DC.”

Marsha Jackson - US on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Fun experience, off the beaten path. So interesting and well worth the time.”

Chantel Munsey - Chicago, IL on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Amazing experience!”

Sam Mullins - Lexington, KY on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“An amazing experience!”

Joanna Chou - Washington, DC on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“We had a great time at the O street mansion! There were so many cool nooks and crannies, and each room had a fun flair to it. We will definitely be visiting again!”

Lori Gardner on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“We visited the O Museum to explore the rooms and discover the hidden doors. We spent half the day searching for hidden doors, retracing our steps, and shopping for interesting items. We found 24 doors and were done for the day! We will return to search again. This is an amazing place to explore, enjoy, and relish what the O Museum has to offer those who enter. This is a hidden gem of Washington DC. You can uncover the hidden doors if you are willing to search and keep an open mind!”

Marcelle Kachkach - Novato, CA on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Fun activity to do in DC!”

Kim Sytsma - US on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“This was amazing! Granddaughter and I spent 3 hours there and still didn't find half the doors. It was like a giant treasure hunt. No hints so you have to find on your own but once you find the first one it gets a little easier. Highly recommend for kids maybe 11 and over.”

Laura McCormick on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“We loved it...wish we could have gotten there earlier...2 hours wasn't enough for us”

Jevgenijs Kirjacevs - New York, NY on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“One of a kind experience”

Ernie Cleveland on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“I only got to spend an hour her and that is by far not enough time. The history and character of this place is enough to amaze even the most staunchest of critics. Come to be inspired, transported, and intrigued.”

Autumn Waldron - US on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Very fun, but keep in mind that it appears most secret doors are not human sized. Seems like they count a lot of furniture doors.”

Randi Lindsay - Baltimore, MD on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“My fiance and I did this for our anniversary date and we had so much fun! I highly recommend this experience."”

Benjamin Goff - Portland, OR on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Really neat place! Full of character and exploration!”

- Kristen Whitley US on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Our group of 8 really enjoyed and bonded during our visit to the O Street Mansion. It was super fun working together to find hidden doors and enjoy all of the treasures inside.”

Steffen Wittig - Basel, Switzerland on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Sehr interessantes Museum mit sehr viel Detailgehalt. Aufjedenfall gengend Zeit mitbringen!!”

Mathew Uher - Cleveland, OH on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Very unique! Words can't describe what it was like. I have a tough time explaining to people what it was haha. Definitely worth the experience! I would go back”

Ashley Knight - Cleveland, OH on Aug 26, 2023 said:

“Such a great Airbnb! Was so comfortable. I felt right at home. Will definitely stay a second time if we visit the area again.”

Maureen Buell on Aug 14, 2023 said:

“Cacophony is the term that comes to mind. A cacophony of themes, items, experiences, floors, rooms, secrets....I'm returning with out of town guests. So much fun.”

Vesna Longton on Aug 13, 2023 said:

“It was our last day in Washington DC, and thanks to the google maps we discovered Omuseum. It was a cherry on the top of our vacation. Couldn't wish for anything better. Have`t seen anything like this before, only in the movies. How often do you go though a secret door made of shelfs with antique? We did it several times! ”

Caroline Shoop on Aug 9, 2023 said:

“We had a fantastic time! So much fun for all ages!”

Paul Beck on Aug 7, 2023 said:

“Olivia was very welcoming and informative. She mad my wife and I feel welcome. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the mansion. The collection of items was amazing. We will return on our next trip to DC to look for more doors!”

Crystal Wheatley from Girl Scout Troop 333, on Aug 7, 2023 said:

“Love it! So much fun finding all the hidden doors and hidden spots.”

Renee Parisi on Aug 4, 2023 said:

“This was a great break from regular sightseeing in DC. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys music, art or just enjoys stepping into a creative space. ”

Roni L Beaumont on Aug 4, 2023 said:

“Was fun ”

Samantha Bowe on Jul 23, 2023 said:

“The mansion was amazing! Every room was different and filled with some cool stuff. We found about 8 secret doors. I do plan on coming back!”

Renee Brunelle on Jul 22, 2023 said:

“Awesome Place!! ”

Linda H on Jul 17, 2023 said:

“What an incredible find this place is! We absolutely loved touring the museum. So much to see and reminisce about. We will be back next time we are in D.C. Thank you!”

Linda H on Jul 17, 2023 said:

“What an incredible find this place is! We absolutely loved touring the museum. So much to see and reminisce about. We will be back next time we are in D.C. Thank you!”

Maria on Jul 17, 2023 said:

“What a fun and unique place!! I will be telling friends about this mansion and coming back. I want to find more doors!!”

alexis serbin on Jul 15, 2023 said:

“Was very fun and interesting and there's so much more to the mansion than we found so i'm excited to go back!!”

