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Washington D.C.

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2,493 Mansion Reviews

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Samira on Aug 13, 2018 said:

“The O Mansion is a unique place, I wouldn't know if define it as a library, an art gallery, a museum, a collector’s site, an art space, a hotel, a labyrinth...or all of them altogether. What is for sure is that it is an amazing place, worth visiting while you’re in DC. I really had a fantastic time while I was there!! ”

Vivienne Smith on Aug 13, 2018 said:

“This was my first visit & will certainly not be my last! The mansion / museum is fascinating to tour, with so many interesting & beautiful things to see. The staff was very gracious, and the venue was perfect for a small intimate concert. Walt Wilkins & his wife Tina put on a wonderful show for us & it was a pleasure to meet them. "I'll be back!"”

Louise Chamberlin on Aug 13, 2018 said:

“We had a great time, a very unique experience all around (my first time to the mansion) and loved the intimate concert. It's nice to find such a warm, interesting event that's so affordable in DC. I'll be back soon!”

Ashley Munteanu on Aug 13, 2018 said:

“So much fun! My friend and I were initially discouraged we hadn't found any hidden doors in the first 30 minutes, but by the end of the day we had found 6. :) Everyone we talked to was SO friendly, and the place is full of little nooks and crannies. Would definitely come back again! :)”

Mansion Guest on Aug 13, 2018 said:

“Excellent venue, excellent service, excellent atmosphere. Thank you!”

Donna West on Aug 13, 2018 said:

“Walt and his wife Tina were so enjoyable to listen to. We could've sat for several more hours and listened to their music and beautiful harmonies and their stories. The Mansion is such a welcoming intimate setting and just perfect to relax and enjoy live music.”

Ted Legates on Aug 12, 2018 said:

“One of the greatest Museum experiences ever!!!! Planning a Private Cocktail Party there in the near future....the experience was a BLAST!!!!!”

Robin Orwant on Aug 10, 2018 said:

“So much fun! We could have kept looking for days. What an awesome find!”

Andrew P Carroll on Aug 9, 2018 said:

“As a native Washingtonian who only learned about the Mansion a year or so ago, I now consider it to be the greatest "secret" in Washington. And since there's so much to explore, I hope to come back time and time again. I also brought visitors from out of town with me, and, despite having toured numerous other well-known sites in DC, they thought the Mansion was by far the best!”

Sharon on Aug 1, 2018 said:

“We enjoyed it ”

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