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Washington D.C.

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2,293 Reviews

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Sherry Jahoda on Jul 21, 2018 said:

“I had an absolutely enchanting time with my granddaughter. The mystery of finding the hidden doors and the plethora of interesting objects heightened the experience. ”

Mansion Tour Guest on Jul 19, 2018 said:

“Fascinating fun place surprised you don't hear much about it. I found it on atlas obscure. Got all 3 of the red, white, and blue books. Fun insightful poems. ”

Nina Harmes on Jul 17, 2018 said:

“H and Ted were there and were so personable, both of them went out of their way to chat with us and make us feel welcome. ”

Mansion Tour Guest on Jul 15, 2018 said:

“This was a great time, definitely unexpected!! I will tell everyone to visit! ”

Cynthia Birdashaw on Jul 12, 2018 said:

“Every year we leave Florida in our RV and head out across the United States. We have covered all of the lower 48 states and almost every Canadian Province. My daughter lives in Washington DC, so we have also visited many times. Each time we try to see something new as well as the historic sites we have already visited. This year we found the Mansion and Museum on O Street and my daughter highly recommended we visit. Of the many places we have been, I must say that this ranked very high on my list of exceptional experiences. I loved the curiosities, the mystery and the surprises around every corner. I could easily have stayed all day and have already talked to my sister about returning. I'm confident that each visit will be a new experience. Love to all for this magical memory! ”

Rahul Krishna on Jul 9, 2018 said:

“Pretty awesome place will definitely go back ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Jul 9, 2018 said:

“So fun! This is my second time visiting and found even more secret doors than last time! ”

Jonathan Fox on Jul 9, 2018 said:

“Fabulous venue! This was my first visit - though I have lived in DC for five years. We brought friends who have been in Mt Pleasant since 1982 and they had never been. Wow! I hope to be able bring friends together to celebrate a special occasion at the Mansion someday. ”

Michael Parrott on Jul 9, 2018 said:

“Awesome way to spend a few hours! ”

Rita on Jul 9, 2018 said:

“This was probably one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. I didn't want to leave! There are so many interesting artifacts and decor and so many rooms to venture through. Not to mention all the secret doors that you can find. My entire family including Grandma and all the kids had a blast! We all can't wait to return. We are on a mission to find all the secret doors! ”

Starr Arnett on Jul 7, 2018 said:

“So much fun exploring the O! ”

Janice Edwards on Jul 6, 2018 said:

“Fabulous event, ambience fabulous. All my friends enjoyed. Way to go O Street Mansion. ”

Leah Kaiser on Jul 4, 2018 said:

“We had a fantastic time exploring the Mansion! ”

Cevin Bryant on Jul 1, 2018 said:

“Very relaxing adventure, great for families. Hosts were very friendly and I would recommend to give it a go! ”

Royal Wedding Breakfast Guest on Jul 1, 2018 said:

“Absolutely delightful and charming. Loved the eclectic rooms, donated pieces for sale and the Royal Wedding breakfast was lovely. Took my mother for her birthday and she couldn't stop raving about it. Would love to go back again- don't think I had enough time to see everything lol! ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Jun 30, 2018 said:

“We had a great time. The staff was very very nice. Definitely will spread the word around for others to visit. ”

Tiffany Gales on Jun 29, 2018 said:

“The mansion is STUNNING! We only found 5 of the 70 hidden doors but the 5 we did find were truly magnificent! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone visiting the DC area. ”

Emily Burelsmith on Jun 29, 2018 said:

“We had a blast! What a fun place! ”

Sheila Bechert on Jun 29, 2018 said:

“3 generations and we all loved our experience in this remarkable place! Would go back and take friends. Bought 3 books. ”

Hayley on Jun 29, 2018 said:

“So much fun! Super interactive and extremely nice staff. The experience is definitely something that locals and tourists alike would enjoy! ”

Sisc Johnson on Jun 29, 2018 said:

“From the moment I entered the O, I fell in love. Every step you take inside is a step further away from all the stress and negativity in the world. Not only will your imagination run wild, but you will be inclined to and even enjoy, learning about everything inside and everything that went into making The Mansion on O Street the most fantastic place on earth. H, Ted, and the entire staff at O make sure that you know that you are someone special, and within moments, I had no trouble recognizing that they are the most spectacular people (hosts, historians, hospitality pros, artists, culinary masters, and music buffs) I have ever met. For arts, music, culinary experiences, history, shopping, and the best time of your life, visit The Mansion on O Street. I have had the privilege of organizing and participating in a corporate retreat, attending Sunday brunches, concerts, and tours, and with every visit, I leave understanding that it was indeed an honor to experience the O. Not only are H and Ted the most amazing and influential people in my life, but their guests are some of the most interesting people too. Spend some time getting to know the place, the people, and the abundant history, that surrounds you, and you will fall in love. My life is more enriched, my mind broadened, and my heart is so much fuller because of the people and my experiences at The Mansion on O Street. Love you guys!!! ”

Mya Juliet Kyaw (Juliet) on Jun 27, 2018 said:

“I didn't know this trip was special until I realized I get to talk to the museum owner, H! Talking to H, who leads an interesting and eccentric life, was amazing. ”

Benjamin Joel Breboneria on Jun 27, 2018 said:

“It was an amazing experience. Not only because of the place itself but also it's cause. Aside from that, all the staff are all nice people especially Ted. Just so nice and professional. A must try. ”

Carolyn Rudd on Jun 27, 2018 said:

“You know how to throw a party! Several of my guests had not been inside the mansion/museum and were so pleased to have had that opportunity. The food was absolutely superb! The dessert display was award winning!! Just unbelievable. You have truly done a fantastic job with the celebration! ”

Vincent B. Orange, CEO, D.C. Chamber of Commerce on Jun 27, 2018 said:

“You and your staff were outstanding. The food, music, decor and the O Museum were excellent. The event was extremely successful and enjoyable because of the love and tender care you put into this historical magical experience. ”

Tom Cornett on Jun 27, 2018 said:

“Go to the Mansion with an open mind and sense of adventure. One could get lost literally and figuratively in this amazing space. This experience is much more than finding the hidden doors. For me, it was hearing fascinating stories, meeting new and interesting new people, and even finding solitude - all in one and 1/2 hours. You will want more time to explore, but don't get lost in the memorabilia and forget to look for doors as I did! ”

Coral Oylear on Jun 25, 2018 said:

“The volunteers and staff were amazing! The house is wonderful and we found 8 doors! That was really fun. ”

Anima LaVoy on Jun 25, 2018 said:

“What a one-of-a-kind wonderland. This place is filled with evidence of moments in American history and nuggets from the big personalities that lived them. Along with many others visiting the mansion last Saturday afternoon, my family and I spent two hours exploring a sprawling set of five townhouses FILLED to the brim with memorabilia of other people's lives. In an odd twist, everything is for sale - and I mean everything. Miss USA 1988 Tiara? For sale. Old comic books? For sale. Pewter warthog sculpture with caffeinated glass eyeballs? For sale, but sadly just out of my range. Ted met us at the start and gave us a brief history of the house, and how it has grown over many decades. He described the nonprofit programming, including music jams and short-term and long-term housing for resident "heroes" (including, for many years, Rosa Parks). Ted was very attentive, pointing out stories of artists and musicians in every corner and making the place come to life. He gave us a tour of a special hidden room I would NEVER have found on my own. Grab a drink at the bar and enjoy a weird wonderful afternoon here! ”

Sarah O'Keefe on Jun 25, 2018 said:

“Endless hours of exploring and fun to be had here! Such a fascinating story behind this place and the owners are wonderful. Highly recommend! ”

Ursula Kirchner on Jun 20, 2018 said:

“Awesome hosts even if they had a major conference going on next door to main brownstone. Mrs H gave us a personal introduction and told us her history and what famous people have been in residence. She gave us only one hint to start us off that there was one hidden door in the room we were in. My husband found it quickly and we were off. Haven't had so much fun in a long time! ”

Mikiah Taylor on Jun 20, 2018 said:

“This tour was awesome and filled with a bunch of secret doors. My 10 year old son absolutely loved it and asked me to give the highest review possible ”

Robert Knights on Jun 20, 2018 said:

“I have to say I was rather blown away by this experience. The sheer amount of rooms and all of the history associated with what is within the house is amazing! ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Jun 12, 2018 said:

“Superior FUN!!!! Started out enjoying all paraphernalia in various rooms and quickly shifted to where are the doors mentality? ”

Airbnb Tour Guest on Jun 7, 2018 said:

“Yesterday we visited the Mansion with little idea of what to really expect. I had planned this for my partner's birthday so he really had no idea what we were doing when we turned up at what seemed like a normal house. Once we arrived we were greeted and given a little introduction to the house itself and then let free to explore for ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the mystery that it entailed. We would definitely recommend this to everyone. ”

Mansion Event Guest on Jun 7, 2018 said:

“Each time I come to the Mansion I am always in awe. The concert was everything an intimate performance should be. There was humor, back stories of the music, audience engagement and great cohesion of sound from the music being played. Two songs in particular will forever more stay on my mind. One was the story of a failed marriage and the other was a tribute of a man who happened to be a husband and father. The song wove those three elements of his life into sentimental lyrics about his wife and two daughters. In as much as I enjoyed the concert my awe came from another aspect of the Mansion. You see I got another chance to stumble upon another treasure that has been right in front of my face. Like many who visit the Mansion there is so much to see. Often you pass right by something the first, second or even the tenth time. On yesterday I got a chance to really see the Mansion in all its glory. I saw depth of beauty mixed in with the gumption to even envision such a place as O Mansion. I got a real insight of how "rock and roll" flows through the blood of O Mansion. Like no other time that I visited has my entire body been engulfed with the passion and sensitivity once you walk into the Mansion. This time my visit left me with a wonderment that rendered me speechless. Even though my mouth was wide open in amazement. For the first time I saw a portrait painting of you and the photos used by the artist. So if you ask me how was the concert. I would say it was "a great way to spend the evening." But if you ask me about the visit to the Mansion. I will tell you "it was the best time I have ever had there." Thanks for the memories. ”

Mansion Event Guest on Jun 6, 2018 said:

“We had an amazing night. Paul and the team were absolutely fantastic. We really appreciate everything you and the team did. - We really enjoyed the treasure hunt - the team got very involved and Paul had to call us all back to have dinner - no one wanted to give up until they found absolutely everything! ”

Denise on May 31, 2018 said:

“The man who gave us our orientation before the tour was awesome! He made us feel like we had known him all of our lives and he connected with our kids, too! He certainly made our experience very positive from the start. I wanted to make sure that he was recognized for his great interpersonal skills! Our kids (ages 13 and 9) really enjoyed the experience. We had a great time as a family. Something definitely different for our kids to experience since we go to Washington, DC every year. ”

Mansion Event Guest on May 23, 2018 said:

“Just a quick note to say thank you for Saturday's Event. We got rave reviews and a good time was had by all! Truly a memorable experience. Hopefully we can work together in the future. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on May 18, 2018 said:

“Enjoyed hearing about the Mansion's history and exploring the rooms! ”

Lauren S on May 11, 2018 said:

“This was by far the best thing we did during our visit to DC! It was so unique and we loved looking at all the antiques. It was amazing how it was a functional hotel with real kitchens and bathrooms amidst all the secret doors, stairways and stacks of stuff. We will definitely recommend to anyone visiting the area. Thanks for the great experience! ”

April Watkins - Drag Show Guest on May 10, 2018 said:

“The show was awesome and the small setting made the experience priceless. Thank you again to the performers and the Mansion on O Street. ”

Debbie Steward on May 10, 2018 said:

“Very interesting and fun self tour. ”

Laurie Kramer on May 9, 2018 said:

“Food was FANTASTIC! Signature cocktail was FANTASTIC! Ted was a great speaker for the history of the mansion. The mansion itself is beautiful, weird, and wonderful! Many thanks to H and Ted and their staff. It was truly a memorable experience enjoyed by all. ”

Sarah on May 9, 2018 said:

“The event staff on the day of went above and beyond to make sure my family had a great time and that this day was special. We had a wonderful baby shower lunch. Thanks everyone! ”

Tammy & Wyatt Wilson on May 9, 2018 said:

“We heard about the Mansion from a friend that had been the day before and they told us about all of the music related themes and guitars, so since my son is a guitar player, too, we decided to check it out. We did the Secret Door Tour and found about 11 doors and my son got to play one of his idol's guitars. The mansion was the highlight of his trip to Washington DC. We had a great time and hope to get to go back some day. ”

Hillarie Ryann Hudson on May 9, 2018 said:

“Such a cool and unique experience. After you get done with all the traditional touristy things in DC, we were looking for something different to do. The mansion was perfect! Loved looking for hidden doors. ”

Beverly Whittington on Apr 18, 2018 said:

“Wonderful day, saw and learned so much almost felt educational... ”

Cheryl B on Apr 18, 2018 said:

“I was looking for something different to do in DC on a rainy afternoon and after an online search on many sites came upon the Mansion on O Street. I have lived in the area for almost 60 years and never heard of this place. It looked interesting and like it might be fun so I signed up with a friend for a visit. It was indeed a fun and interesting way to spend a few hours exploring this very different mansion with crazy collections of all sorts of paintings, books, memorabilia and very cool hotel rooms and suites for rent. It would be fun to have a group event here. ”

Penthouse Tour Guest on Apr 18, 2018 said:

“Terrific tour from well-informed docent. Plan to recommend it to others. ”

John Sheehy on Apr 18, 2018 said:

“An absolutely wonderful experience. I brought my parents while they were visiting, in order to stay away from the crowds at the mall, and we were not disappointed. It's fascinating and strange and fun, and everyone who worked there, from the cleaning staff to the chef in the kitchen were delightful. A can't miss whether you're in town for the weekend or have been living in DC for your whole life. ”

Katharine Owens on Apr 18, 2018 said:

“This was my third visit and I have found 18 doors. Also I finally found my way into the 5th townhouse. I was thrilled to finally find it. H and Ted went out of their way to look for an item I have been thinking about for over a year. I am very appreciative of their effort. I absolutely love my new art. I will visit again. I have to find more doors! I will also be donating my own artwork. ”

Tara Meade on Apr 18, 2018 said:

“We had a wonderful time. I've told so many friends about you. ”

Secret Door Hunt Guest on Apr 4, 2018 said:

“I had no idea what to expect, and I was so pleasantly surprised. I can't wait to come back and hopefully stay the night. I brought my parents and nieces, and we all had so much fun. Thank you for such a truly magical place! ”

Donna Millet on Apr 4, 2018 said:

“We brought our Grand kids (13 and 16) and they had a great time! They are still talking about the secret doors and everything else. We also really enjoyed the Mexican restaurant that H recommended. ”

Mansion Event Guest on Apr 2, 2018 said:

“Everything was absolutely amazing. Start to finish just fabulous. Food and chef was great. My friends and family enjoyed themselves immensely. Thank you all for a wonderful event!!!! ”

Karen on Apr 1, 2018 said:

“Its always amazing to explore the mansion. Thank you for the magical experience. This has been my third or fourth time and there is always so much to see. ”

Jason Perrine on Apr 1, 2018 said:

“It was awesome. Fun to see all the memorabilia, something different around every corner. My kids had a blast searching for the hidden doors and getting lost. Atmosphere was relaxed and happy, great tunes were playing constantly. Will certainly be visiting again, and stay for a night or two! ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Apr 1, 2018 said:

“This was so cool - I'll definitely be back, and would love to go to an event in the wine cellar some day. ”

Secret Door Hunt Guest on Apr 1, 2018 said:

“It was a ton of fun! We found 13 doors ”

Mansion Tour Guest on Apr 1, 2018 said:

“It was one of the most fun and unique places I've ever visited. My two smart nieces were super sleuths on finding the secret doors. Going through the doors was like stepping into another worlds. ”

Hannah W on Mar 20, 2018 said:

“I surprised my friend with a ticket to O Street Museum for her birthday, and we had an absolute blast! We wish we could've found more secret doors... but we will be back! So excited to have found this gem - can't wait to share with other DC friends and visitors. ”

Character, Not Characters Exhibit Opening Guest on Mar 20, 2018 said:

“Every event at the Mansion is unique and that's why I like to come ”

Mansion Tour Guest on Mar 20, 2018 said:

“Our group of 8 (4 kids and 4 adults) had so much fun exploring rooms and secret doors. I was looking for the perfect best kept secret and this was it! The youngest in our party (9) mentioned several times that this was so much fun! They tired out after about an hour but I could have kept on exploring the mansion! My husband is already talking about it being a cool place to take some clients in the future! Thanks for a great time! ”