Lauren Metzler on Jul 10, 2023 said:

“I took a nine-year-old and had a grand time exploring and looking for secret doors. There is so much to see, it feels like you're in an I Spy book. Every surface is covered in pictures, books, records and all kinds of memorabilia. I think it would be overwhelming to stay as a hotel guest, but it is a fabulous place! We stayed about two hours and found 15 doors. ”

Megan Synek on Jun 29, 2023 said:

“Samantha was really great at getting us set up to explore, and the museum was so interesting and fun to walk around. We even found about 10 secret doors! I definitely want to come back and maybe even stay in a room for a night! I'm telling everyone I know to plan a few hours (and some $$$) here when they visit DC! Really loved the additional information on Rosa Park's' connection to the house.”

Crystal Howard from NCSU, on Jun 26, 2023 said:

“It was so much fun! I highly recommend everyone to check out the Museum!”

Sally Stigall on Jun 22, 2023 said:

“What a hidden gem! We loved our experience at the museum. The secret door experience was so much fun, we found 25 doors and Tinker Bell! We had the opportunity to speak with Ted (one of the owners) when we were finished and got some of the back story, so interesting! Don't be in a rush to get through this one, take your time and look closely, once you start finding the doors you'll be so excited to see where they lead you. ”

Cathleen Taylor from Oklahoma 4-H, on Jun 21, 2023 said:

“The clues were a little hard for the teens but everyone had a great time and loved exploring and finding the secret doors. I bring a group every year and I will definitely be back! ”

Nicole Hellard on Jun 17, 2023 said:

“We had such a fun time at the museum! We found several secret doors, screamed with fright in the Halloween room and ooo'd and ahhh'd around every single corner. What a truly one of a kind place and experience! Definitely on the must do list every trip! ”

Ginger on Jun 12, 2023 said:

“Absolutely amazing!!! I will definitely be coming back!!!”

Judith Harris on Jun 11, 2023 said:

“The museum was the highlight of our trip. It was the last place we visited before returning home and it was surely the best saved til last. My 9 year old grandson enjoyed playing a sleuth. Highly recommended as a place of interest.”

Debra siemonsma on Jun 11, 2023 said:

“Would like a little hints card that says how many secret doors on each floor. Also a list of rooms on each floor. We only saw rooms on the first section moved on and fortunately people told us about several rooms we missed. Loved everything we found. ”

Margie on May 30, 2023 said:

“We had the most amazing time! The mansion was so much fun with so many things to see, do and find!! Truly, a one of a kind place and worthy of 10 stars!!”

george hedrick on May 30, 2023 said:

“Very enjoyable day! Since our visit, I've been recommending friends to take the tour.”

Jeff Haardt on May 29, 2023 said:

“The whole experience was fantastic. My wife and I brought our visiting Aunt for the museum. We spent four hours exploring as many rooms as we could and I really endeavored to find secret doors. Between my wife and I we found 17. Very proud of ourselves but also know we only scratched the surface. Definitely planning a return trip and gave it a review on Trip Advisor. Thanks for a wonderful Experience.”

PATRICIA RUTH BRAGAYRAC on May 29, 2023 said:

“Very organized. Very good attendants”

Lyl Rose on May 27, 2023 said:

“WOW X TEN!! This place is super cool. Super bizarre! Super fun and just an all around amazing experience! Just GO! You won't be sorry.”

Mustafa Rasuli on May 27, 2023 said:

“What an amazing experience for us and the kids. I can't say enough wonderful things about this place, the staff, and the amount of fun we had.The decorations and rooms are unique and wonderful, pictures don't do justice to actually being there. Each room and each level is an adventure. So many little things that you notice and you could literally spend hours and hours just in one room if you wanted.The secret door hunt was so fun and engaging. One of the best experiences we have had as a family together. We must have spent 3-4 hours and it went by so quickly. Its a memory we will all keep with us.”

Manuel Vieira on May 27, 2023 said:


Daniella Paig on May 27, 2023 said:

“It was a unique and exciting experience that you should do at least once when visiting DC”

Claudane Brown-Cashdollar - US on May 27, 2023 said:

“A fun activity to do in DC, there was lots to see, and everyone was very friendly.”

Holly Bhargava- US on May 27, 2023 said:

“This was a fun family-friendly activity on our Spring Break adventure in DC. Who doesn't enjoy discovering new rooms behind hidden doors?”

Hanyi Wang on May 27, 2023 said:


Tamika Lang - Long Beach, CA on May 27, 2023 said:

“Our family had a great time - the kids didn't want to leave! We went at a good time during the week, it wasn't crowded at all.”

Greg Cotton on May 27, 2023 said:

“What an incredible (and eclectic) experience! Although we didn't stay as hotel guests (this would be quite an unusual experience for that - be sure to verify with the staff about whether your room includes a private bathroom, and during what hours visitors to the museum might be right outside your bedroom door!).However, just touring the house(s) as a "museum" was fascinating and well worth the visit. Although a bit away from the traditional Washington DC Mall visit, the "Secret Door Museum at the Mansion on O Street" is still a must see! Especially if you visit early (it's better when it's not crowded), and then lunch can be a few blocks away at the incredible Kamers (bookstore and) cafe!For anyone looking for something a bit beyond the "Archives and Smithsonian" (which are great reasons to visit DC!), this place is worth adding to your itinerary!Rooms: Very eclectic. Be prepared for a LOT of extra items (some might describe it as "clutter") in the rooms. Fascinating variety of items, many autographed or very unusual items.The rooms are excellently themed, providing a nice continuity to the items that are present, but removing items from the bathroom or closet so that you have space to put your clothes or suitcases away may be a surprise to some guests.Nearby activities: Be sure to visit Kamers (bookstore and) Cafe - only a fee blocks away on the other side of Du Pont circle.Walkability: The walk from a few Metro stations is perfectly fine on most days (a few blocks), but bad weather or extreme heat may make a RideShare (e.g. Uber, Lyft, etc.) more desirable for some.”

April Cai on May 27, 2023 said:

“CoupleThis is a very magical museum! I've never seen it! We found 13 secrets door!!I will go to Washington again in the future! I bought a bottle of red wine in the wine cellar as a souvenir!”

Teri S on May 27, 2023 said:

“So fun and too much to see in 1 visit!”

Kase Zheng on May 27, 2023 said:

“Definitely worth the experience. We stayed overnight. Cozy and its years of work to put everything together. The place is well maintained.Noteworthy details: Beauty is in the details. Read and explore.”

Alexis Zwank - US on May 27, 2023 said:

“This was a wonderful experience and the only stop I actually made in D.C., I say without regrets. I had a LOT of fun exploring and hope to return and see how much more I can find next time! I highly recommend using public transport. Despite a parking reservation I struggled tremendously to find it.”

Jamie Render Gunness, - United Kingdom on May 27, 2023 said:

“Great experience and well worth a visit!”

Megan Johnson Lake - Saint Louis, MO on May 27, 2023 said:

“What an amazing mansion! Could not believe the history and artifacts at the mansion! Found a lot of secret doors but not all.”

Collin Beder - Towson, MD on May 27, 2023 said:

“Really an awesome experience walking around and taking everything in and searching for stuff. I felt like I was in a realistic version of the "I spy" books from back in the day. Highly recommend checking this out with a friend!”

Tim Parnin from ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME, on May 27, 2023 said:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hi H, words cannot describe! I absolutely loved the Mansion, it is by far, the coolest, greatest, and funkiest place I've ever crashed! Wow, great work all around, I am so impressed with the class and detail. Thank you for the hospitality -- I've been telling everyone!”

Jordan Davis - Fort Smith, AR on May 27, 2023 said:

“You'll never find everything and quite possibly not find the same thing twice. I loved getting lost and then finding myself again. Every room was carefully created, constantly changing, and so much fun to pilfer through. Expect steep prices should you wish to take anything home, but the value for entry is well worth the sights you'll see!”

Troy McCool - Stafford, VA on May 27, 2023 said:

“A really cool experience if you are in the DC area!”

M. Torres on May 27, 2023 said:

“Great place to visit. Very unique and so much to see and read. Finding the secret doors and compartments alone can be extremely challenging. Some are obvious and others displayed as such. The restrooms are adorable and equally unique.Everyone should visit O-Street Mansion at least once!The parking situation can be pricey.Walkability: Extremely easy to get to on foot and parking distance.Noteworthy details: Everything in the mansion is for sale!”

Melinda Cotton - Allen, TX on May 27, 2023 said:

“We were limited on time and only able to stay a couple of hours, but we managed to find around 20 doors. The collection of items was incredible and displayed in a manner that made sense. If I'm ever back in DC, this will be my first stop!”

Zinia A - Philippines on May 27, 2023 said:

“Unique experience”

Elizabeth Hurwitz - Baltimore, MD on May 27, 2023 said:

“Such a fun afternoon with kids--everyone found something and we all left with heads held high.”

Eric Manzler US on May 27, 2023 said:

“Really cool experience like we never had before. Be prepared to look hard for smaller doors which are the majority because we definitely had difficulty finding them! Fun stuff!”

Xavier Ham - US on May 27, 2023 said:

“This place has so many parts to get through. Go with plenty of time to explore and take your time and enjoy the many artifacts and history behind everything. The secret doors are so fun to find!”

Rachel Gallagher- US on May 27, 2023 said:

“the owner H is a very nice lady!”

Brad Lyons - Nashville, TN on May 27, 2023 said:

“My second visit. It's a great place to visit.”

Kym Housley from Housley Agency Inc, on May 25, 2023 said:

“This place was awesome and indescribable!”