Carol Cakir on Mar 18, 2018 said:

“Mr Spero gave me a fascinating tour of his incredible home. I completely understood the ethos of how this building has been presented. I would highly recommend booking a tour here, and then allowing lots of time to explore and take in the atmosphere after your tour, revisiting the rooms in turn and contemplating the surroundings. If Mr & Mrs Spero ever visit London I recommend they go to the Sir John Soanes Museum. A very famous architect of his time from humble beginnings, who was also a great collector and his family house & wonders are there for all to enjoy ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Mar 18, 2018 said:

“Exceeded expectations. Anthony did a great job explaining the diverse history of The Mansion and my wife and I enjoyed walking through, seeing all of the memorabilia, and finding secret doors. ”

Jacki Gannon on Mar 18, 2018 said:

“We did not know what to expect when we booked this venue as part of our management team retreat. We were WOW'd! I was given the description of there's no place like this on the planet -- and truly it is just that. We had a wonderful time touring the rooms, looking for secret doors and having engaging conversation about memories evoked by seeing some of the items on display. We will recommend this venue again and again to our colleagues. Well done! ”

Ally on Mar 18, 2018 said:

“This was the coolest museum we've ever been to! We went for the secret doors but definitely stayed for the amazing collection of things they have around the mansion. We could have spent our whole day there learning and exploring. Definitely will be back next time we come to the area! ”

Adam Brock on Mar 18, 2018 said:

“Had a lot of fun. Having a list of items to search for definitely made the experience more enjoyable. ”

Priscilla Glasow on Mar 8, 2018 said:

“We had a grand time at the Mansion on O Street! We have lived in the area for 24 years and had never heard of it. Ted explained that they stay off the radar, so we count ourselves very fortunate to have found it! It was difficult to focus on the list of things to find because there is so much to see. It's no wonder that people only find a handful of secret doors! While we were pretty hopeless with the list of things to find, we fared better with the secret doors - my husband found 5 and I found 3. It was such fun, especially for a life-long mystery reader such as myself. Of course, 3 out of 70 secret doors says I should go back to Nancy Drew! H. and Ted were very welcoming and it was fascinating to learn how The Mansion on O came about. Their focus on creativity, the arts, and the blessings they have been given made it such a lovely and fun day. ”

Mansion Tour Guest on Feb 28, 2018 said:

“I really enjoyed myself and can't wait to return ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Feb 27, 2018 said:

“We just wanted once again to tell you how much we enjoyed this tour! The other touristy museums are great, of course - but this one was a true treasure! We so enjoyed touring and looking for all of the "secrets of the mansion" - and the memorabilia was so much fun to view and to photograph!! Thank you so much again for opening this very special place for the public's enjoyment!! You made our anniversary trip so much more special!! ”

David Schwartz on Feb 21, 2018 said:

“My friends and I loved exploring The Mansion. We already decided that we are going back the next time we are in DC. My brother might see if he can do his 21st birthday there. I recommend this before all else. ”

Karen Moss on Feb 21, 2018 said:

“From the outside, the O Mansion appears to be a series of ordinary brownstones, but it is truly the most idiosyncratic museum I have ever visited! It contains history (Rosa Parks, J. Edgar Hoover and many others have stayed here), mystery (there are over 70 hidden doors), elegance and kitsch. Many rooms look like a giant flea market, and everything is for sale. And I mean everything -- from dusty old paperbacks to a dress Audrey Hepburn wore in "My Fair Lady"! We wandered around exploring in absolute delight for close to three hours! ”

Maggie Ratigan on Feb 21, 2018 said:

“We came here to celebrate our mom's 70th birthday and had a WONDERFUL time! Such a unique experience - a MUST if you're looking to do something other than monuments & museums. We also had the honor of meeting one of the owners, H! Will definitely be back again to find more secret doors :) ”

Leslie on Feb 21, 2018 said:

“AMAZING!!!!!!! ”

Michele & Catherine on Feb 21, 2018 said:

“The Mansion is terrific! What a cool place to explore... of course one visit is not enough, so we will have to come back many times to soak in all the delightful decor, memorabilia, exquisite details, etc... The Mansion is a true and unique gem! ”

Nina Carter on Feb 13, 2018 said:

“It was great! Definitely an awesome and unique experience! ”

Donna Shimshi on Feb 12, 2018 said:

“My friend and I had a great time exploring the mansion on our first visit. Can't wait to come back and see more! ”

Katherine Gariti on Feb 12, 2018 said:

“Fabulous experience exploring the many beautifully decorated themed rooms and hallways. Especially exciting was searching for and locating secret passageways! ”

Hilain Hector on Feb 10, 2018 said:

“Great experience we found 4 secret doors. Played pool in the John Lennon room and the wine cellar is amazing I wanna have a dinner party there. Good job keep it up ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Feb 8, 2018 said:

“We had a wonderful time at the Mansion. A big thanks to Marie, who was so welcoming! We chose to valet park...what a great decision as it was pouring when we arrived. It was a great time, and they served LaMarca Prosecco...yum! Thanks for a wonderful experience! ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Feb 7, 2018 said:

“It was a lot of fun! A very unique experience. We found 10 secret doors! The staff we encountered were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend. ”

Valentina Chegai on Feb 7, 2018 said:

“I loved the whole experience and yes, it is an experience. Will be back for sure. ”

Lami Jeffrey-Coker on Feb 7, 2018 said:

“My sincere gratitude for providing such a wonderful retreat from the madness outside the doors of the Mansion at O. ”

Ryan M Bacic on Feb 5, 2018 said:

“Our group of friends did a self-guided tour and spent a couple hours trying to find as many hidden doors as we could. (We found seven.) It was so much fun ”

Jennifer Duever on Feb 5, 2018 said:

“This is a wonderful place to visit. I will definitely recommend at every chance I get. Thank you! ”

Kirstin Dolan on Jan 31, 2018 said:

“The staff were friendly and helpful. Everything went as planned. The food was excellent. We loved looking for secret doors. Overall we were very pleased with the event. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Jan 25, 2018 said:

“It's a wonderful place to get lost in If you're tired of wandering, pick a comfy couch to sit on and read a book. There are books galore! As I ventured through the mansion, I learned about H.H. Leonard, the founder, through her books and from the staff. She's an inspiration, and you see that throughout the space. I will definitely be back! ”

Susan Gallagher on Jan 25, 2018 said:

“Our first time at the Mansion on O Street to see a band we love - Lez Zeppelin. It was a perfect experience. We found easy on-street parking about a block away. Arrived a little before the "doors open" time of 6 pm, and were allowed to go right in and save out seats. The band was practicing, so that was a nice perk. We took a walk and ate a nice dinner in the first place we came to - also a block away. Came back and had plenty of time to explore the museum and have a drink before the music started. The Mansion is full of interesting stuff, and no nook or cranny is off-limits. The hotel rooms are beautiful. And the concert space and music were great - as always with Lez Zeppelin. I hope the mansion adds more concerts, and we can't wait to go back - to see Lez Zeppelin and hopefully others. ”

Oliver Dziggel on Jan 25, 2018 said:

“I loved the show, and was pleased to attend the sound check. I loved the entire property - certainly a unique venue in the world of hospitality as well as performance space. ”

Jeff Holt on Jan 25, 2018 said:

“An excellent, intimate venue. ”

Lez Zepplin - Intimate Music Experience Guest on Jan 25, 2018 said:

“Your place is awesome, filled with so many crazy and interesting things, it would take days to see them all. I loved walking into the mansion, hearing the Beatles, seeing electric guitars in every room, photos of Janis Joplin, Jimi, Prince, Beatles photos which I had never seen in my life and so much more and then, to sit down in a chandelier filled room to watch an intimate, rocking, acoustic version of Led Zeppelin songs played by accomplished female musicians with the audience in a sing along. WOW. It doesn't get much better than this! ”

Cynthia and Joel on Jan 22, 2018 said:

“Thank you for a great afternoon! The hat will be worn proudly at the Preakness. ”

Heritage Beer Hunt Guest on Jan 13, 2018 said:

“So much fun! Wonderful staff/volunteers that made it even more amazing! ”

Mansion Tour Guest on Jan 13, 2018 said:

“Much fun. Thanks. ”

John Leary – Hotel Executive on Jan 11, 2018 said:

“I'm back in the office this morning and all my Team can talk about is our visit to the O Museum which did in fact inspire our imagination. It's interesting that even in an industry as creative and exciting as hotel design, it's easy to lose touch with our "inner selves". Kenny's poem absolutely blew my mind as he is one of our most technical and pragmatic team members. I feel particularly grateful that you were able to spend so much time with us. Your insights into the museum and the wonderful magic that frequently occurs there were fascinating. I'm a closet musician and I fully understand and appreciate the universal power of music so the museum held a special meaning for me. I still visit Strawberry Fields every time I'm in NY on business. ”

Michelle Parrish on Jan 10, 2018 said:

“I had a total blast. I enjoyed the expertly curated spaces. It was truly an exciting experience. I can't wait to return. ”

Arlene Gimovsky on Dec 27, 2017 said:

“Mere words cannot do justice to my feelings regarding the Mansion on O Street. It would be inadequate to say how fabulous my daughter's wedding was. The event was pure joy from the moment we arrived 4 days prior to the wedding day to our reluctant departure 2 days following the evening. It was obvious that everyone on staff, from H and Ted to the Chef and to the Interns love what they do every day and take enormous pride in providing their guests with the best experience imaginable. Whatever I envisioned for the wedding was far exceeded by the actual event. Every detail was perfect; the ceremony room was intimate, the cocktail hour was flowing with food and drink, the dinner was beautifully prepared, and the dessert table was the ultimate in extravagance. The DJ kept our guests on their feet, and the lipsologist provided a unique entertainment experience. The bride and groom were ecstatic, the guests were awed and no one wanted to leave. Personally, I would move right into the Mansion and stay there forever if they let me! ”

Angela Porter - infoblox on Dec 19, 2017 said:

“It really was a lot of fun and everything was perfect. ”

Amanda Woolard on Dec 3, 2017 said:

“https://youtu.be/tDKxeaXOAoY Let's see...a little about myself. I'm from NC and the only thing I love more than singing karaoke and making up my own lyrics would be my job. I am the Director of Admissions for a Therapeutic Boarding school located in the mountains of NC and it is so amazing and rewarding to know that every day we get an opportunity to help heal students and their families. I found my way to The Mansion as part of a hosted reception/event that was taking place while many of us were in town for a conference. I wasn't sure what to expect, but they had me at treasure hunt and secret doors. I love that The Mansion encourages creativity, challenges you to see beyond what's in front of you, and allows you to "get lost"! It was the first time in a very long time where I wasn't concerned about calls, emails, and text messages, but rather, I was able to enjoy those I was with and enjoy the gift of an unforgettable experience. Thanks for all you do! ”

Teresa on Dec 3, 2017 said:

“My family is most grateful for our Thanksgiving lunch at the Mansion on O. It was truly a wonderfully unique experience. This Thanksgiving, there were only four of us, and having our Thanksgiving meal in an expansive 19th century townhouse where others gathered to share the grand and delicious buffet, felt like we were celebrating with family and friends. We enjoyed the large selection of foods; including vegan, gluten free, and a children's section. After lunch, we pilgrims embarked on a journey throughout the mansion of united townhouses adorned with artifacts and all kinds of paraphernalia. The hidden wine cellar, log cabin suite, luxury wooden bathrooms, the working photo booth, and trying to find the 67 secret passage ways, were among are favorites. A big thank you to H, Ted, and their entire staff for sharing a very special Thanksgiving Day with us. ”

Rob Sheehan on Nov 25, 2017 said:

“The food was delicious. I only wish I could have stayed there all day and eaten. My niece and nephew loved wandering around the place. They didn't want to leave either. ”

Michael Pobat on Nov 25, 2017 said:

“The Mansion was awesome....the Thanksgiving meal was terrific and the Mansion is a great place to walk around....located in the heart of Dupont Circle it is in a great location...that staff are extremely friendly and helpful....I highly recommend a visit for lunch or dinner or a corporate event....I plan to go back to spend the night and really enjoy the ambiance...!!! ”

Shannon Olsen on Nov 25, 2017 said:

“Great place. Food was great. staff was friendly and helpful. Love to come again. Fun and different. ”

Thanksgiving Lunch & Tour Guest on Nov 25, 2017 said:

“Visiting the Mansion was great fun. The food was delicious and far above expectations. We really enjoyed exploring the place. Thanks for making our holiday special and unique. ”

Richard Rader on Nov 25, 2017 said:

“Overwhelming, huge talents in a small venue. Also, I was in wonderland, The Mansion on O Street is a dream world. ”

Thanksgiving Lunch & Tour Guest on Nov 25, 2017 said:

“We enjoyed our visit on Thanksgiving Day! I hope you had an enjoyable day! The Mansion at O Street is a special and wonderfully unique place to spend the afternoon. ”

Mary E on Nov 21, 2017 said:

“Everyone had a spectacular time, including the champagne drinkers! There is really nothing like wandering the mansion with a glass in hand. I can't imagine anything could have been improved upon. Zandi's friends and our whole family has been abuzz with the party ever since. Thanks again and know that we'll be back! ”

Briana Washington on Nov 21, 2017 said:

“Everything was WONDERFUL! Thank you all very much for your hospitality and first-class service. ”

Paul Sisco on Nov 17, 2017 said:

“I and my guests had a fully and thoroughly wonderful experience. For me a night I'll remember fondly for the rest of my life. I attended with songwriter musician and artist Heather Maxwell. A fascinating fun and intimate joy for both of us. ”

Magical History Tour Guest on Nov 15, 2017 said:

“We had fun wandering the mansion and seeing all the rooms even though I didn't find many secret doors! I was too busy looking at the stuff around me! Fun museum and interesting tidbits. ”

Debbie Crews on Nov 9, 2017 said:

“What a cool place! I loved the history the gentleman gave us in the beginning! He set the stage for us to have a leisurely walk through his house and to have fun with it! ”

Melissa on Nov 8, 2017 said:

“The Mansion was the perfect venue for our graduation luncheon. The presence of Lady H made the day. All of our guests were amazed with the house; food was great and the tours and time to network were all special because of the venue. Thank you! ”

Andrea Leeson on Nov 6, 2017 said:

“I brought my daughter and we had a great time. Not sure if we saw every bit of the Mansion but we had fun figuring it out. ”

Private Event Guest on Nov 6, 2017 said:

“A great experience and just what we were looking for! The food was good and so glad we added the cheese at the last minute. The staff was extremely friendly, including the interns, servers, bartender, and custodial staff. Would recommend this experience to anyone wanting a unique experience outside of the ordinary! ”

Susan Foord on Oct 26, 2017 said:

“I had my 70th birthday party at the Mansion on Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017. Everything was spectacular. All the guests enjoyed themselves so much and raved about the service, food and the entire experience. I felt thrilled to have my celebration with you and it was an evening I will not soon (or ever) forget. Thank you all for making this a magical event. ”

Hotel Guest on Oct 26, 2017 said:

“Living in my suite made me feel like queen of the world! It was so much fun. Thanks for your hospitality. ”

Farihah Sattar - DIT Solutions on Oct 18, 2017 said:

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. We really appreciate all you did for us. Our group enjoyed every minute spent in this beautiful mansion full of such amazing memories and history. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Oct 9, 2017 said:

“Staff is very friendly and enthusiastic! Great for big and small groups, so much to see! ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Oct 8, 2017 said:

“Coming back to find more doors! ”

Richard Williams on Oct 8, 2017 said:

“Docent Tracy provided us a great tour, and even hinted ever so slightly which rooms might have hidden doors! ”

Robin Stinson on Oct 5, 2017 said:

“Thank you for offering this free concert. It was wonderful as was the entire O Street mansion experience! Bravo once again! ”

John Batdorf - Intimate Music Experience Guest on Oct 5, 2017 said:

“Wonderful evening in a fantastic place. The bartender was super friendly and made great drinks. ”

Tim Lorenz on Oct 4, 2017 said:

“I love this place and am considering donating my quirky collections of antique film gear, toys, and various & sundry odd-ball curiosities. ”

Alvin Stenzel on Oct 2, 2017 said:

“After the great 125th Anniversary Building Concert and Celebration, I went on YouTube and watched other performances by the artists. I was struck by the differences between the performances at O Street compared to their other performances, even the ones at the White House. The intimacy of the performances at O Street was worlds beyond what I saw on YouTube. The quality of the performances was not different, but the "feel" at O Street was so much more powerful. I think that speaks to many things about O Street, especially to the affection the artists have for H and Ted and the Mansion. I believe that when we talk about performances at O Street, that should always be mentioned . . . that an audience can almost assuredly expect to see aspects of the artists that they would not see in a larger, less personal venue. I love it at The Mansion and O Museum! ”

Nancy B on Oct 1, 2017 said:

“We had a great time - the grandkids were totally occupied looking for the secret doors and the adults enjoyed the champagne and hidden treasures! ”

Erica on Oct 1, 2017 said:

“I truly enjoyed my visit. The history, the tour guide, the staff...everything was like a magical mystery ride. Just fanciful. I absolutely loved looking at the all of the incredible items that decorate the property. There were some great finds in every nook and cranny. ”

Jim Nunally on Sep 28, 2017 said:

“We had to leave early on Thursday before anyone was up and about. As busy as we were I was unable to really enjoy the Mansion as much as I wish I could have. If I could have had another week I would have written at least one song inspired by your books H. Those insightful prose are inspiring. I especially liked the one I think was on page 62 or 63 about not being to blame for what happens to you as a child, that is a powerful message. Thank you for: Your caring Your kindness Your appreciation Your knowledge Your understanding Your support Your inspiration Your sharing Your open hearts For being yourselves. With love and appreciation. May the sun shine to brighten your days. ”

Mansion Tour Guest on Sep 26, 2017 said:

“We brought our two boys and they loved trying to find secret doors and clues. It was a great time for everyone! ”

Dan Foldes on Sep 23, 2017 said:

“We didn't get a proper goodbye with you, but I wanted to make sure to reach out and thank you for yours and H's hospitality with our group this week. Thank you SO much! We loved everything about the Mansion - the people, the decor, the secret doors, the music, the inspiration - and we can't wait to come back. ”

Jeff Streed on Sep 22, 2017 said:

“The museum is the best place we have visited in years. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Sep 21, 2017 said:

“It was terrific. We enjoyed ourselves so much. How great to think that you have provided shelter to artists and rising artists and others such as Rosa Parks. Tremendous. We will be back. ”

Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band - Intimate Music Experience on Sep 20, 2017 said:

“Meeting Ted and seeing the Mansion!! Wow, combine it with music from Nell Robinson and it was just fantastic! Can't wait to see more concerts here! ”

Jeffrey Streed on Sep 17, 2017 said:

“Just amazing. We stayed two hours but could have stayed two more. It was rich and creative. We found 7 of 70 secret doors and felt pretty good about ourselves! And the idea of sharing the space with rooms for short and long term guests and artists is such a open and trusting. We will definitely be coming back and sending our friends too. Thanks for being there! ”

Helena Ferret on Sep 17, 2017 said:

“Excellent presentation by staff member. Plenty of time to explore. A fabulous outing! ”

Kim Eley on Sep 16, 2017 said:

“Thank you for being a beacon of creativity, wonder, imagination, fun and play-fulness! Such a delight sharing the wonders of The Mansion with friends and family. Love you! ”

Madeline on Sep 16, 2017 said:

“We had a great time! It was really fun searching for all the secret doors. Also, the person who explained the "rules" to us was really great. ”

Tom Beers on Sep 16, 2017 said:

“What a fantastic evening, the mansion was a perfect backdrop for my wife's prohibition-era themed 40th birthday party. The staff were so attentive, no detail was left unplanned. Our friends (and more importantly my wife) have raved about the evening. We will definitely be back and so will they! ”

Marni Coleman on Sep 14, 2017 said:

“A wonderful time once again! My 5-year-old talks about "secret doors" all the time now! ”

Aaron Copeland on Sep 14, 2017 said:

“You guys were wonderful. The planning of this retreat was very last minute for us. Your patience was truly appreciated. Everybody had a good time and the planned outcome was achieved. We look forward to being frequent visitors to the mansion. You probably hear this all the time; but, we had a Great Experience. ”

Stevie Combs on Sep 14, 2017 said:

“A great night of friends and music! The staff were extremely nice and helpful and Ted was the most gracious host! Thanks you O St Mansion! I will def be back! ”

Kathy Matlesky on Sep 14, 2017 said:

“We had a lovely , lovely time at our son's rehearsal dinner. Your staff , your collection, and the magnificent food will be talked about across many states. I cannot thank you enough for your help. The weekend was so successful at bringing our families together! ”

Debbi on Aug 28, 2017 said:

“We had a fantastic visit and plan to return again, soon! We have some out of town friends who will definitely be brought on a visit to the museum on their next visit. ”

Elizabeth Miller on Aug 28, 2017 said:

“I've been to the mansion several times with multiple groups. My guests did have a blast. I appreciated that there weren't too many ppl in the mansion. Just enough that I could mention here and there to someone leaving a room that I found a secret door in there and their face would light up and they would venture back to look harder. I will continue to bring guests to the mansion for many years. ”

Jessica Maestas-Wilson on Aug 21, 2017 said:

“Awesome experience, definitely coming back and bringing the kids. ”

Don on Aug 19, 2017 said:

“The volunteers sharing stories about the house were delightful and informative. The house itself was an incredible experience: educational, mysterious, and fun. We loved our time there! ”

Gail Griffith on Aug 19, 2017 said:

“There's nothing quite like an evening at the Mansion. Wonderful vibe, great music and terrific hosts in H and Ted Spero. ”

Barrett Caldwell on Aug 17, 2017 said:

“A fantastic and intimate evening of great music, both very familiar and quite excitingly new. I have seen Esperanza twice before, and this is by far the most relaxed and "tuned in" that I have seen her, allowing me to appreciate what a profound talent she is. I had never heard Leni Stern before, but now I want to go and buy some / most (all?) of her albums. Of course, JD Souther's songs are iconic and pervasive, but his stories and his soul weaving them was a particular joy. Again, I had never heard Ida before, but her voice (and the spot-on accuracy of the duets with JD) was a true treat. ”

Carolyn Howell on Aug 17, 2017 said:

“The concert was a true phenomenon. In that intimate setting we were both entertained and transported away. Thank you to you and Ted. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Aug 16, 2017 said:

“A super unique time and the staff is very friendly. ”

Esperanza Spalding & JD Souther - Benefit Concert Guest on Aug 16, 2017 said:

“One of the best concerts I have ever attended and a beautiful venue. Thank you. ”

Christopher Walker on Aug 16, 2017 said:

“Friendly staff, cozy setting, good acoustics, and outstanding performance! ”

Christopher Latterell on Aug 16, 2017 said:

“Inspired indeed! Both the setting and the artists were simply extraordinary! What we found so charming and intimate, was the way the people in the audience -- friends and personal business contacts of Ted & H -- made the setting and the overall night something never to be forgotten. Speaking with the artists, engaging and encapsulating their music, their storytelling in a way that made it feel like Home for EVERYBODY. A truly gorgeous and fluid evening of laughter, shared expression and WHoa... AMAZING treats, sweets and devilish chocolate!! Thank you Ted & H., it meant a lot to share such a moment with you and your tribe of artists and humans! ”

Self-Guided Tour Guest on Aug 15, 2017 said:

“Love it. So much fun! ”

Hotel Guest on Aug 15, 2017 said:

“I wanted to show this place to my kids. My wife and I wanted them to know that a place like yours is life, is culture, is knowledge, is peace! ”

Virginia Goodwin on Aug 14, 2017 said:

“Our visit to The O Mansion was a delightful experience. It was well worth the trip from Atlanta. The history of the Mansion, the amazing decor mixed with nostalgia, celebrity memorabilia, and the festive ambiance were unique and captivating. One visit can only provide a glimpse into a world reminiscent of T.S. Elliot's initial Invitation through the wardrobe. H provides a unique venue for authors, artists, collectors, musicians, brides and grooms and celebrants to enjoy those special moments in an unbelievably almost surreal "world". One visit is surely not enough. ”

Wedding Guests on Aug 14, 2017 said:

“Everything was fabulous! The staff did a wonderful job, it could not have gone better. All the guests were really impressed by the dessert room. ”

Greg - Julian Tours/ Disney on Aug 11, 2017 said:

“Thank you Ted, H, V, and the Mansion Staff - for your hospitality and service. ”

Espionage Scavenger Hunt Guest on Aug 10, 2017 said:

“An absolutely phenomenal and unique experience, I plan to come back! ”

Stephanie Ann Nagg on Aug 10, 2017 said:

“Loved walking through the mansion and finding secret doors! All of the decor was fun to look at as well. I hope to stay as a guest in the future. It was a pleasure talking to you H. ”

Teri on Aug 10, 2017 said:

“I was looking for something fun and different to do with my 86 year old mother and happened upon your Groupon ad. When I picked her up, all I told her was she had to wear walking shoes. She's an adventurous soul so she changed her shoes and we were off. On the metro, mom kept eyeing the map trying to figure out where we might end up but I wouldn't tell. On the short walk over from Dupont Circle she mentioned she hadn't been in the area in years but that we were near where her mother went to finishing school in the 1920s (the Colonial School for Girls). At the mansion, we were ushered to the bar to start our Champaign tour by H herself (what a lovely woman!). What an adventure we had! Every room and corridor was overflowing with creative charm. We had such fun talking about all the wonderful art, antiques, books, and knick-nacks. The crystal chandeliers were beautiful! Although we found only a few of the secret doors, the hunt brought out the sleuth in both of us. Thank you for a very special mother/daughter adventure day at the O Mansion. ”

Victoria on Aug 10, 2017 said:

“My husband and I had so much fun looking through each room and finding the hidden doors. We found about 9 of them so we want to come back another time soon and find more. The staff was informative and pleasant. Highly recommend this place and we will absolutely tell others of our experience. ”

Penthouse Tour Guest on Aug 1, 2017 said:

“H - you're a great entrepreneur. You've created a very unique experience for DC; would like to have the opportunity to donate some items in the future. ”

Sydney on Aug 1, 2017 said:

“A great experience for our first time! We came to celebrate our anniversary and it was a fun way to explore and work as a team and be surprised! We wish we could have had more hints or clues to find more doors - it was difficult but we found 8! Great, great experience! ”

Ashley Storm on Aug 1, 2017 said:

“We had a wonderful time! We loved how eclectic the mansion is and how each time it's different! Its a place that if you wait for a bit and return, it's entirely new! Would highly recommend. ”

Jennifer Ward on Aug 1, 2017 said:

“Will definitely be coming back. ”

Marie Gambino on Jul 27, 2017 said:

“A truly wonderful experience!! The best and most unique experience during our stay in DC! We will be back! ”

Mansion Tour Guest on Jul 25, 2017 said:

“Thank you! We truly enjoyed our visit! This has been one of our favorite experiences in D.C. so far. We took a Monuments by Moonlight tour last night on an Old Town Trolley. We were picked up by the driver at our hotel and we rode alone with him for a while. He asked us what we'd done and we told him about The Mansion. He hadn't heard of it before! He was interested and researched it on his phone while we were off at one of the monuments. By the end of the tour, he was recommending it to the whole bus! ”

Mara on Jul 24, 2017 said:

“I brought my kids to tour the mansion and we had a blast looking for secret doors! They loved it! ”

Sherif on Jul 24, 2017 said:

“It's a unique and intriguing place, full of mystery and quirky decor ranging from antique to modern, including a full log cabin. We had fun exploring and enjoyed looking for the secret doors. We found about 5 ... Would love to find some of the others. ”

Gwen Garfinkle on Jul 19, 2017 said:

“Loved it. Could have stayed for longer w/o kids needing to move on. Bringing back lots of folks. ”

Bill Eisnaugle on Jul 18, 2017 said:

“Amazing place. We had a fantastic time wondering around. Thank you for all the work that goes into a place like this. ”

Self-Guided Tour Guest on Jul 17, 2017 said:

“What an amazing imagination to create this wonderful place. Could have spent hours looking at vinyl or old Life Magazines (comics too). We took some really fun candids. Staff was friendly and informative. Enjoyed the bluegrass music. Met other interesting guests wandering. Love that all the items were for sale and many of the proceeds go to the foundation. We'd definitely come back and try the specific treasure hunts based on theme. We had a great afternoon! ”

Richard B. Rosenblatt on Jul 17, 2017 said:

“My wife and I had a very enjoyable time. Staff and owners/caretakers were very friendly and we had an enjoyable experience. Would definitely recommend and come back again. ”

Self Guided Tour Guest on Jul 15, 2017 said:

“I live in the city and I have visited the Mansion at least 6 times prior, and my last visit still felt like a mini vacay. I will continue to spread the word and bring more friends. ”

Hannah Hansen on Jul 12, 2017 said:

“Moved to DC a few months ago, and by far one of the best date night activities. Lack of crowds, exploration, and the feeling of being cut off from the outside world- so refreshing! I didn't think I would actually shop either... next time I really am bringing my shopping bags! ”

Emily Ball on Jul 10, 2017 said:

“Brought my boyfriend for his birthday and we absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for the lovely experience! We'll be back! ”

Chris Crooks on Jun 19, 2017 said:

“The Mansion on O was seriously one of the coolest places i have ever been. I have lived in Amsterdam, Paris, and Boston. I have travelled extensively and outside of the natural wonders of this world the Mansion is one of the coolest, fun experiences I have had. Highly recommend this place, will be my go to when people visit me in DC. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Jun 19, 2017 said:

“I took my husband here to try out something new on his birthday- we had a blast! ”

M. Jane Markley on Jun 19, 2017 said:

“Excellent tour. Ryan was exceptionally good and very well dressed. He made the tour special. Well done overall. Thanks. Have already recommended it to several other of our friends. ”

Bob Miller on Jun 19, 2017 said:

“That was a lot of fun ”

Ellie on Jun 7, 2017 said:

“We had a wonderful time exploring on our own! We will definitely pass along the word that this is "the" place to visit in DC, and plan on returning in the near future. Definitely a hidden treasure! Lucky us, we were able to have this experience. Thanks to all who had a part. ”

Sophana, International Finance Corporation on Jun 6, 2017 said:

“Our two day retreat went very well and everyone loved it! The food was excellent and staff were super friendly and provided excellent service! ”

Vanessa Hernandez on Jun 5, 2017 said:

“Great experience! All staff were friendly and full of fun facts. ”

Angela L Feeser on Jun 5, 2017 said:

“This tour was awesome. Thanks for being great hosts for my birthday celebration. ”

Linda Fecteau on Jun 5, 2017 said:

“Stayed the night in the St. Andrew suite to celebrate a good friend's 50th birthday. Us 5 ladies had a fantastic time! Upon our arrival we were greeted by V who escorted us to our suite followed by a great tour of the Mansion. We wandered around the Mansion searching for hidden doors and looking at all of the unique and quirky items all of which are for sale! Thanks Mansion on O Street for a great experience! ”

Patty Rangel on May 26, 2017 said:

“A journey of the self where many memories were triggered..some good, some bad but inspiring spiritually in the lesson of "Letting Go". What a treasure of a creative space! My soul was able to breathe. My mind was inspired to create! ”

Kimberly K. Parker on May 26, 2017 said:

“We loved it! It was the best field trip I've had since beginning my career at the college. Thank you! ”

Dr. Robin Belamaric on May 23, 2017 said:

“O Street Mansion is mind-blowing Lu awesome! It reminded me of C.S. Lewis - meets - Willy Wonka! This is the place my childhood self always dreamed existed - and it does not disappoint. Getting to know H through her relaxed and welcoming hospitality was an equal delight! Kindness, wisdom, character strength, and beauty radiate through the Mansion's visionary founder and hostess. My family and I keep thinking of events that will bring us back...treasure hunt, sleepovers, birthday parties, fundraising dinners, corporate retreats, etc. I HIGHLY recommend this as a Must-See Washington Museum! ”

Champagne Tour Guest on May 23, 2017 said:

“We had a fantastic time! Such fun trying to discover all of the secret doors and exploring all of the memorabilia and art you have throughout the house. Thanks for a wonderful experience! ”

Eve Young on May 17, 2017 said:

“My friend and I had a delightful time exploring the mansion. When we left we were surprised that our visit had been three hours because we were enjoying ourselves so much. Thank you for a lovely visit. ”

Aimee LaMere on May 13, 2017 said:

“I travel quite a bit and this place was a great find! Relaxed and intriguing place! So much too see, surely come back to actually stay and find more then the three secret doors we found. Hours and hours of fun. We were even offered umbrellas to borrow because of the rain which we returned after a jog to a restaurant of their recommendation, which was amazing (Asia 54)! So generous and kind. Love love this mansion! A must visit! ”