Joni Naugle from Naugle Associates, LLC, on May 20, 2023 said:

“It was a great evening which everyone enjoyed. It was fun having time to explore the mansion. The food was terrific, and all of the staff was exceptional. ”

Erin Jahoda on May 19, 2023 said:

“My family (ages 17-67)had so much fun exploring this incredible mansion. The staff was amazing, especially Leif, whom went above and beyond to help everyone in my group feel comfortable and have a great experience. Thank you! We will definitely be back!”

Justice D Dumlao from Genentech, on May 16, 2023 said:

“Everyone in my group absolutely loved the tour and raved about finding the secret doors. They loved how interactive and stimulating the experience was.”

Dr. Jane from AcupunctureHealthNj, on May 14, 2023 said:

“Totally Cool....a must see!”

Kevin Elzie on May 14, 2023 said:

“Fantastic retreat from the hustle right in the heart of DC! My family and friend loved finding the secret doors and exploring the unique art and artifacts. There is so much to see and appreciate, that we could return 10 times and still not see everything.”

Laural Johnson on May 13, 2023 said:

“Super fun and interesting!! ”

Lynne Ellen Kritter from Kritter Cropdusting, Inc, on Apr 30, 2023 said:

“My first time here! It will not be my last! The staff was super friendly and excited for us and that set a tone for an incredible time! ”

Ghida Osman Yammine on Apr 28, 2023 said:

“Wonderful experience and great fun! ”

Bea Brodsky on Apr 25, 2023 said:

“I brought my 11 year old niece for her birthday. We were signed up for the Espionage/Spy hunt but honestly, she was more enraptured by just trying to find the secret doors! She had an absolute blast wandering around and finding them. She said "this place is so awesome" multiple times! She was so proud of herself for finding the wine cellar all by herself! We did manage to find some items on our Spy list and I was impressed with the list itself and all the bonuses you were also encouraged to find. We were easily there for 3 hours and never bored once. The staff was so friendly and accommodating, one gentleman even gave my niece a hint to help her find the Tinkerbell door because she was SO desperate to find it. I would recommend arriving earlier as it got a lot more crowded as the day went on. But all in all, it was a unique and fun experience that I definitely recommend!”

Marjorie Bossie on Apr 18, 2023 said:

“We were a group of five adults and an 8 year old child. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the unique rooms in the mansion-the 8 year old loved finding the secret doors! Fascinating memorabilia, incredible history,and we will definitely return! A must see for anyone in DC!”

Charisse Haas on Apr 17, 2023 said:

“So many neat and interesting things to see and so many doors to find. We had so much fun and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time!”

Richard Levine on Apr 12, 2023 said:

“My son and his family were at the museum a few weeks! They said it was so cool! The museum is just Amazing! Our visit was great! I love all the themed rooms with fabulous memorabilia! We found the wine cellar, secret rooms behind bookcases, and pictures. Staff were great answering and describing the museum. Highly recommend and will return next time when in DC.”

Stephanie Bell on Apr 12, 2023 said:

“Great experience! ”

Mariya on Apr 10, 2023 said:

“Very cool place! I visited with my aunt and my daughter and everyone enjoyed it. It's a great place to visit for any age.Beatles fans you should definitely see it for yourself!”

Jeff M Cohen on Apr 9, 2023 said:

“So much history, wrapped in a hotel, sprinkled with whimsey and a dash of mystery. Found 12 doors, but can't wait to come back and explore to find more!”

BMolinaro on Apr 9, 2023 said:

“A total, wonderful surprise! Our secret doors tour was a last minute decision and we are so glad we did it. Both kids and adults had a wonderful time exploring the museum, wandering the seemingly endless rooms, and, of course, discovering all of the secret doors! Highly recommend!”

Mansion Guest on Apr 8, 2023 said:

“The place is whimsical and fun, the staff is absolutely wonderfully and our experience was magical. I felt like a kid again. Thank you for giving us so much freedom to explore this beautiful place and it's secret doors. ”

Monica on Apr 8, 2023 said:

“I am visiting from our of town and was looking for something to Friday night. I went to the Museum on O street as I enjoy interactive activities. I had the fun time for under two hour looking for different doors. Some were a delight to find. I also enjoyed looking at the designs and decorations of the rooms. This place is worth a visit. I recommend the secret door tour (e.g.adventure).”

Wandie Bethune on Apr 2, 2023 said:

“This was an amazing experience. I learned so much and was entertained at the same time. ”

Viktoryia Laurentsyeva on Mar 27, 2023 said:

“It was awesome to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary with you!”

Smithsonian Magazine on Mar 27, 2023 said:

“Top five historic venues to explore - in the world.”

booking.com on Mar 27, 2023 said:

“The Coolest Place in DC”

Rick & Ginnie Fasching on Mar 25, 2023 said:

“Lots and lots to look at. Finding the hidden doors was fun (we found 12). ”

Marcia Pickholtz from Hilton Hotels, on Mar 23, 2023 said:

“We had a great time searching for secret doors and looking at all the memorabilia! Your staff is exceptional; helpful and friendly!! ”

Carol on Mar 22, 2023 said:

“The museum in itself is amazing. The memorabilia and displays are enough to satisfy your visit. Finding the secret doors and the secret rooms puts the experience at a completely different level! The staff is amazing but you have to find the doors yourself - even they don't know where they all are!”

Paula A McCollum on Mar 20, 2023 said:

“So much fun!!”

Natalie on Mar 19, 2023 said:

“Had a great time, thanks ”

Shelly Cunningham from Cherry Tree Lane Adventures, on Mar 14, 2023 said:

“Our high school students had an ABSOLUTE BLAST exploring the museum! What a fun night and the PERFECT way to top off our school trip to D.C.! Can we do more than five stars???!!! Can't wait to come back!”

Gregory Reick on Mar 12, 2023 said:

“Great time. Such a unique experience. We look forward to coming back some day. ”

Matt Borer on Mar 9, 2023 said:

“Very fun experience and we loved the creativity in all of the rooms. The wine cellar was our favorite.”

Diona Martyn on Mar 5, 2023 said:

“Very fun and unique experience for our entire family!”

Thaddeus Weed from Cogent Communications, on Mar 2, 2023 said:

“The Mansion is a remarkable location. A beautiful, totally unique experience combined with amazing hospitality. A National Treasure. ”

LaShawn Wells on Feb 27, 2023 said:

“I look forward to returning and finding more doors!!!”

Nicole Vizzini on Feb 24, 2023 said:

“Such a cool museum. So much to see and we had a blast getting lost and turned around! I can't wait to come back again and again. Staff members were fantastic. Professional and very helpful. I will be recommending this to everyone! ”

Lisa Baynard on Feb 22, 2023 said:

“My 25 year old daughter and my 14 year old great niece and myself(59) all had so much fun exploring the mansion! Fun for all ages all I could think about was bringing my best friend back or maybe coming to an event there some day.”

LouAnn Armstrong on Feb 20, 2023 said:

“For the 'Mark and Kenny Bryan' evening -- all was wonderful with regard to room set up, acoustics, and ability to truly enjoy warmth of performance. ”

Amy Bauer on Feb 20, 2023 said:

“So much fun! It's best to take your time to explore. We've visited three times now and we find something new every time. ”

Jack Rushing on Feb 20, 2023 said:

“Everyone was so gracious and helpful and the musicians Mark and Kenny were outstanding. ”

Callista Rogers on Feb 20, 2023 said:

“Everyone was amazing. The space was wonderful. The whole experience was out of this world. ”

Debra Fryd on Feb 19, 2023 said:

“I chose this amazing place, for my birthday. My family loved the mansion. The grandkids enjoyed the treasure hunt, and finding secret passages. ”

Tim Lorenz on Feb 15, 2023 said:

“Spent 2.5 hours, more than usual. The hunt was fun. Found a few more secret doors!”

Charla R Childers on Feb 12, 2023 said:

“Wonderful, quirky museum with tons of history & pop culture to explore & learn about. Very interesting & fun experience. Would highly recommend visiting & hope to come back again.”

Candace Stribling from Appalachian Regional Commission, on Feb 10, 2023 said:

“ARC staff visited the museum yesterday. All day they have sent me comments: 'Best event ever!', 'It was so much fun'... 'I'm coming back with my family'... 'I have to stay overnight'... 'I think this is the best Black History program we have ever done'... Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Mansion Guest on Jan 29, 2023 said:

“It was a blast. So much cool stuff to see. We'll definitely be back. ”

Sallie Strueby from School Readiness Consulting, on Jan 27, 2023 said:

“Our team truly enjoyed the Mansion on O st. experience. The staff were friendly, the hunt was exciting and so much fun. Thank you for a lovely time, centered around fun and curiosity, that brought our team together. ”

Mansion Guest on Jan 24, 2023 said:

“ This was an awesome and unique experience. We enjoyed spending the day exploring the mansion and all of its wonderful features. This is a must do for anyone seeking an adventure.”

Julia Marie - Ellicott City, MD on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“Awesome experience!”

Jumilyn Esteban - Norfolk, VA on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“This place is amazing. Many doors and secrets to find! We will definitely be visitng again.”

Jacqueline Teti - Alexandria, VA on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“Very neat place! Fun outing”

Susan Rutledge - Irving, TX on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“Very interesting mansion jammed pack with items and history. Fun to-do, particularly on a bad weather day.”

Harold Plasterer - Louisa, VA on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“This place was amazing ... it's hard to find an experience that the whole family enjoys, but the O St. Mansion was it! The staff was so friendly. And I left the mansion feeling light and full of inspiration and love ”

Brittany Walker - Randallstown, MD on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“It was a cool experience. Something to do!”