Carrie Pritts on May 12, 2017 said:

“It was so fun! We found 5 of the hidden doors. It's the little things that prove quality and attention to detail. I definitely want to come back and try some of the other events. ”

Kera on May 8, 2017 said:

“I love that place! ”

Charlene Bolden on May 8, 2017 said:

“My entire experience was breathtaking and phenomenal! I loved it so much and guests all had a 5*Experience. Thank you ”

Kathy Dircks on May 4, 2017 said:

“Fantastic combination of museum and flea market ever with a glass of champagne and secret doors to find!! What's not to like?? Something for everyone. Not to mention it's a hotel that's definitely kind of quirky. Room after room hidden staircases!! What a find!!! ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Apr 29, 2017 said:

“Our Group had a great experience at the mansion. All of the staff was extremely generous and accommodating. The owners are a joy. We were able find 5 secret doors/ passages and the hidden wine cellar. Even if we had not, this place would still have been a pleasure. Its truly a unique experience and hidden treasure in DC. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Apr 29, 2017 said:

“The tour was definitely a conversation starter. It made us curious and we perused the Mansion's website. We found more interesting information. My daughter next attended a concert and found out a lot more and kept texting me surprising factoids. We will certainly put The Mansion on O Street on our list of where to send friends and family for a bit of eccentric fun when they visit DC. ”

Kelli Ackiewicz on Apr 29, 2017 said:

“Loved it! Our students fell in love with your place. It is a true fun house for adults. So much to explore and see...and the history! They had a blast. I thought the pre-talk was excellent and really set the stage for the fun to come. Thank you for having us! ”

Laura on Apr 26, 2017 said:

“We had a great time, but next time we are bringing our curious sons, without them, we only found five of the hidden doors! ”

Mipso Concert Guest on Apr 26, 2017 said:

“Setting for concert felt intimate and warm but also with great acoustics. Mipso was really impressive. Great match for show and venue. ”

Thomas Doochin on Apr 26, 2017 said:

“Incredible time. Jonathan showed us around after the concert--what an ambassador he is for the space. ”

Mipso Concert Guest on Apr 26, 2017 said:

“The mansion was fun as always. ”

Self-Guided Tour Guest on Apr 25, 2017 said:

“Overall, this was such a great visit! My company said it was their favorite part of the trip - they loved how inactive and accessible your space was for all of us! Thanks for providing a fun afternoon! ”

Adrian Nesta on Apr 25, 2017 said:

“What an incredible experience! The venue was spectacular, I was lucky enough to come early enough to explore most of it and I still felt like there was so much I had yet to discover. Truly a 20th century music/pop culture wonderland. Additionally, all of the staff were very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. As for the concert, it matched the energy of Mansion and was a moving performance by a talented artist. Made for an unforgettable Sunday evening! ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Apr 25, 2017 said:

“What an enjoyable experience! We loved the secret doors and were excited to find 5 of them. Looking forward to returning with more friends! ”

Self Guided Tour Guest on Apr 20, 2017 said:

“The staff was so pleasant. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously, we cannot wait to come back! ”

Denise Harvey on Apr 18, 2017 said:

“Spent Sunday afternoon at The Mansion with my sister. I had been there before and LOVED it again on this visit. My sister had never been and was visiting from out of town. She had such a great time that now her teenage son and our mom want to visit to try and beat the 8 doors that she and I found! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful building and all of its treasures! ”

Mansion Tour Guest on Apr 18, 2017 said:

“I am glad that I found out about your existence. We had a marvelous time exploring the mansion and trying to find the 70 hidden doors. We only managed to find 5. However, we enjoyed looking at the way you decorated the mansion. We hope to visit again in the near future. ”

Kathryn on Apr 18, 2017 said:

“It was cool to find various secret passageways and rooms. I like the theme rooms and some items that fit the theme. I loved the historical building itself and find that to be cool enough to explore. Will definitely come back with friends. This would be an amazing bachelor/bachelorette party location if you do such things. ”

Laura Cernansky on Apr 17, 2017 said:

“We had an amazing time at the Mansion on O Street. The owners and staff were friendly and knowledgeable. We were given an amazing tour of the house before going to our suite. The room was fantastic. I would definitely go back to the Mansion on O Street because it is truly a unique experience! ”

Susie Markland on Apr 16, 2017 said:

“Wonderful songwriters, great music, great fun. Always an awesome experience at The O! ”

Alaina on Apr 12, 2017 said:

“My friend and I were not quite sure what to expect and the Mansion delivered the most unique experience! Our host - Vinayak - was a perfect gentleman and answered all our questions. Touring the mansion was our final stop on our few days in DC and it was the perfect send off. There is so much to see we can't wait to come back. Thanks again! ”

William Kinsman on Apr 10, 2017 said:

“I can't believe that a place like the O-street mansion exists. It seems like a hidden treasure and a must see of D.C.. The O-street mansions is one of the best places in D.C. to see the history and culture of the city encapsulated. Its incredible charm and unusual layout makes the experience of spending time in the hotel engrossing. I had such a great time on the tour searching for the rooms where certain musicians stayed or Looking for hidden doorways that I had to go through all the floor twice to make sure I did't miss everything! The hotel not only seems like it would be an incredibly fun place to stay but also it seemed like the staff - who were incredibly welcoming - managed to let people explore the hotel on their own without impinging on the privacy of those staying there. I also really admired how open and welcoming the mansion is with it's residency programs for artists and heroes which hosted Rosa Parks for many years as a resident! I! am really glad to have found out about the O street mansion. I only have praise for the staff and owners who have managed to create an incredibly unique experience that is welcoming to both those who wish to stay there and those who attend the museum tours or the events that are held there regularly. ”

Ann Beasley on Apr 3, 2017 said:

“We enjoyed our visit to the Mansion. We come to D.C. Each year for business And have seen most of the monuments and museums over time. This was something different and fun. First we were looking for treasure hunt items and admiring the Mansion. Then we were just looking for hidden doors. We were entertained for over 2 hours. ”

Guayi on Apr 3, 2017 said:

“Great place!!! We had a wonderful time. ”

Richard Arenberg on Apr 1, 2017 said:

“We had a wonderful stay in the Country room. Couldn't have been any better. We loved the O Street Mansion. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Apr 1, 2017 said:

“Loved it. Wish we had more time. Btw the man who greeted us was super helpful and friendly. ”

Self Guided Tour Guest on Apr 1, 2017 said:

“We came in as a family; 2 adults and 2 pre-teen boys. It was hard to tell who enjoyed the experience more. The introduction was great before running off to explore! We appreciate the coat and bag check. Luckily we were able to uncover 7 different secret passageways/rooms. Overall, great experience! Would recommend. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Mar 27, 2017 said:

“Mansion on O Street is one of my all time favorite destinations and places to bring people. Everyone I have introduced the Mansion to has loved it. From young kids to my mom. ”

Karen Cohen on Mar 27, 2017 said:

“The Rock and Roll Hunt tour was awesome, every room and niche is filled with memorabilia, not all rock and roll related but fascinating all the same. We were just amazed at the accumulation of noteworthy, silly, serious items, Janis Joplin's death certificate, guitars signed-we found the Springsteen one, dolls of all shapes and sizes, paintings, so much and ALL FOR SALE. I can't wait to go again! And I will bring all my visitors to this place, a DC landmark for sure. ”

Scott Williamson on Mar 27, 2017 said:

“Staff very accommodating and hospitable, especially the "bartender" who had only been there three weeks (working on his masters). very enjoyable. ”

Katharine Owens on Mar 25, 2017 said:

“We found 11 doors. Looking forward to coming back again and again until we find the rest of them. ”

Eric Taylor - Intimate Music Experience Guest on Mar 23, 2017 said:

“Loved it! Best concert venue ever! Thank you Ted and H! ”

Maria Pia – Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization on Mar 23, 2017 said:

“Thank you for such wonderful event!! My guests were thrilled! ”

Self-Guided Tour Guest on Mar 22, 2017 said:

“We had a blast exploring the Mansion with our teenage daughter. There was more to see and to do than we imagined! ”

Danita Bass on Mar 20, 2017 said:

“We had a wonderful time and I'm still amazed by the Mansion. This is the start of a beautiful partnership. I know there was a lot of changes and you hit every mark, from the food to the meeting space and private setting. You also helped me stay in budget. Our team had a very successful meeting and I can't thank you enough. ”

Champagne Tour Guest on Mar 20, 2017 said:

“A must-see place in DC! I lived in the metro DC area for more than 20 years, and I can't believe that I found out about this place only two weeks ago. My girlfriends and I visited the mansion during a girls day out. It was great fun. ”

Chris Starr on Mar 12, 2017 said:

“Brought my niece there for the self tour and glass of champagne. We so enjoyed roaming the house and the history. All the lightening was amazing to think it was all donated. The guest rooms were fun and quite special in their decorations. The thoughts of having events there seem special and fun!!! The hidden wine and dinning room was so great. I can see having a small special dinner in there for sure. It was also very informative to speak to you and your husband of the love and work that was put into the home. Will definitively pass along the tours to my friends to come and visit. Also a special thanks for letting us leave our car at your lot while we went off to have lunch. Thanks again for a fun couple of hours. ”

Angel Brown on Mar 10, 2017 said:

“We had a ball! Thank you! ”

Self-Guided Tour Guest on Mar 6, 2017 said:

“My boys had a great time exploring the mansion. The experience was unique, fun and a little mysterious! We had a great time. ”

Graciela & Leigh on Mar 1, 2017 said:

“What a wonderful find in DC! We had a wonderful time exploring and observing all the things this place has to offer. We wished we could have stayed there for longer than we did, and will definitely come back if we're back in the area! ”

Lauren Wheeler on Feb 28, 2017 said:

“We had a blast! Found 11 secret doors and enjoyed every minute of exploring. We can't wait to come back for another event and hope to see the parts of the mansion that were off limits before! ”

Breakfast Tour Guest on Feb 28, 2017 said:

“The mansion is amazing, the staff are all gracious and attentive. The quality and presentation of the continental breakfast was good. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to many future visits. Patron comments - Great and unusual trip to a most interesting place. Truly enjoyed it. This trip was unique and informative. The knowledge that Rosa Parks lived there was new information for me. Wonderful! Spectacular - lovely. Different and tons of fun. Thank you! Really neat, unexpected experience. It was amazing. ”

Jon & Jennifer Worman on Feb 26, 2017 said:

“For so long we have heard wonderful things about the Mansion on O Street and we finally were able to experience it for ourselves. To say we absolutely enjoyed it would be an understatement! From our unique and eclectic room (Garden Room) to the impeccable and friendly service, the Mansion gave us limitless possibilities. 22 hidden doors, compartments, and passages we found during our stay! Can't wait to come back and find the rest. Thank you for a once in a lifetime experience, Mansion! ”

Amy on Feb 21, 2017 said:

“It was a very cool place and location. ”

Michele Atha on Feb 20, 2017 said:

“Thoroughly enjoy the mansion. It is a one of a kind experience. ”

Tour Guest on Feb 20, 2017 said:

“My daughter and I really enjoyed the mansion, it was much larger than we expected. ”

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2017 said:

“This is just a wonderful venue to see a performer. If you get a chance to attend an event at the Mansion, GO! You will not regret it. I have seen JD before, and this night was the best. An intimate night with friends and beautiful music in an amazing space. Awesome! ”

Christina McCurry on Feb 17, 2017 said:

“This was my first visit to the mansion and my expectations were more than met. After seeing the mansion on a TV show on travel channel I decided to check it out for myself. I brought my boyfriend with me and we had a magical day exploring the Mansion. It was fun to do something different for a change and explore a piece of history. We both love music and very much enjoyed all the different items in the mansion that showcase so much music history. We actually managed to find 5 hidden doors and were very proud of ourselves. We hope to return again and hope to one time stay the night at the magical mansion. Thank you so much. ”

Janice Dodd on Feb 17, 2017 said:

“It really was a wonderful evening...Ted and H are amazing hosts and I've loved every evening and event I've spent there! ”

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2017 said:

“You have such a lovely staff. It was so much fun to check out this very special place. Loved the intimate singer songwriter experience with JD Souther. I look forward to coming back. ”

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2017 said:

“Wow..last night was so incredibly special...the setting, the music, the whole event. You continue to raise the bar with these intimate concerts. Just spectacular....thanks for doing what you do! ”

Ines on Feb 14, 2017 said:

“Loved it! Enjoyed all of the details, secret doors. The champagne was such a nice treat during the tour. Had a lot of fun! Have lived in D.C. area for 30 years and this was my first time visiting. Think it would be an amazing venue to host an event. Loved the Rosa Parks and John Lennon rooms. but my favorite was the log cabin and the secret wine cellar! ”

Val on Feb 14, 2017 said:

“wonderful, fun place. Great time with my friend !! ”

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2017 said:

“Great visit! Loved how friendly and knowledgeable the staff was! ”

Jeannie Volpe on Feb 13, 2017 said:

“This was the most fun!! Elena was a doll. I'm glad I came at an off peak time. I felt like I had the place to myself even though I could hear other people talking. I will be back the next time I am in dc! ”

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2017 said:

“Absolute nothing like it!! It was an excellent experience. We surprised our friend for her 67th birthday. She LOVED it!! She said that it was the best birthday experience she has ever had. Thank you for helping us make her day so special!! ”

Michael on Feb 7, 2017 said:

“So much to see and so much fun seeing it ! ”

Angela on Feb 7, 2017 said:

“Loved the experience. We had tons of fun exploring and discovering all of the hidden wonders and gems. Everyone we met and talked to were interesting, helpful and enjoyable to talk to. Wine cellar might have been our favorite location but it is truly hard to choose. We would have loved to go out on unoccupied balconies and additional glasses of champagne were very pricey. But other than that, the entire experience was wonderful! ”

Mark D. LoPresto on Feb 5, 2017 said:

“The Mansion on O is fantastic on so many different levels: physical, emotional, spiritual. If you find someone who isn't mesmerized by the Mansion, they have no soul. Mark D. LoPresto ”

Anonymous on Feb 5, 2017 said:

“Our visit was great. We can't wait to come back and explore more of the mansion. ”

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2017 said:

“I loved it. It was a blast! I would and already have recommended it to a few friends! ”

Moxy Witter on Jan 31, 2017 said:

“Vinayak was very helpful and fun giving us the "need to know" speech at the beginning of our self-guided tour. My friend and I found seven of the hidden passages, mostly because we heard other people exclaiming over them. It would be cool to visit on a quiet day when you can just explore and look for the passages. I'll have to go back and look at all the items lying around, as this visit was more focused on the excitement of the treasure-hunt aspect. Definitely a cool place. ”

Laura Ewan on Jan 31, 2017 said:

“It was fantastic. In addition to an experience and environment you just can't find anywhere else, the Mansion staff were welcoming, accommodating, and added to the fun of our New Member event. We will definitely be back for a larger event that our entire chapter can enjoy. ”

Irene Garcia on Jan 31, 2017 said:

“My husband and I visited the mansion for my husband's birthday. We had a great time doing the treasure hunt. I attended a party in the evening and recommended the mansion to everyone at the party as a place they must visit. When I arrived at work today, I told everyone I worked with to visit the mansion. It was surprising how many people have lived in the area for years and never visited the mansion. Visiting the mansion is a must do. It is on the top of my list of what I will recommend to people that visit DC. ”

Liza Uddin on Jan 28, 2017 said:

“Lovely place filled with so many treasures. So much to see...absolutely enjoyed seeing the mansion, ”

Adrienne Kimball on Jan 28, 2017 said:

“This was my second visit to the mansion, but the first with my children (7 &8 years old). Your staff was patient and informative. We had a wonderful time exploring each room and enjoying something extraordinary about D.C. Love from Philadelphia, Adrienne, Max and Leo ”

Acquanetta Warren on Jan 24, 2017 said:

“Our visit was outstanding and so educational. Ted your team is amazing and we will return. We love "The Lighthouse". Everything we needed was close. The subway,Starbucks, great Resturant's and wonderful people . Thanks so much! Love your great wife. "H"! Mayor Acquanetta Warren ”

Christine Eisenberg on Jan 24, 2017 said:

“Loved the personal touch that Ted and H. gave to us on our visit! We thoroughly enjoyed our welcome chat with Ted and conversations with H. about the charming and historical pieces we discovered on our tour. We left with lasting memories and treasures, and I'm looking forward to returning with my husband and other friends from out-of-town. Thank you! It was magical. And the valet service that Ted provided was really, really appreciated as our arms were full of goodies : ) ”

Tammy Jones on Jan 17, 2017 said:

“It was a wonderful experience. The mansion in magnificent and being able to explore it and look for secret passageways at our own pace was great fun and very interesting. We loved how different all the rooms were and how eclectic the dcor! Staff was warm, friendly, informative, and helpful! ”

Anonymous on Jan 15, 2017 said:

“It was great!!! Thanks to one of the owners (Ted?) for giving us a chill greeting and pointing us to the secret wine / Illuminati room just off the kitchen. I will be back, with friends, soon. ”

Eddie Engles on Jan 9, 2017 said:

“So much fun and so interesting. Can't wait to come back!! ”

Elaine Homstad on Jan 3, 2017 said:

“This is the second (but not the last!) time I visited. It was the first time for my guest. We both loved it! Seeing the Holiday decorations and knick-knacks was a treat, and I was able to see more of the guest rooms than the last time I was there. I also found the wine cellar this time! This place is a real gem! ”

Jen K on Jan 1, 2017 said:

“The museum at O street is a amazing place and continues to evolve. My second visit and my families first. H and Ted are fantastic people with a giving spirit. Don't miss this opportunity to open your mind. ”

Anonymous on Jan 1, 2017 said:

“There were five of us. We truly enjoyed our visit. We plan to return. At least 2 of the people in my group are also planning to come back with other friends. I will be looking into planning a dinner, tea, or some other event with a group of friends. ”

Anonymous on Jan 1, 2017 said:

“So interesting! The most fun was looking for the secret doors ”

Julie Russell on Jan 1, 2017 said:

“I loved every minute! Will come back to spend more time looking at things and memories in the rooms. Loved the private room on the bottom floor with the piano and fish back chairs. ”

Katie on Jan 1, 2017 said:

“The staff was really nice and seemed excited to throw a fact your way. They didn't seem "over it". It was so cool to see the owners milling around. They were so friendly and when I booked too many tickets, they immediately took care of the situation. It was so interesting and different than the normal DC tourist attraction! ”

Anonymous on Dec 31, 2016 said:

“We had a wonderful time exploring the mansion! We'll definitely be back. :) ”

Anonymous on Dec 31, 2016 said:

“A fantastic, one-of-a-kind, unique experience. Thanks! ”

Anonymous on Dec 31, 2016 said:

“Everything was great - easy, low key - fascinating. Thank you for your efforts. We wish you every success and hopefully we will plan a festive event there in 2017. s. ”

Steven Keating on Dec 26, 2016 said:

“Incredible tour, amazing atmosphere, beautiful architecture, fascinating people - all made for such an intriguing day! Thanks again, -Steve ”

Ron on Dec 26, 2016 said:

“Excellent food, excellent service, great experience. The mansion looked fantastic. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. ”

Anonymous on Dec 26, 2016 said:

“Unique, fun experience for the whole family ”

Deborah on Dec 26, 2016 said:

“It was amazing!!! The food was out of this world delectable!!! We had such a lovely time and we are still talking about how delicious the food was ”

Jessica Ong on Dec 26, 2016 said:

“Loved this self guided tour!!! Could be in there for hours. Thank you so much! ”

Courtney on Dec 26, 2016 said:

“We loved it and are excited to come back. Wish we could have found a few more hidden doors, but we will try again next time! ”

Michelle May on Dec 26, 2016 said:

“It is absolutely amazing in there!! The variety of objects and the sheer numbers of them was incredible. I found 4 secret doors, which definitely made me feel "above average" :) The hosts were extremely nice and very nformative when I asked questions (though I go no spoilers about secret doors!!). There was so much to see and experience. I loved all the different bathrooms and mini kitchens. I wish I had had much, much more time to explore.....Therefore, when I get back to the area in the Spring, I will be visiting again!! Hopefully, with my sister in tow. Thank you so much for an unforgettable day, and I'll see you soon!! ”

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2016 said:

“Loved it! I was very impressed that you let Veterans stay at the property for free. It really says a lot about who you are as a company. Cheers! ”

Barb on Dec 15, 2016 said:

“I like the freshness with which you told your personal stories. You must be asked the same questions 100 X a day and yet your responses did not sound beaten down with repetitiveness but came out as sweet as the freshly baked cookies. I liked how I felt trusted to go around unsupervised and yet every so often there would be someone to attend to any question or need we had. I did not like that the cook told us where the secret door was. but we realize he was cooking up a storm. we had such a fun time finding them. I think we got 10. ”

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2016 said:

“It was amazing!!! The food was out of this world delectable!!! We had such a lovely time and we are still talking about how delicious the food was ”

Steve K. on Nov 29, 2016 said:

“Incredible tour, amazing atmosphere, beautiful architecture, fascinating people - all made for such an intriguing day! Thanks again, -Steve ”

Ron C. on Nov 29, 2016 said:

“Excellent food, excellent service, great experience. The mansion looked fantastic. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. ”

Sheila Schultz on Nov 10, 2016 said:

“It was much more than I expected. My husband and I brought My parents. They loved it too. My father and husband talked about it all day. Definitely coming back. ”

Stephanie Klassner on Nov 3, 2016 said:

“Great Halloween party, we loved the decorations and dessert buffet. Alot of attention to detail was spent on planning the party from decor to music to food, and it was alot of fun! ”

Laura Freeman on Nov 3, 2016 said:

“Wonderful! The rooms were great! The staff was great too. Great place. Totally rocks ”

Anonymous on Nov 3, 2016 said:

“I signed up for the Champagne Tour. This was by far the most unique experience I've had in DC. I didn't quite know what to expect, having read just a bit about the history of the O Mansion. I found myself smiling all throughout the tour. I would've stayed longer if I didn't have to move my car! The only thing that would've made the experience better is to have the option of an audio tour to learn more about each room. I read some of the card plaques but was too distracted by the rooms themselves and looking for the secret doors. I got a little history fix lounging in the second story of the log cabin watching the short TV clips about the Mansion. I get that part of the point is the mystery and secrecy...just a little difficult for a "nosey rosey" such as myself! ”

Abby Eastman - International Sign Association on Nov 3, 2016 said:

“Thank you for an amazing event. We will definitely be back! ”

Rachel on Oct 31, 2016 said:

“We just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did to contribute to our wedding. It was perfect, and everything we could have hoped for. The food was amazing, staff was great, the venue of course is something everyone talked about, and we all just had a great time. ”

K. Werther on Oct 6, 2016 said:

“Thank you for everything! We had a great time and the dinner was amazing! ”

Kaya Henderson on Oct 2, 2016 said:

“Last night was epic! Thanks so much! ”

WW on Sep 3, 2016 said:

“Good tidings from Deep in the Heart of Texas. I have just been still long enough to reflect on some of my late summer travels, and I must tell you that I am still getting vibrations of serenity & comfort from my August stay at the Mansion, and my time there with you & H. Thank you for making me feel like I am always most welcome, and that I'm as cool as Jackson Browne, or a host of the other true artists that find shelter & inspiration there. My best to you both on this Friday. Today I'll take delivery of the new Mystiquero record, and my own solo record, and I'll put them in the mail to y'all next week. Peace & Happiness on your house. Onward WW ”

Burdeshaw, (Ms.) Emily on Aug 30, 2016 said:

“Absolutely incredible experience. Want to come back and keep hunting for hidden passageways! ? ”

Garbe, Janet Emma on Aug 15, 2016 said:

“There is no other place like The Mansion On O. Many visits later and still discovering, being blessed & inspired by all that Ted & H make possible for all of us. So much more than a Museum. Indescribable. A true great 'escape'. Grateful to witness. Your fan always, Janet Emma Garbe Seven West & The Americana Stage ? ”

Lane, Sherry on Aug 8, 2016 said:

“We had a WONDERFUL time! Everyone was so Nice and we had soooo much fun. I will definitely bringing more guests to your lovely and very interesting mansion!! Thank you for such a lovely time! Sincerely, Sherry Lane ? ”

Scarborough, Ryan on Jul 28, 2016 said:

“The Mansion was the perfect place to celebrate my wife's 50th birthday. Your place is so fun and funky and offered something for everybody! The kids loved exploring all the secret passages, while the adults loved the delicious food and danced the night away. Nobody will forget a party at the Mansion on O Street! ? ”

Jassamy, DAI on Jul 26, 2016 said:

“Thanks for helping us organize our retreat -- we had a blast! Thank you! ”

Ameti, (Ms.) Sofia on Jul 23, 2016 said:

“? ”

Margaret Moore on Jul 23, 2016 said:

“Our event far surpassed our expectations . Unfortunately a number of our guests were late due to traffic , but the staff were wonderful waiting for them and were able to adjust the schedule , so we were all able to enjoy a tour of the mansion , before sitting down to tea . And the tea ! Each course was more delicious than the preceding one. We just loved the presentation ... using different stations . This of course gave us the opportunity to move around and talk to each other which was just what we wanted . We were truly amazed when we saw the cake stands with the chocolate Capitol buildings , WOW . The cakes themselves were absolutely delicious, hard to choose a favourite. I had originally thought that we would be confined to one dining area so it came as a wonderful surprise to realise we would have a reception area , as well as the food stations , and a beautiful dining area, with a fantastically presented table . I know Roger had planned on coming down to meet with you again , but our time has not been our own with a lot of friends and family invites . So he plans on sending you his thoughts as soon as we are back in the UK. Thank you once again for making our event so memorable and special , Margaret ”

Hubbard, (Mrs.) Katlyn on Jul 18, 2016 said:

“It was a lot of fun exploring the mansion & trying to locate the secret doorways. We found 5...cannot believe there are so many more that we missed! Definitely want to go back to try and find more! ? ”

Karen - MetLife on Jun 28, 2016 said:

“Your staff was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I don't think there are enough words in the English language to describe them. Everyone had a great time and we LOVED the Museum. Most are already planning to come back. Thank you so much for seeing that we had a GREAT time and it really left a very, very good impression on our guests. I am sure that we will be back. We gave them your information to let them know who help us plan the event. We really told them that all we did was make the call and you pretty much handled everything else! So we were allowed to be guests and enjoy the event too. That was really outstanding! You will probably get some calls soon. I am definitely coming back again soon, even if it is just to bring my friends! - ”

Kinard Self-Guided Tour guest on Jun 5, 2016 said:

“We had a fabulous time! Each space from hallways to rooms was so fun to explore - and so clean! How to do keep all the items from having any dust?!?! We will definitely take friends here when they visit. ? ”

Jackman Self-Guided Tour guest on May 31, 2016 said:

“? ”

Webb, Virginia on May 26, 2016 said:

“I absolutely loved your hotel and if I make it back to DC I will be staying with you! How fun, entertaining and unusual of an experience. I've already told all my friends about your place. It fit perfectly with my travels to see art in DC. It was a perfect compliment to my adventure. ? ”

Moore, (Ms.) Maria on May 22, 2016 said:

“We did the self-guided tour on a pretty day finally after so much rain here in the District. The staff is truly great and Veronica was knowledgeable, helpful and loves her job. After an introduction about this nonprofit we adventure by ourselves around the house, took us an hour and a half to wander around at our leisure. Only found like 10 hidden doors but it was fun. Love how the rooms are decorated and the antiques in it. Will come back! ? ”

Jim on May 21, 2016 said:

“We all had such a fabulous time Saturday. You and your folks pulled out all the stops and all our guests were blown away. They'll be talking about the Mansion Wedding for a long time. And we will of course recommend you to everyone we meet! ”

Khattab Self-Guided Tour guest on May 19, 2016 said:

“Fantastic place! You'll be seeing me a lot until I know the place inside out! ? ”

Childs, Kayla on May 19, 2016 said:

“What a wonderful, thrilling adventure! ? ”

Guidera, (Mrs.) Sandy on May 18, 2016 said:

“? ”

Malone, Tom on May 13, 2016 said:

“The Mansion on O Street is too much fun. Wish I could have stayed longer. I will return. Tom "Bones" Malone ? ”

Hudak, Alison on May 12, 2016 said:

“The CT Association of REALTORS booked a fun dinner and tour for 52 of our members last weekend. The house, the guest service and the food exceeded our expectations! People really enjoyed exploring the mansion, looking at all the fun items and artifacts displayed throughout the house and then had one of the most fantastic dinners we've ever had at an event venue. Our members were still complimenting the night and what a great time they had the next day. We would HIGHLY recommend The Mansion on O Street for your event, you won't regret it! Need to stress again that the food was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Thank you H and everyone on staff at the Mansion! Kind Regards, Alison Hudak CT REALTORS Executive Programs Planner ? ”

Villalta, Andrea on May 9, 2016 said:

“Food was absolutely delicious as well as the deserts. The self tour was amazing and fun! We had a great mothers day lunch and it was the best! ? ”

Wachtel, (Ms.) Jennifer on May 5, 2016 said:

“The Mansion on O Street was a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of downtown DC. I came in a group of three and we all enjoyed discovering secret passageways and compartments (although we didn't even come close to finding all of them!). The philanthropic mission behind the mansion is truly inspiring and I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues. Wandering around five houses can be tiring, so I'm also really appreciative that the designers included chairs for visiting explorers in the floor plan! -Jen Wachtel ? ”

Kan, (Ms.) Vivian on May 4, 2016 said:

“The staff was really great and made it a very fun experience! ? ”

Milas, (Ms.) Aurora on May 3, 2016 said:

“I fell like I fell down the rabbit hole or went through the looking glass! We had the best time, but didn't see it all, so we will definitely be back very soon! ? ”

M.R. on May 3, 2016 said:

“Thank you for the tour, the food and above all the warm services. ? M.R. ”

Langsner, (Mr.) Jason on Apr 18, 2016 said:

“The Mansion was a great place to visit for a Sunday Funday. I am kicking myself for not coming here earlier. Definitely intend to come back and check out more... ? ”

Fakir, Zaheer on Apr 17, 2016 said:

“Staying at the Mansion on O was like staying at a home away from home rather than a hotel. Entering the Mansion you immediately transported into an exhilarating, spiritual, quirky, surreal environment that makes you smile, make you reflective, surprises you, astounds you and opens your creative juices. When you check in you don't only get a key and code to the door but more importantly you immediately adopted into the Mansion family. My stay was the most relaxing stay I have ever had in any hotel and the most inspiring. Climbing the stairs to my room the "5th Dimension" was like taking a stairway to heaven. ? ”

Marshall, Susan on Apr 17, 2016 said:

“The Mansion on O... what a PERFECT vibe! We were greeted and treated with such warmth and kindness. Can't wait to go back! Singer/Songwriter Susan Marshall Engineer/Producer/Vinyl Cutter Jeff Powell ? ”

Paynes, Steph on Apr 11, 2016 said:

“The Eighth Wonder of the World! ? ”

Spinney Self-Guided Tour guest on Apr 10, 2016 said:

“Wonderful, quirky, unique experience. Secret passageways are extremely hard to find. Some sort of guidance would be appreciated. ? ”

Lin Self-Guided Tour guest on Apr 10, 2016 said:

“Our experience was wonderful. I have always loved secret passage ways from a young age. The room and designs are really fun to see especially the log cabin room (also love aquariums). We only found about 5 main secret passage ways (the bartender stated there were possibly 60) so i was expecting to find more. The only other downside is that we didn't get to see all of the rooms since guests were staying there but i guess this means we'll just have to come back. Thank you for the great experience!! ? ”

Alvin on Apr 5, 2016 said:

“Thank you, Ms. H and Ted for a truly memorable and magnificent experience. Last night was everything I could possibly have hoped for. Alto did a wonderful job on the tour and our chef was perfection. My most important guest said it was the best meal she had ever had. That could be an exaggeration, based on the overall experience, but I agree, it was an incomparable meal. ”

Sharon Treacy-Dunne —CEO Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland on Apr 1, 2016 said:

“We have just about come back down to earth after our whirlwind visit to Washington D.C. The entire experience was like a dream, beginning with our stay at the stunning Mansion on O Street which set the scene for what was truly the trip of a lifetime for our young musicians. The Mansion is simply the most amazing, unique and gorgeous hotel on earth; full of fascinating curiosities, with all the rooms so exquisitely decorated, we felt like royalty! Since we came home, the Mansion has been a real talking point, with everyone fascinated to know what made it so different and special. Thank goodness we had photos and videos! For us, it was a combination of Alison in Wonderland captivation and Louis X1V elegance, luxury and style; coupled with the warmth of your welcome and personable approach, that made staying there such a wonderful and memorable experience. Thank you for allowing us to have such an ideal space to rehearse in - this was essential for us in our final preparations for performing at the White House. Finally, a huge thank you for the very generous rate which made the entire trip possible. Sincere thanks and best wishes until the next time, Sharon and CBOI ”

Mike B. — Briteskies on Mar 31, 2016 said:

“Thanks to you and your team, we had a wonderful retreat and experience in Washington for our group. From the special rooms, dinner, having Jessie Jackson at breakfast, Capitol Hill experience, and finally a tour with the FBI, you made everything wonderful. I believe that the groups favorite event was sitting with you and listening to the demo recordings. We appreciate you sharing that experience with us.”

Kelly, Bill on Mar 29, 2016 said:

“The Mansion on O is a Wonderland of visual and aural surprise and delight. In your wildest dreams, you have not imagined surroundings so eclectic, comfortable, lush, humorous, and over-the-top -- all of it at once homey and grand. It's a magic trick. It's a living museum. It's immersive theater in which the guest is the actor and the entire mansion is the stage. The Mansion and its lovable inhabitants embrace people, creativity, and community. I am already counting the friends to whom I will recommend it as a travel destination. ? ”

Brett, Michelle on Mar 27, 2016 said:

“The hotel itself is amazing and beautiful! But the kindness and welcoming manner of the staff made it an even more amazing experience. We had a fantastic time and are already planning another trip and inviting friends from out of state to come visit and join us! Thank you for a fabulous day!! Very well done! ? ”

Martin, (Ms.) Debra on Mar 24, 2016 said:

“We had SO much fun!!! I came in December for a company Christmas party and decided to bring my 15 year old daughter back to help me find secret doors. The staff is warm and fun! We'll be back with my other daughter very soon!Thank you!Sincerely,Debra Martin ? ”

Chanaa Self-Guided Tour guest on Mar 23, 2016 said:

“Me and my girlfriend found only 6 secret doors! (She found nearly all the ones we discovered) ? ”

Vollmer, Kristina on Mar 20, 2016 said:

“It was a lot of fun and took every bit of 2 hrs. We only saw 6 secret doors out of a possible 60-70 so we were very disappointed. We were hoping for some kind of key to the layout of the mansion to help us find more rooms and doors. Overall it was great fun and we enjoyed our introduction by Michael. Kris ? ”

Bristow, Jennifer on Mar 19, 2016 said:

“Absolutely loved everything! The house(s) are amazing, a radical departure from anywhere I've ever stayed. The bed in the Fireplace room was like being at home, I slept incredibly well. And Ted and Alok could not have been better hosts for our group event. Food service was impeccable. I could not possibly say enough about how great the whole experience was. I will recommend to everyone I know! ? ”

SRO: Berardo guest on Mar 14, 2016 said:

“Always a GREAT show by Chris Berardo and the DesBerardos and always the best atmosphere and vibe at the Mansion. Best blend of a live performance with ease and flow of listening to music with friends. ? ”

Borton, Suzanne on Mar 7, 2016 said:

“Our company hosts a dinner event for our distributors each year during an annual conference. Which is held in a different city every year as well. I am so glad I was able to find the Mansion on O Street for this year's dinner event in Washington D.C. The guests had a fabulous time going through the "maze" of a house, the food was great and the service was excellent. Thank you to everyone at the Mansion for a great experience. ? ”

Bolen, Bill on Feb 26, 2016 said:

“Everyone at the mansion does their utmost to make you feel welcome and comfortable throughout your stay. I really do not understand why a person would stay at a hotel when your can stay in such a spectacular setting. Bill B. ? ”

Makay, Meredith on Feb 24, 2016 said:

“Great experience! I've never stayed anywhere else like it. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a truly unique experience in DC. ? ”

Smith, (Mr.) Michael on Feb 23, 2016 said:

“Thank you so much again for your hospitality. The mansion is such an awesome place to visit. You have graciously hosted my students for three years in a row now. ? ”

Richard Ceccone on Feb 22, 2016 said:

“Excellent, Felix was great, the whole package was wonderful. ”

Sydney G. on Feb 22, 2016 said:

“On behalf of our entire team, I want to thank you again for everything you did to make our event with you such a success. I recognize we thanked you over email earlier, but I wanted to send over something more formal to reiterate how grateful we are for the service you provided. We had a great time at your venue and we will happily recommend you to others at Deloitte. ”

Rudderow, (Mr.) Robert on Feb 22, 2016 said:

“We had a very enjoyable rainy Sunday from 2 PM until 5 PM finding 9 of the 72 hidden doors and 13 of the 17 items on the treasure hunt list.we would have to return 3 or 4 times to even give it the justice it deserves. ? ”

Ross, Derreck on Feb 16, 2016 said:

“Visiting the mansion was a very memorable experience for me and my wife. Its dynamic nature and special events have us sure to return in the future! ? ”

Smith, Laura on Feb 15, 2016 said:

“We had a wonderful time - great food, Felix was terrific and such an entertainer, nice guests. And the hosts, H and Ted - marvelous as usual. LOVE the O Street Mansion! ? ”

Harper, Jestina on Feb 15, 2016 said:

“Had a great time with my husband at the Valentine's event. Definitely want to return again sometime. If you're going to drive I recommend valet parking. ? ”

Anderson, Donna on Feb 11, 2016 said:

“Janis Joplin would have loved this weird and whimsical house. It seemed like a cross between a hoarder's flea market, a Bates Hotel on Route 66, a Rock & Roll hangout, a luxury party venue, and a spy fantasy of hidden passageways thrown in for good measure. I couldn't get over how clean it was considering how packed it was with huge chandeliers, books, and stuff everywhere. The rooms looked comfortable and like a fun place to stay with family. I give it 5 stars for it's uniqueness. ? ”

Larue, Florence on Feb 9, 2016 said:

“WOW!!! Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed my visit to the mansion!!! My only regret is that I could not stay longer!! (I needed more time to shop!! :) ) The 5th Dimension suite was FABULOUS!!~~~beautifully decorated (I felt SO at home!!) and comfortable~~~and the staff were all GREAT ~~~friendly, helpful, professional and kind! I look forward to a return visit, and have told my friends and acquaintances they MUST visit the mansion when in Washington, DC Love & Blessings, and a sincere thank you to all at the mansion. Florence LaRue Lead vocalist of The 5th Dimension ? ”

Hennessy, Daniel on Feb 8, 2016 said:

“Such a cool creative place. It was such a neat feeling to walk around and look at all the eclectic things around the house and find all the secret doors! ? ”

Malieva Self-Guided Tour guest on Feb 1, 2016 said:

“We had so much fun at the Mansion! This is a very unique place that everyone should visit at least once in their life! I'm looking forward to my next visit! ? ”

SRO: Zeppelin guest on Jan 12, 2016 said:

“We had a fantastic time and have told all of our friends about it. The band was great and the venue is amazing. We had never been to the mansion before but definitely plan to come back. Thanks! ? ”

R. Miller on Jan 11, 2016 said:

“The Lez Zeppelin concert was fantastic ... unlike Ted, I never got to see Led Zep in concert, but tonight, when I closed my eyes and listened, I could have sworn that's where I was. Thank you for staging that! ? ”

Sairey, Erin on Jan 11, 2016 said:

“Wonderful stay. The Mansion is so much fun to wander about it. The food, service and entertainment were all great. ? ”

Walker, (Mr.) Christopher on Jan 9, 2016 said:

“Great venue, great bartender, great performance! ? ”

Ryan, (Mr.) Tom on Jan 9, 2016 said:

“A little bit brighter lighting on performers would enhance enjoyment of the performance.Sound quality, superb.Polite staff.Interesting place. I need to plan to spend time looking around at some point.Thank You ... ? ”

Buco Self-Guided Tour guest on Jan 6, 2016 said:

“I brought my 19 yr old granddaughter for her first visit. We spent two hours meandering around all the rooms - and found seven hidden doors! A great visit! ? ”

Campbell, Loraine on Jan 5, 2016 said:

“Lovely Sunday brunch.would have been nice to see a few more options.ie oatmeal,cheese,cold meats. This was a truly unique experience. We came with our 22 year old son who said it was the highlight of our trip to Washington. He said everyone knows about the monuments and museum but this is a well kept secret. We brought our friend who has lived in DC for 4 years and he had never heard of it! Loved that the staff shared their passion about this very cool place! Will definetely pass this travel tip along!! Next time i want to stay in the hotel and swim in your gorgeous pool! ? ”

Cone Self-Guided Tour guest on Jan 4, 2016 said:

“Always a pleasure to explore the mansion. We will certainly be back to introduce others to this fun place! ? ”

Skeens, (Mrs.) Karen on Jan 3, 2016 said:

“My first visit to the Mansion was for a corporate function in early in December. What a treat and I immediately thought of several people I knew would love a trip to the Mansion. I was absolutely delighted to find oyster plates on my first trip and gave them as Christmas gifts. On January 2nd, I shared this treasure with my husband and our close friends from Radford, VA. We spent several wonderful hours wandering through the rooms to see all the Mansion has to offer. My husband particularly enjoyed searching for and finding many of the secret doors! Many of our conversations began with I remember... or remember when! We have several other friends and relatives who will enjoy a trip to the Mansion. Thank you for a great way to begin the New Year! -- Karen Skeens ? ”

Sangmeister, Michael on Dec 31, 2015 said:

“Absolutely Beautiful! Always a treat to see over-the-top furnishings! ? ”

Siart Self-Guided Champagne Tour guest on Dec 31, 2015 said:

“I've been wanting to visit the O Street Mansion since I first heard about it a couple of years ago but just hadn't found time to go visit and also wasn't totally sure how interesting it would actually be. This year, for Christmas, I decided to get tickets for me and my family as a Christmas present (we did the self guided champagne tour). We had a BLAST looking through all the rooms, getting lost in the twists and turns of the house, and finding secret doors (we found 10 of the 70 in the house)! We were there for two hours exploring the house and definitely would have stayed longer if it wasn't closing. Also, everything in the Mansion can be purchased and my mom and sister found some interesting items that they ended up buying and taking home. We had so much fun and will definitely be back to find those other 60 secret doors :) We are also planning on returning to celebrate for New Year's Eve. If you are looking for a fun outing in DC that is not museum or monument based I would definitely recommend checking out the O Street Mansion! ? ”

Biles Self-Guided Tour guest on Dec 29, 2015 said:

“We had a great time. My kids had never been to the mansion before and they thought it was very cool. Hard to impress teenagers but you did! Love finding the hidden passageways and rooms. I tried to buy some chairs but they were sold, It is awesome that your inventory really moves. I will come back again soon to look around. The only suggestion I would make is When getting people started on their tour, self guided or other, tell them that when they find a hidden door (mirror or book case..) to close it quickly so it does not give it away for others looking. ? ”

Womack, (Mr.) John on Dec 29, 2015 said:

“We had a wonderful time. The whole place was very cool, and we had a blast hunting down secret doors while we sipped on champagne. We are already talking about coming back, but this time we want to stay there! ? ”

Etzkin, Lena on Dec 28, 2015 said:

“This was simply a magical place! It's truly a hidden gem. Or rather, gem upon gem upon gem! The food was fabulous and fresh and we felt so welcome from the moment we arrived. The valet knew who we we were and congratulated us on our engagement. I was continually amazed the entire day and we can't think of a better place for our wedding. Now we need to figure out logistics in the next week or 2 before we pick a date. But this place is everything I could have possibly wished for , and MORE! ? ”

Polanz Self-Guided Tour guest on Dec 27, 2015 said:

“It is one of my favorite place on earth! I travel the world and really, there is NOTHING like this mansion! I had a chance to meet the owners and tell them in person how grateful I am to be able to visit such a wonderful place. It is magical, inspiring, crazy, funny....I never get tired of going there. The staff is extremely generous and friendly. I mean how many mansions do you know that you can walk in any day?? I spent usually 3 to 4 hours marveling at the rooms and objects. So far, 10 secret passages found, but there are 70! I do always buy objects since I fully support their art program, read more about it! Artists live there! thank you thank you so much for making a secret mansion dream of mine come true!!!!!!!!Doe ? ”

Liu, (Ms.) Christine on Dec 25, 2015 said:

“The museum was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the eccentric architecture and the individually themed rooms. If I get the chance, I would love to attend a masquerade party or a themed mystery dinner party. ? ”

Rooney, Judge Covette on Dec 24, 2015 said:

“The office Holiday Luncheon at the O Mansion was magnificent ! Veronica our hostess was such a pleasure. Meeting Mrs. H and hearing her story and what inspires her, was so very enlightening and a treat. It brought to light what is important in life. We were in awe as we toured the Mansion. What a treasure. We will be back and will continue to support the O Mansion. Thank you. Chief Judge Covette Rooney OSHRC ? ”

Crenshaw, Cynthia on Dec 10, 2015 said:

“I had been planning this milestone birthday dinner party at the Mansion for months. From day one to the actual event, the entire process was smooth and painless. I was so nervous and anxious about the details as the date approached but my event planner Sally, was beyond patient and supportive. We had a dinner party in the wine cellar. The food was exquisite! The service exceeded my expectation! The mansion itself is such of an unique place with many different and interesting activities. My quests were beyond impressed . My event supervisor( Rogelio),and personal server(Astrid), were beyond attentive and made sure we lacked or wanted for nothing. I have nothing but great things to say about the entire experience and would highly recommended this venue for your next event be it something casual to an elegant dinner as I had. Will definitely come back to The Mansion on O street. Thank you for making my Birthday celebration unforgettable. ? ”

Bergner, (Mrs.) Ulrike on Dec 9, 2015 said:

“It was an honor to meet Mrs. H. Leonards and Mr. Ted Spero. The introduction to The Mansion was great. However, there was also a sweet young African American woman who received us so friendly and tried to make our stay pleasant. Thank you to all of you! I certainly will return to The Mansion - an unforgettable place.Happy holidays and warmest regardsUlrike Bergner ? ”

T. Bruce on Dec 7, 2015 said:

“On behalf of everyone at Tempus Inc. I would like to say thank you for a wonderful night! We received great feedback from our guests both at the event and in our office today. Our guests were mesmerized by each object and secret passage way they could find in the Mansion. The food was phenomenal and I can certainly see why your pastry chef is one of the top 10 in the country :). I would also like to commend our event supervisor and his staff. I unfortunately did not get his card so forgive me for misspelling his name! Rogelio was an absolute delight to work with. He went above and beyond his call of duty and from observing the way he interacted with me, his staff, and our guests I can tell that he is a great leader. I wanted to arrive early for our event but wasn't able to due to traffic and unforeseen circumstances. Once I arrived (15 minutes prior to our guests arriving), Rogelio found me and we went through some last minute changes I wanted for our event. Instead of being flustered by the changes, Rogelio sprang into action and directed the staff to assist with our needs. Throughout the night he would check in on me to make sure our guests had everything we needed. He was vigilant and acutely aware of everything about our event and he even offered suggestions to make our night better ( Such as the location of our photo booth, moving our podium etc). Even though I only worked with him briefly, I can tell he has great character, amazing work ethic, and embodies the brand of the Mansion brilliantly. My boss, the General Counsel of our company, loved working with him as well. I would also like to thank Sally, the director of catering, H, and Ted for working with us as well. This was my first time planning a Holiday Party for our company and each one of them helped me throughout the process. I would love to thank them for their patience, answering my questions, and offering suggestions as well! The mansion has now become my go to place to show guests around when they come to DC. ”

Allen Treasure Hunt Tour guest on Dec 7, 2015 said:

“We took five 11 year old girls for a birthday party - they LOVED it!!! ? ”

Muhammad Self-Guided Tour guest on Dec 7, 2015 said:

“Really enjoyed touring the Museum and searching for secret doors. The wine cellar was the best part for me! ? ”

SRO: The Black Lillies guest on Dec 2, 2015 said:

“We had a fantastic evening at the Mansion on O Street! It was so much fun to explore and check out all the amazing decor. The Black Lillies the frosting on the cake! We did not know of the band prior to our visit. They were incredible! Thanks for the hospitality! ? ”

Yaniv, Orlie on Dec 1, 2015 said:

“Excellent show! ? ”

Cohen, (Dr.) Michael on Nov 30, 2015 said:

“Absolutely great. We didn't know what to expect and you exceeded any hopes we had. It is definitely going to be a must see any time we have out of town company. ? ”