Sadaf Sizdahkhani - Herndon, VA on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“Really fun museum! Spent a lot longer exploring every room than expected. Well worth it if you want something more out of the box!”

Kristi Springall - Liverpool, NY on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“This was a fun thing to do as a family with a mix of ages. We all really enjoyed it”

Carlos Arrechea - Alexandria, VA on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“un first experience. super accommodating host/ venue. highly recommend leaving time to explore the little things.”

Danielle Marcus - PA, United States on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“I had a great time looking for secret doors and checking out the themes in each room. I would definitely recommend!”

Stanley Kaplan - US on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“I've lived in the NOVA area for over 20 years and had no idea this was here, took us about 3 hours to walk through the entire mansion. Would highly recommend checking this out while in DC”

Bethel Haile - Los Angeles, CA on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.”

Christina Day - Mechanicsville, MD on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“We had a great time looking for all the hidden doors. We didn't count but found many!”

Dominic Salinas - US on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“Much better than I expected! There is loads and loads of things to see. There was never a moment of time wasted in boredom. There was always something new around the corner to see. There were vibrant colors and eccentric details, and every possible nook and cranny.”

Tracy Edwards - Guangzhou, China on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“"Amazing, so many things to see, you can't do it all in one visit."”

Katarina Grumman - Anchorage, AK on Jan 22, 2023 said:

“"Super cool and unique mansion to tour, highly recommend if you're in the area!"”

Adriana Parvanova from Trinity Property Consultants, on Jan 20, 2023 said:

“Amazing manasion. So much to see. Very creative! Our group had so much fun!”

Alejandra Blanco on Jan 17, 2023 said:

“What an experience! We had an absolute blast walking through the museum, finding intriguing rooms and hidden doors, and meeting the great staff. Loved it and would highly recommend!!”

Kevin Elzie on Jan 6, 2023 said:

“Awesome experience! My team of 15 people absolutely loved it! We had a very comfortable private room with a snack that was upgraded to a full breakfast and we explored the mansion with a team building hunt. I highly recommend the Mansion on O Street for both team building activities and a family bonding experience :-)”

Shelley Rochester on Jan 6, 2023 said:

“We had a delightful time! Found 4 doors (two with help). We shall return to look for more! Bought a couple of things, not because we needed them, but because we had to bring something back from the experience!Thank you!”

Fred Darville on Jan 3, 2023 said:

“Very cool, highly recommend for everyone.”

Ellyn Kaufman on Jan 1, 2023 said:

“Excellent adventure to take teenage boys to enjoy! So glad my friend told me about this place!”

Donna on Dec 31, 2022 said:

“It was so fun for my 12 year old granddaughter! So much to see and explore and being interactive kept her interest.”

Jo-Ann Mangiarelli on Dec 29, 2022 said:

“This museum is an unsung wonder! Exploring it for 4 hours was the most unique, weird, and interesting thing I've done in a long time!”

Jasmine on Dec 26, 2022 said:

“Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The most unique museum that we've been to. ”

Steven Tyson on Dec 26, 2022 said:

“We had a great time what a beautiful and fun space! Found various secret doors and rooms Halloween wine cellar etc and saw some beautiful spaces! Great friendly staff. We would highly recommend this to everyone ”

Melissa Gerlach on Dec 21, 2022 said:

“We had a wonderful time! Can't wait to come back and do more exploring! ”

Bonita Shelby on Dec 20, 2022 said:

“Lydia and the team were very friendly and helpful. MoO is an amazing space! The four of us said we would be coming back again with others and spreading the word. This was a great way to spend fun time with my sister and long time friends celebrating my birthday. Yaaay to MoO!”

Debbie Brewer on Dec 19, 2022 said:

“We were a group of 9. The self-guided tour was so much fun, and we were able to find 13 of the 70+ hidden doors. The docents were so nice and helpful too. We will be back!”

Frances Virun on Dec 19, 2022 said:

“The staff was very friendly. The Intro video was perfect, followed by a quick overview. Exploring the mansion was amazing - so much to see and take in. It's incredible how much there is, how they can keep track of it all, and how entertaining it is. Definitely would go back! Very fun! ”

Intimate Wilson on Dec 15, 2022 said:

“Excellent customer service. Rules were very clear! Massive place to find so many things. I like a good challenge! Had a blast!”

Andrew Prevost on Dec 11, 2022 said:

“The Mansion always delivers. The raw experience H and Ted provide of hope, love and togetherness is always exceptional. There is no better place to visit, meet for a gathering, hosting a party or just dropping by to look around. ”

Gabriel Swaney on Dec 11, 2022 said:

“A full day of mysteries and wonder. ”

Elizabeth Brown on Nov 29, 2022 said:

“Loved it!”

Laura "Lulu" Reich on Nov 21, 2022 said:

“A beautiful place to visit for a fun day, night away, or to plan an event! A wonderful place to travel solo and make friends while exploring history in a fabulous location!”

Pascale Maslin - Silver Spring, MD on Nov 21, 2022 said:

“A great outing with a child. The 70 secret doors was a winner.”

Francine Groenhuijsen - San Francisco, CA on Nov 21, 2022 said:

“Amazing and magical”

Etta M. - Washington, DC on Nov 21, 2022 said:

“Quirky and fun experience! We only found about 30 of the 70 secret doors, so definitely a reason to return.”

Elizabeth Fitzgerald - Potomac, MD on Nov 21, 2022 said:

“Really fun experience in heart of DC!”

Saskia Kelly - New Bern, NC on Nov 21, 2022 said:

“So fun!! My friend and I found 18 doors on our first visit and can't wait to come back and search for more!”

Joyce Jones on Nov 14, 2022 said:

“The tour was a breath-taking experience - I was overwhelmed with joy and nostalgic.I immensely enjoy H.H. Leonard's talk on her personal experience with Mrs Rosa Parks - I felt I was a part of their journey just listening to the author, I am looking forward to relive her experiences during my reading of her book.”

Jennifer Stubblefield Hutchison on Nov 13, 2022 said:

“We had a great time! Unexpectedly delightful! We found 15 secret doors and really enjoyed ourselves!”

Bruce Wood on Nov 11, 2022 said:

“We'll be back. Fun time.”

Kachina on Nov 9, 2022 said:

“I love this unique experience and CANNOT wait to go back! I found 12 secret doors and can't wait to find more. I watched videos about the mansion after visiting and now I want to find things in the videos I didn't see today. This is an ideal afternoon with friends, a group of tweens, and especially music enthusiasts. Although mostly handicap accessible, some parts of the mansion can only be accessed using smaller assistive devices like canes. I have a rollator but may use my cane with a fold out stool next time. So much fun!”

Tajah A McCray on Nov 6, 2022 said:

“I loved the experience, the only thing that was disappointing was that some secret doors were not available for us to open and some people left doors open”

Dana Wilson from Rivers End Outfitters, LLC, on Oct 31, 2022 said:

“Everything was awesome from check-in to check-out, you guys ROCK!!!!This was my second time visiting and my first time staying overnight. My cousin and I are already taking about our next stay. Thank You ”

Natalie Garramone - Richmond, VA on Oct 30, 2022 said:

“Hidden gem. Have been to DC a million times and hadn't experienced this - loved it!”

John Kilby - Athens, GA on Oct 30, 2022 said:

“A great place that is just minutes from the metro! It's located in a lovely, quite neighborhood.”

Atiya Lovett - Jacksonville, FL on Oct 30, 2022 said:

“This experience was more than I expected. My eight year old had the time of his life finding secret doors and rooms. He wants to return to find the ones he didn't. This is a much do!”

Tanium T on Oct 30, 2022 said:

“Amazing & Unique. Weather you just want a tour or a place to stay I can't find a reason to say no. The Rare memorabilia here on display during the tour will blow your mind.Also, the beds are so incredibly comfortable I could have slept all day long.”

Josh Hornkohl - Virginia Beach, VA on Oct 30, 2022 said:

“Definitely a MUST SEE in DC!! Originally went there as a filler for our day, but ended up being the highlight of our trip. So many things to see and explore. Always keep an open eye/mind and you'll be sure to find plenty of secret doors. We found 10+ during our first time there”

Andrew Parsons - Boston, MA on Oct 30, 2022 said:

“A fun experience in the city!”

Lydia Fitton-Alves - US on Oct 30, 2022 said:

“Super fun and cute! Loved that we could buy mostly anything we saw!!”

Victoria Burton from The World Bank, on Oct 23, 2022 said:

“Such a great experience and very friendly staff! ”

Thaddeus Weed from Cogent Communications , on Oct 21, 2022 said:

“The OMansion facilities and staff are all 5 star. The chef is amazing and our guests had an incredible experience. ”

Emmanuelle Massieu from Rep & Co specializes in the representation of destinations and North American operators on the French market, within the fields, on Oct 18, 2022 said:

“I confirm! The coolest place in DC :)”

Amanda on Oct 16, 2022 said:

“This was so much fun! We learned a lot of the history through welcoming and knowledgeable staff, plus it's the Halloween season so everything was just a bit more spooky! Loved it, will be returning to find more doors!”

Hazelton Lara on Oct 16, 2022 said:

“We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the mansion. We loved seeing the different rooms, looking for hidden doors and marvelling at the sheer volume of amazing trinkets you have in the house. It was the perfect family activity for our last evening in DC. Your staff were very helpful and accommodating and we got a recommendation for a wonderful dinner spot after our visit. Thanks for a great time!”