Brackeen, Chyna on Nov 30, 2015 said:

“Impeccable service and a fascinating place! We had so much fun exploring everything. Thanks so much for the hospitality, Ted and H! ? ”

Yaniv, Orlie on Nov 29, 2015 said:

“Intimate and wonderful place to get to know a fantastic band! ? ”

Prioleau Pembrook, Maria (F) on Nov 29, 2015 said:

“November 29, 2015, Sunday. Dear Ted and H. I had a wonderful, peaceful time on Thanksgiving Day. You really made me feel special by inviting me to the family and friends table. You get a big thumbs up from me. The food was delicious!!!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful time. Maria ? ”

Solnik, Bernard on Nov 29, 2015 said:

“The band was fantastic and the setting so wonderful! What an incredibly special place! Thank you so much! ? ”

Bean, David on Nov 28, 2015 said:

“Black Lillies we're EXCELLENT. Probably the best concert we've been to at the Mansion.Thank you!!David Bean ? ”

SRO: The Black Lillies guest on Nov 28, 2015 said:

“Memorable evening -- warm welcome at the door, room after room of fascinating memorabilia, always good music playing, and the performance was way beyond my expectations -- great band! 11 out of 10! ? ”

Carr, Brenda on Nov 27, 2015 said:

“We had a fabulous time! The addition of the televisions was great! My son was happy to see FOOTBALL on. Kudos to the Management and Staff. See you next year! Brenda Carr ? ”

Krahling, Aaron on Nov 23, 2015 said:

“Food was amazing...... wish we had a tour guide. Other than that everything was great! -Aaron ? ”

Newton, Patricia on Nov 23, 2015 said:

“the entire tour and the experience was wonderful. Loved everything and will recommend it to my friends. Thanks for a great day! ? ”

Alexander, Greg on Nov 23, 2015 said:

“We had a great brunch and tour! Food was excellent, service was attentive and we really enjoyed exploring the mansion on the hunt for secret doors. ? ”

Ferdinand, Frankie on Nov 17, 2015 said:

“The experience was better than what I imagined. From the greeting at the front door to us being walked over the bar for our champagne. We explored every floor and loved all the different themes that went throughout the mansion. There were hotel guests there so there were some restrictions about which rooms can or can't be entered. Other than that we enjoyed the experience and the secret rooms. ? ”

Mcgill, Ann on Nov 16, 2015 said:

“Everyone is so pleasant, cheerful, professional, helpful. Great fun finding the hidden passages. Ann McGill ? ”

Zheng Self-Guided Tour guest on Nov 16, 2015 said:

“Great museum! ? ”

Barbara Dillon on Nov 16, 2015 said:

“What a great evening! You can't beat the intimate experience of this small venue; and I felt like I left with new friends. Looking forward to returning.? ”

Sarah & Kate on Nov 16, 2015 said:

“Kate and I had an amazing night and our guests cannot stop raving about what fun they had and about how beautiful and incredible a place the Mansion is. You all did an amazing job setting up the space just as we wanted it, the food was plentiful and delicious, the bar was well stocked and your bartender a super nice guy, the staff was gracious and patient with our (by the end of the evening!) inebriated guests... In sum, we could not have asked for a more special evening. Also, you were all so accommodating with allowing us to spill into the entire first floor, I know the kids loved the extra space to run around in, and also with allowing us to drop our flowers off at the Mansion and assemble our centerpieces there. Thank you again. Thank you so much for making our wedding so memorable and stress free! We hope to be back soon! ? ”

S. Davis on Nov 16, 2015 said:

“I want to thank you for the most delightful experience yesterday.i wanted it to be a special day for my sister's birthday, and it was a 12 on a10 point scale! ? ”

Button, Scott on Nov 14, 2015 said:

“? ”

Schumann, (Dr.) Deborah on Nov 12, 2015 said:

“I went to OMansion to hear Freebo who is one of my favorite artists. It was my first time there and the experience was terrific. The hosts are welcoming and the mansion itself is incredible. I explored some but felt a bit shy looking for hidden doors. Maybe next time I'll go with a friend and discover more. ? ”

Yaworske, Cindy on Nov 11, 2015 said:

“Dinner was FANTASTIC! We ate in the wine room, which is lovely intimate room, perfect for a dinner for 10-12 people. The food was out of this world. Their French chef described everything on the menu and how it was being prepared. They were also able to accommodate our vegetarian guest. It was a lovely experience and I will definitely go back. A+ food, service, and venue!! ? ”

Yaworske, Cindy on Nov 11, 2015 said:

“Everything about the Mansion was wonderful. It's a truly unique venue for any kind of event. We loved it so much, we will go back again and again and again. And, they have the most incredibly helpful and friendly staff -- and the owners --- H and Ted - they are the host and hostess with the most-ess!!! LOVE them! The moment you enter the Mansion, you feel like you're part of the family!!! I'd HIGHLY recommend using the Mansion for a meeting, special occasion - or go, just for fun and see if you can find all of the hidden doors. Also a great place to find one of a kind gifts for that special someone!!!!! I'd give it 10 stars if it was an option!!! * * * * * * * * * * ? ”

Jonas, Jeff on Nov 5, 2015 said:


Mary & Don G, parents of the bride on Oct 19, 2015 said:

“Don & I enjoyed the O Mansion Hotel immensely! We were amazed at the way you handled things so promptly! Our room was lovely and very comfortable. The food was tremendous and delicious. Everything was more than we had expected! Many thanks! ”

Boskovic, Dan on Oct 16, 2015 said:

“I wasn't really sure what to expect since I've never been to the Mansion before this visit. The staff at the Mansion are willing to go the extra distance to make your stay a most memorable experience. I would highly recommend visiting the Mansion if you want a truly eclectic experience. Dan Boskovic Inverness, IL. ? ”

Becky Morrison on Oct 12, 2015 said:

“Saw a great show last night! This was the coolest music venue that I have ever been to. It felt like I was listening to music in the artists living room. There was too much to see in one night, I can't wait to return for a tour of the mansion!”

Caine, Brian on Sep 29, 2015 said:

“A truly unique experience! Every time I go to the Mansion, I see something else amazing. Thanks for providing such an incredible experience. ? ”

Cardin, Jennifer on Sep 28, 2015 said:

“Phenomenal experience. Plentiful amounts of food for the wedding reception and next-day brunch. Fantastic wait staff service. Extremely comfortable beds. Beautiful decor throughout. LOVE the secret doors. Privacy is a plus at O Street Mansion. Thank you for a memorable occasion. Jennie Cardin ? ”

SRO: U.S. Elevator guest on Sep 21, 2015 said:

“Very interesting and intimate music venue. ? ”

Manning, Kelvin on Sep 19, 2015 said:

“Always a pleasurable experience. Thanks for allowing the Mansion to be my home away from home. ? ”

Tremaine, Robyn on Sep 13, 2015 said:

“Loved exploring the mansion! And Mark Bryan was fantastic - fun stories and awesome music. Such a great evening. ? ”

Nickel Self-Guided Tour guest on Sep 4, 2015 said:

“Amazing place to tour around and check out. Couldn't decide between looking at the memorabilia or trying to find the hidden doors! This was my 2nd visit and will definitely tour again :) ? ”

Cormier Self-Guided Tour guest on Sep 4, 2015 said:

“The hotel/museum was our favourite place in Washington! If we ever make it back to DC, the mansion will be a stop for sure! Thank you! ? ”

Marino, Alberto on Aug 21, 2015 said:

“Awesome venue, great and professional staff. I spent my best birthday celebration in the Mansion. ? ”

Fleshner, Bob on Aug 18, 2015 said:

“Jack was excellent. The venue is so warm and inviting. All good! ? ”

Williamson, Mary Jane on Aug 18, 2015 said:

“The entire evening's experience was fantastic! It was my first visit to the mansion. I didn't get to explore it nearly as much as I would have liked. Still need to find a secret door! The host and hostess were delightful. I met several new friends-in-music. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would get to hear Jack Tempchin play and sing, let alone meet him and speak with him in such an intimate setting. Truly, a night to remember. ? ”

Nystrom, (Ms.) Zoe on Aug 13, 2015 said:

“Your staff is so helpful and hospitable! Can't wait to organize a party in your wine cellar someday! ? ”

Mills, James on Aug 13, 2015 said:

“Excellent experience. ? ”

Cockrell Self-Guided Tour guest on Aug 12, 2015 said:

“My daughter and I really enjoyed our visit. There was so much to see that we are planning a return trip. I am sure that our next visit will be just as fascinating. As we only found six or seven of the secret doors, we will be looking forward to finding more on our next visit. This will definitely be an attraction that we direct out-of-town friends and relatives to visit. ? ”

Truss, (Ms.) Candy on Aug 6, 2015 said:

“The museum tour was phenominal!!!! The Gwendolyn Britt Senior Activity Center participants thoroughly enjoyed the visit! We searched and found the secret doors, which was a lot of fun. We explored the many bedrooms labeled by celebrities and they were simply beautiful! The items donated were all very interesting and many unique! The staff was very friendly and helpful! Our assigned informant, Veronica, was extraordinary in her delivery of information about the museum. She greeted us with a smile that made us feel very special and cared for! We conversated on the bus as we returned to the Center that we will bring our families and share with our friends the wealth of possessions and interest held in the museum! Thank you and we wish you continued success! ? ”

Tuckson, Odette on Aug 3, 2015 said:

“Our family had a great time at the Mansion. We wanted a special brunch before our youngest leaves for college. Our omelets were the best !!!! ? ”

Metz, Kathryn on Aug 3, 2015 said:

“H and Ted were such lovely hosts, and the mansion is truly a sight to behold. Chock-full of treasures, stories and adventures, the Mansion on O Street is the perfect destination for your unique, quirky and downright fascinating DC needs. ? ”

Wang, (Mr.) Billy on Jul 21, 2015 said:

“it was a bit hard for us to find all the secret doors. haha, but overall the trip was really fun! ? ”

SRO: Freebo guest on Jul 20, 2015 said:

“Great concert! Great location! ? ”

SRO: Freebo guest on Jul 18, 2015 said:

“Singer-songwriter Freebo's performances just keep getting better and better. The room was just the right size to allow him to perform entirely acoustically -- it's a real treat to hear him without amplification. ? ”

Kincaid, Todd on Jul 14, 2015 said:

“I love that we found something unusual to do in dc since we have done all the tourist things for years. Feels like we found a gem hidden in the city. We only found 3 of the hidden passage ways so I guess being a spy is not in our future. Might be nice to provide some clues to guest who would like a little help finding them. Thanks ? ”

St.Germain Treasure Hunt Tour guest on Jul 13, 2015 said:

“Love that everytime we go things seems different! ? ”

McCullough Self-Guided Tour guest on Jul 13, 2015 said:

“Had a great time. Always something new to see and places to explore. Don't miss the wine cellar (if you can find it). ? ”

Tobin Treasure Hunt Tour guest on Jul 7, 2015 said:

“Loved the Mansion. Its unique ? ”

Parker, (Mr.) Gary on Jul 6, 2015 said:

“Outstanding show. Intimate setting, superb musicianship. And the performers took my request. :) Hope you'll invite them back.--Gary Parker ? ”

Schlief, Steven on Jul 6, 2015 said:

“The Mansion on O is a fun place to stay! This time getting to know Ted and H made it even better! ? ”

Caine, Brian on Jul 6, 2015 said:

“What an incredible place! Food was amazing. People were very friendly and helpful. It was our first visit, but certainly not our last! ? ”

Georgia, Theresa on Jun 22, 2015 said:

“An SRO evening at the Mansion on O is to feel the weight of the world lift and a door to the universe of possibilities open wide - like being on the inside of a dazzling snow globe, while beautiful music swirls and floats through the air, finally settling into your soul.The Mansion on O is magnificent. The Mansion on O with Chris Berardo and the DesBerardos in the house is an evening of pure joy. Thank you all. ? ”

Markland, Susan on Jun 22, 2015 said:

“I Had a blast at The Chris Berardo and The DesBerardo show. I can't imagine a better venue to see them than The O Mansion. It is a magical place. ThankYou. ? ”

Appel, (Ms.) Donna on Jun 22, 2015 said:

“O Mansion is truly a hidden treasure that we love love love to escape to. Listened to great music last night, up close and personal. There isn't anything like it that I have experienced before. Thank you for all your efforts and great performances that you bring to the public. We am forever grateful. Blessings, Don, Donna and Sammie too. ? ”

Simone Novaes-Card on Jun 9, 2015 said:

“We just had our wedding at the Mansion and it was an absolutely wonderful experience! It was like a fairy tale. Our guests loved the decor and the food, and of course the chance to explore the Mansion on their own for a little while! We found out after the fact that the Mansion was also hosting another wedding on the same day, and we never would have known, because the service was impeccable and the waitstaff were so responsive. They took care of every request we had, and were even able to make wonderful accommodations for several disabled guests. I would recommend the Mansion as an event venue to anyone who is willing to let go a little and allow the event planning staff to work their magic. They definitely know what they're doing! We stayed two nights in the Octagon Room, and really enjoyed the funky bathroom fixtures. The tub was pretty sweet! ”

Morgan Self-Guided Tour guest on Jun 7, 2015 said:

“We had a wonderful, fun, and inspiring time! Found 13 hidden doors, and enjoyed the dcor and the unbelievable renovations.Thank you so much! I now have a unique destination / activity for out-of-town guests. ? ”

Scott Tait on Jun 4, 2015 said:

“Thank you again for creating a truly magical place. The Mansion is an oasis of love, creativity and challenge (in the best sense of the word) that is unparalleled. The look on my 5 year old daughter's face as she explored the music, art, food and architecture was wonderful. Seeing her cognitive dissonance as she wrestled with your answer to her question "why are there secret doors?" (you answered: "why shouldn't there be?") was both fantastic and more enduring than you might know - she has since answered every question with "well, why shouldn't there be?". I hope that question will permeate the rest of her life and I owe you the tuition of an ivy league college for it.”

Linda Faberman from Marriot International, on Jun 1, 2015 said:

“The service is top notch, the food is fabulous and the surroundings are something i've never seen in my life. the entire staff is friendly, warm and knowledgeable. its almost as if they cannot do enough for you.”