Emory Roser on Oct 15, 2022 said:

“This was one of the top things our family said they enjoyed while in D.C.! We all loved this experience from our 7 year old all the way to Grandparents. It was so much fun exploring and find the secret doors and passages! Our kids are already asking to return to try to find more doors! Our daughter had read about the O Street Mansion in her Treasure Hunters book and put it on her must see list while visiting. ”

Ben Conklin - Yucaipa, CA on Oct 6, 2022 said:

“Really fun and quirky. Great time for a group to explore a unique location.”

Holly Fatheringham - US on Oct 6, 2022 said:

“One of the most unique experiences I have ever been to. Very cool. Definitely worth a stop, or two. My whole party had a good time.”

Janelle Warner - Baltimore, MD on Oct 6, 2022 said:

“Looking for stuff to do while we stayed in Alexandria and found this place, and was curious as to what it'd be like. Was pleasantly surprised at how much fun my friend and I had walking around looking for secret doors. We also enjoyed walking through the various rooms and looking at the decor and different styles of the times. The stuff in there seems really random at times, and other times, you just find yourself gawking at the fact that all this stuff is contained in one residence. I still wonder how it simultaneously operates as a hotel, because there is stuff literally everywhere you look. The staff was kind and informative, I'm still fascinated about the fact that Rosa Parks lived there for 10 years (still not sure we made it to her room, but we definitely didn't see everything for the 3-4 hours we were there. Time flew! We found a little over 10 doors and we still discovered a room we missed the second time we went back for 10 extra minutes. Some doors are bound to be accidentally revealed to you when other people are also looking around, but it's no big deal. Would definitely bring a group back here to do this as a team building exercise or something with some friends. Also, highkey want to find more doors. If you're ever in DC or Alexandria, definitely check this place out. The seeming randomness of it this place is experience enough, and on top of that, you may really enjoy it!”

George Anderson - US on Oct 6, 2022 said:

“There is no way to see everything in two hours”

Bethany Fitzgerald - US on Oct 6, 2022 said:

“It was so much fun looking for the secret rooms. Highly recommend if you want to enjoy a fun afternoon or mystery and learning about many different historical people and genres!”

Eric Studivant on Oct 6, 2022 said:


M Belle on Oct 6, 2022 said:

“How much fun is this place! Such a good find. You can find yourself losing track of time in here. Must see/do in DC. Staff were great and super accommodating when we arrived earlier than we booked.”

Durvank Yewle on Oct 6, 2022 said:

“Very interesting museum / antique shop. This has many famous and old things donated by famous and well.. relatively old celebrities. Most items are on sale - reasonable chargesOh btw - this as entry charges, so ensure to buy ticket online as it's typically cheaper there”

Tom Constanten on Oct 6, 2022 said:


Anwen B. - San Rafael, CA on Oct 6, 2022 said:

“This place is a haven in DC for its uniqueness and diversity. Every room is lined with incredible art, you could spend weeks just looking at everything in there. I've gone multiple times and it never gets old because there is constantly new items coming and going and different art exhibits up. There are some amazing works by Gerald Johnson in various rooms.One of my favorites is the Beatles themed roomed where you can play pool, listen to some good music, and on an off day maybe even have one of the staff make popcorn out of the old machine! Also there is beautifully designed log cabin room (which you can also say in as a guest if you want).There are plenty of fun secret doors to be found, and keep in mind that not all doors are what you might consider "doors". ”

Nicole Lando on Oct 3, 2022 said:

“We had such a great time! My friend and I have been wanting to check out the mansion since we moved to DC and are so glad we did. The staff were all so welcoming and helpful, and we had a lot of fun. This was unlike any other 'museums' we've been to and we loved our experience. Will be recommending the O street mansion to anyone and everyone!”

Wendy Oberfeld on Sep 30, 2022 said:

“This was my second time there and it was just as wonderful as the first time”

Cathy Mearman on Sep 29, 2022 said:

“It was amazing - had never seen a house like this. So much too look at and then find hidden doors just added an extra excitement. Will return to take more time and see more.”

Nichole Fractious on Sep 28, 2022 said:

“Amazing! ”

Nancy Robinson on Sep 26, 2022 said:

“We toured the mansion for our anniversary date and we had a wonderful time! Meeting Ted and talking to him and having him point out a few things was really the icing on the cake! My husband and I will definitely return, perhaps to stay the night. Thank you Ted and and staff for making our visit so memorable!”

Courtnee Owens on Sep 26, 2022 said:

“We had a great time during our visit! There was so many interesting things to see and learn about. We went for the hidden gems hunt but we ended up searching for the hidden doors also. A great time was had and we will definitely tell our friends to visit!”

Sheila S on Sep 22, 2022 said:

“Great museum be sure to stop by on your next trip!”

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