Panetti, Cosimina on May 27, 2015 said:

“? ”

Schaffer, Wendy on May 18, 2015 said:

“Thank you for putting us in your Wine Cellar. It truly made for an amazing evening of intimate conversation and a most memorable occasion! The steaks were fantastic! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. ? ”

Baill, Cori on May 18, 2015 said:

“I'd give six stars if I could! Magical. Thank you. The entire staff was as wonderful as the hosts. And the mansion itself was transcendent. We felt like beloved relatives come calling. The location is perfect for any DC adventure though it's hardly necessary to leave the mansion to have a full exciting and delicious weekend. ? ”

Dillon, John on May 17, 2015 said:

“Last night was a magical evening in a magical wonderland with the intrepid founder H, the magical and inspiring Paul Williams accompanied by the melodious piano playing Caz! It was a night that I will never forget. ? ”

Fernandez, William on May 13, 2015 said:

“Everything was perfect as always, and everyone was polite and helpful. Thank you for being a part of our memorable moments. Warmest Regards, William ? ”

Hagerhorst, John on May 11, 2015 said:

“I loved it! I will definitely come for a return visit! So much beautiful art literally covering every inch of the walls, and the most interesting, beautiful and eclectic pieces I have ever seen in one place. I also plan to look into becoming a member. Thank you! John (Jac) Hagerhorst ? ”

Alfaro, Alma on May 5, 2015 said:

“? ”

Todd, (Mr.) Dwayne on Apr 24, 2015 said:

“Andreas and Darling were exceptional hosts. It was my wife and I's first time at the mansion, and it was one to remember. No question was silly. Our access in and out was easy. I felt vey secure. At one point I lost my wife in the building, and the staff actually helped me find her! They did everything to make us feel at home and comfortable. My room was very clean, and fully stocked with linens. If I had to find anything, perhaps the hot tub wasn't very hot.. Tho it was so cool to use, who cares! I haven't stopped talking about it to my friends since I went, and I will definitely return. Our room was the Garden Room, tho it seemed like we rented the whole place. We wandered around all night, and no one bothered us. Priceless experience. And the artist, Tom Constanten was great. He received us as friends, talked with us candidly. I just have nothing to compare it to! I hope you continue to get great music. Cheers! - Dwayne Todd ? ”

Kane, (Mrs.) Leigh on Apr 23, 2015 said:

“My daughter and I had a blast. Thoroughly enjoyed the music and a cocktail while we poked around the mansion. There is so much to see that we plan on a return visit. Our only regret is that we didn't find more secret passages. But we look forward to exploring the mansion again in the future. ? ”

Miles, (Ms.) Toni-Lynn on Apr 15, 2015 said:

“Lots of fun - SOOOO much to see! We kept forgetting to look for the secret doors because we were distracted looking at all of the cool items. We did find more than dozen once we knew that not all were "doors" in the strictest sense. Log cabin was our favorite guest room, and the wine 'cellar' was our favorite room. (we recommend visiting early to have the best chance of having the most guest rooms available to view!) Found several great books to purchase. Looking forward to returning - finding more doors and finding more books! Thank you for a wonderful creative time. ? ”

Basore Self-Guided Tour guest on Apr 15, 2015 said:

“This was my first time here, and I absolutely loved it! I want to come back and find more of the secret doors! It wasn't crowded at all (I stopped in on a Sunday), and the staff were very friendly and welcoming! ? ”

Appel, Donna on Apr 13, 2015 said:

“I thought the food was good, the service and staff were excellent and the mansion was out of this world crazy good. I can't wait to come back. I didn't even get a chance to explore 3/4 of what you have. It is an amazing place that anyone could visit and walk away with lots to share. What a hidden treasure this is. A real gem. Thank you for sharing it with me. All the best, Donna ? ”

Larry K on Apr 7, 2015 said:

“It was a pleasure working with Sally and H throughout the process. The party was everything I had hoped for. Eileen totally enjoyed herself and many of the guests commented to me that not only is the Mansion a great place, but all the staff were wonderful. I concur. Each and every person did their job extremely well, accommodating every request with warmth. They couldn't have done better.? ”

Steele, Norma on Apr 6, 2015 said:

“Everyone in our party had a spectacular experience....I wish I could have afforded a treasure hunt for the kids - but it was just over my pocket book.. The food was wonderful - drinks & service superb - when friends visit from out of state, I definitely intend to have them visit "O" Mansion. Menu items were not to be believed, the variety, quality and quantity met everyone's expectations of a gracious and super tasty affair! Thanks so much - Best, Kim Steele ? ”

Schmidt, Amanda on Apr 6, 2015 said:

“I brought my family to Easter Brunch since they were visiting from out of town. Everyone loved it! The food was fantastic, staff was very friendly, and we had a blast exploring the mansion. Thanks for helping to make our Easter a memorable one! ? ”

Donow, Martin on Mar 30, 2015 said:

“Our Sunday brunch visit was excellent. Everything was outstanding. The food and service was great and we enjoyed looking for the secret doors. This was our second visit and we brought family for their first time. They loved the place. ? ”

moeller Self-Guided Tour guest on Mar 30, 2015 said:

“Had a wonderful time with my kids exploring the fun maze that is the mansion! ? ”

Voos, (Ms.) Amelia on Mar 23, 2015 said:

“The tour was amazing, as per the norm! Every time I go to the Mansion, it's like a whole new experience, exciting, fun, and different from anything else to be found in the area! I will definitely keep coming back to the Mansion. ? ”

Spincic, (Mr.) Thomas on Mar 23, 2015 said:

“The O Street Mansion was a great time! I booked a tour for an unconventional date idea, and neither of us were disappointed. Loved the decor, hunting for secret doors, and the pool table (although my lady and I lost a game of 8-Ball to our two friends). A+, would highly recommend. ? ”

Apfelbeck, Mary on Mar 18, 2015 said:

“We had a fabulous stay at the O Street Mansion. The staff was extremely helpful and polite. If anyone is interested in having a fun, unique, adventurous experience, a visit to the O Street mansion is highly recommended! ? ”

Koslow, (Mrs.) Andrea on Mar 16, 2015 said:

“it was so fun. wierd, playful, delightful, strange and lovely. thanks for giving us such a unique dc experience. i've lived here for 17 years and it was a first! thank you! ? ”

Bessellieu, Britnie on Mar 13, 2015 said:

“The show and experience was awesome. Me and my friend really enjoyed ourselves! I would definitely recommend! ? ”

Mcgregor, Bob on Mar 13, 2015 said:

“Excelent hosts and excelent food. The whole stay was an enjoyable experience and I hope I can return some day with my wife. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. Bob McGregor ? ”

David Ederer on Mar 12, 2015 said:

“I had a wonderful time at the Mansion and appreciate the excellent atmosphere there. ? ”

Brown, Tiffany on Mar 11, 2015 said:

“I had an AMAZING time at the Mansion!!! The scenery was nothing like I expected.. IT WAS A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!!! The entertainment was AMAZING!! I'm new here and have only heard that it was so much to do.. WILL RETURN A FEW MORE TIMES.. (I have to do the scavenger hunt.) -Tiffany ? ”

Dotson, Sherri on Mar 11, 2015 said:

“This was my first visit to The Mansion on O Street. I had the most wonderful experience starting from the time my car was valet parked. The show was wonderful, however, my self guided tour and search for the hidden doors was even more wonderful. I found 3 of the 70 doors and had to ditch my Treasure Hunt due as there was so much to see. I even met a new friend on my adventure. Thank you for providing such a great experience. ? ”

Chisholm, Dan on Mar 10, 2015 said:

“Felt like I was visiting family on the east coast. Very warm and welcoming. Thank you for a wonderful stay! ? ”

Tupa, Randy on Mar 9, 2015 said:

“Ted, "H", and the entire staff took really good care of our group while at the Mansion, thank you all for that. It is truly one of the most interesting and relaxing places I have ever been to. I look forward to visiting again in the future. Randy Tupa ? ”

Solorzano, Valerie Solorzano on Mar 3, 2015 said:

“A true DC treasure! We absolutely had a phenomenal visit and we will book an overnight stay in the near future. That you! Valerie and Jerry ? ”

Michele Atha on Feb 25, 2015 said:

“I went to the O Mansion for a company Christmas party. You couldn't ask for a better venue. The food was outstanding and the mansion was incredible. I am going back. I have told everyone that I know about the scavenger hunt and have classified it as a place everyone should add to their bucket list! I will be back:)”

Dan on Feb 23, 2015 said:

“We were excited to be there and enjoyed every minute of it. And, were especially amused to be shown the indoor pool (now a kitchen). ? ”

Anderson, (Ms.) Christina on Feb 23, 2015 said:

“We had a wonderful time at the brunch yesterday for our Kappa group. The food was delicious and as always there were wonderful things to gaze upon. It was a trip down memory lane. Some of the highlights were the buttery grits and the variety of foods to choose from. The staff was gracious and helpful and readily responded to our requests. H dropped by to say hi and we really appreciated getting a chance to see the person behind the magic. Thank you for making our event so special. ? ”

Woodrum Self-Guided Tour guest on Feb 18, 2015 said:

“Best Date Spot in DC and Big Props to I believe Tom, who Played us some awesome demo cuts off his ipod in the basement. You cannot have a bad time in this place. ? ”

Collins, Chris on Feb 16, 2015 said:

“This was an amazing experience. I immediately recommended to all my friends. Thank you so very much. ? ”

Brana, (Mrs.) Yanire on Feb 16, 2015 said:

“I love the atmosphere, the people and the place. It is always nice to spend some time with artists and of course with Ted and HH. They are amazing! ? ”

Dodd, Janice on Feb 16, 2015 said:

“We LOVED our Champagne tour of the Mansion on O Street!! It is such an interesting place....so much to see and take in! All of the staff and our bartender were wonderful! We will be back with a large group for brunch soon! Thanks to all at the Mansion for a wonderful afternoon! ? ”

Itkin, (Mr.) Stuart on Feb 16, 2015 said:

“Angel, our server, was wonderful. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. Food was excellent -- lots of choices. Desserts were ott - great. Every visit is like a new adventure - always finding new things. ? ”

Provost, (Mrs.) Natalie on Feb 12, 2015 said:

“The O Street Mansion was amazing! I can't describe it! ? ”

Al Stotts on Feb 11, 2015 said:

“The Mansion has spoiled me. I used to like a few of the hotels in the Dupont Circle area. Now they do not appeal to me. ? ”

West Self-Guided Tour guest on Feb 10, 2015 said:

“O Street Mansion was a wonderful find. We live in the area and have been meaning to visit for a while. Very happy that we finally got around to it. We just did the self-guided tour but we're definitely interested in the additional packages you guys offer. We're definitely intrigued as to how one gets dinner in the wine cellar... ? ”

Bergman, (Mr.) Michael on Feb 9, 2015 said:

“We had a wonderful afternoon. I've been recommending this to people all day. ? ”

Vitek, Elinor on Feb 9, 2015 said:

“Was worried that the food was cut back making it less fabulous WRONG! We loved our own little room and look forward to next year (but probably the Viteks before then) the LIPPIES FROM the Rolling are fabulous and shall await the new curtains..Great service and food and ambiance as usual..regards to all..Elinor Vitek and the Bad Girls ? ”

Harper, (Ms.) Megan on Feb 1, 2015 said:

“I brought my sister here for her birthday and we had a blast. The mystery of the mansion is so much fun. We will back! Thank you for such a cool place to visit. ? ”

Pyle Self-Guided Tour guest on Jan 31, 2015 said:

“It was our first time visiting the Museum, we enjoyed trying to find the secret doors. Met H ? ”

Smothers, (Ms.) Taneisha on Jan 30, 2015 said:

“This is my second time seeing the show. Once again, I was not disappointed! Entertaining from beginning to end ? ”

Miller Self-Guided Tour guest on Jan 27, 2015 said:

“Such a great experience! I can't wait to come back! Interesting displays, awesome decor, and SO much fun looking for secret doors and passageways. Also a whole row house that I didn't get to explore because there were guests staying and a private party.Thank you for creating such an intriguing place to visit! ? ”

Nugent, (Mr.) John on Jan 26, 2015 said:

“Darling was an amazing host and bartender. She made us feel so very very welcome. The Mansion is one of our favorite places in DC and never disappoints. Although several areas were off limits on this visit, we still discovered new things on our fifth visit. Thank you. ? ”

Jones, (Ms.) Harriet on Jan 20, 2015 said:

“Always a delightful experience. I particularly enjoy bring new guests to the Mansion for the experience. ? ”

Anderson, Lakeitha on Jan 18, 2015 said:

“Excellent service, food and the place looked fabulous! ? ”

Woods, Lynn on Jan 12, 2015 said:

“This was a Christmas present to my daughters, and my grandson decided to join us as well. Everyone enjoyed the tour and felt it was an outstanding... and very different present. Lynn ? ”

Murphy, (Mrs.) April on Jan 12, 2015 said:

“My husband and I loved everything about the place! We'd really like to visit when all the rooms are open to the public, but the ones that we saw were fantastic!While we were on a mission to find all 70 secret doors (we managed to find 6), we just got caught up in all of the different things in each of the themed rooms!We loved the Mansion on O and we will definitely visit again soon!April and Kevin ? ”

Collins, Susan on Jan 11, 2015 said:

“What a magical, truly memorable time you gave us for my mom's 95th birthday celebration and honoring our dear friend's retirement! It was beyond my expectations, which are always high at the Mansion because you make EVERYTHING so special. You bring warmth and fun to every gathering. Ted, giving us a tour of the Mansion was such a gift and appreciated more than I can say. My friends from Tampa were over the moon seeing the amazing, eclectic, one-of-a-kind O Mansion. As my mom says, "It's an experience all by itself." Our dinner was absolutely delicious, the personalized menu was so special and the celebration cakes the best...just like you all are! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Until next time.... Susan Collins ? ”

Corbett, Peter on Jan 8, 2015 said:

“Incredible. There's so much to see, it's overwhelming in the best way. You lose yourself in this mansion and forget about the outside world while you wander the halls searching for the slippery hidden doors. There's nothing else like this place. ? ”

Keri Putonen on Jan 5, 2015 said:

“Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic time my husband and I had at the mansion this morning. You and your wife have created a truly unique place filled with creativity, passion and great food. We will definitely be back again in March for our birthdays. Thanks for a fun experience:) ? ”

Gorman Self-Guided Tour guest on Jan 4, 2015 said:

“Loved it! ? ”

Miller, (Ms.) Nancy on Jan 4, 2015 said:

“Had a blast exploring the mansion and all the amazing things to see and find. I never knew such initially looking "junk" could appear as treasures. Just loved the colors, bathrooms, and unique aspects of each room. The Drag Show - what a hoot. Great talent and entertainment. My daughters and I had a blast! Kudos to all who make the Mansion such a tremendous place. Nancy Derwood, Maryland ? ”

Worman, Julie on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“The evening and event was wonderful! From the start at check in all the way through , Ted and H are exceptional hosts. The dinner was magnificent, the food exceptional. The mansion is just gorgeous- we had great fun exploring,and doing the treasure hunt. We stayed in the 5th element room- beautifully appointed, comfortable. Thank you for a most magical evening and experience!!!! I will definitely return and also tell others of this great place! Thanks, Julie Worman ? ”

Keyes, (Ms.) Stephanie on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“Awesome!!! Can't wait to come back!!! ? ”

Holly Harris on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“from check-in to wedded bliss, to dazzling reception, to haven that was our amazing personal retreat after the festivities, it was perfection. Every expectation was not only exceeded, but blown out of the water.”

Simone Novaes-Card on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“We just had our wedding at the Mansion and it was an absolutely wonderful experience! It was like a fairy tale. Our guests loved the decor and the food, and of course the chance to explore the Mansion on their own for a little while! We found out after the fact that the Mansion was also hosting another wedding on the same day, and we never would have known, because the service was impeccable and the waitstaff were so responsive. They took care of every request we had, and were even able to make wonderful accommodations for several disabled guests. I would recommend the Mansion as an event venue to anyone who is willing to let go a little and allow the event planning staff to work their magic. They definitely know what they're doing! We stayed two nights in the Octagon Room, and really enjoyed the funky bathroom fixtures. The tub was pretty sweet!”

Sarah & Kate on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“Kate and I had an amazing night and our guests cannot stop raving about what fun they had and about how beautiful and incredible a place the mansion is. You all did an amazing job setting up the space just as we wanted it, the food was plentiful and delicious... in sum, we could not have asked for a more special evening.Thank you so much for making our wedding so memorable and stress free!”

Vanessa Stair from United Nations Foundation, on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“start to finish the experience at the mansion was incredible. they were so knowledgeable and gave us incredible ways to think about hosting our retreat. my enrite team and even the president of our organization had phenomenal things to say about their experience.”

Chief Judge Covette Rooney from OSHRC, on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“the office holiday luncheon at the o mansion was magnificent ! our hostess was such a pleasure. meeting mrs. h and hearing her story and what inspires her, was so very enlightening and a treat. it brought to light what is important in life. we were in awe as we toured the mansion. what a treasure. we will be back and will continue to support the o mansion.”

William Kinsman on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“I can't believe a place like the mansion exists. The O-street mansion is one of the best places in D.C. Its incredible charm and unusual layout makes the experience of spending time in the hotel engrossing. The staff is incredibly welcoming. I also admire their residency programs for artists and heroes which hosted Rosa Parks for many years as a resident!”

Mindy Miller on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“There is always something new and magnificent to experience...”

Barbara from Georgetown Day School, on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“my hearty thanks to your entire team for your graciousness, expertise and infectious enthusiasm. our day far exceeded our expectations in every way possible. i've already spread the news to my colleagues that they absolutely must have the mansion on their short list of places to treat their teams.”

Patti Smyth on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“This was one of the best family experiences we have had. My grandchildren, ages 5 and 15, thought it was great. My daughters, one who has been at several HIGH TEAS said that this surpassed everything she had been to.”

Joseph Praveen on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“It was a hoot and a holler. 3 of us landed up at the Mansion for a Monday night HH, little did we anticipate the madness and adventure that followed. From the hunting loft to the cellar rooms, secrets and quirks abound and no better way to explore the enigma than with a couple of glasses of Cava to drink smoothly as you wander around this amazingly cavernous adventure zone!”

Emmylou Harris on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“Great music, good fellowship, magic and some pretty amazing food ...”

Acquanetta Warren, Mayor Fontina, CA on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“We stayed a week (12 people) in The Lighthouse and we loved it. Our visit was outstanding and so educational. Your team is amazing and we will return. Everything we needed was close. The subway, Starbucks, great Resturant's and wonderful people . Thanks so much!! ”

Savannah Magazine on Jan 1, 2015 said:

“Washington's best kept secret is the O Mansion”

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