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Washington D.C.

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2,538 Mansion Reviews

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Mansion Guest on Sep 23, 2018 said:

“So fun getting to explore the house, kids loved it! The area is really charming too, worth it for sure!!!”

Marina and VJ on Sep 23, 2018 said:

“We love mansion on O! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Every time we come it feels like home! Thank you to H and Ted, always! This is also our third time coming to the concert of TexManiacs and we would not ever miss it! It was fun. We also had a chance to dance while the band was playing their wounderful music. LOVE ❤️ 😊😃☺️”

Terry kahan on Sep 22, 2018 said:

“Amazing place!! So much to look at and see...i need to go back and spend a few hours just looking at all the books :) the rooms are all so different and the history is pretty cool too...need to do some reading on the place to find out more about it ...if we lived there would love to host a party there..the billiard room is very cool and the hidden wine cellar would be a great dinner party place :) I feel terrible I can’t remember the gentleman’s name who showed me around but he was very knowledgeable and extremely kind.. bought one of H’s books and she signed it for my son..her and her husband were ther and they are both very nice ...definitely a must do if in DC :)”

Rona Vaselaar on Sep 19, 2018 said:

“My friend and I loved the concert! The music was excellent, the atmosphere was casual and relaxed. We were able to dance together and have a good time. We would definitely attend an event like this again!”

Cassie Kuo on Sep 18, 2018 said:

“Such a fun experience looking for the doors. The magic show was a bonus!”

Mansion Guest on Sep 17, 2018 said:

“Eclectic museum. A must visit in DC. Great magic show. Very accommodating hosts. ”

Bill Buzzell on Sep 17, 2018 said:

“Visited with my 3 kids and daughters fiance. We all LOVED the Mansion on O! Meeting the owners was a treat. We love having an experience vs just visiting, and this was it. Only downside was we didn't have enough time to see everything. We all want to return, I’d just love to spend more time with H and her husband. Super awesome people! If you really want to have a moving experience, and respect the time someone can spend on their passion, skip the touristy stuff and go to The mansion On O. It's a reasonable fee, and will worth every penny.”

Melanie on Sep 11, 2018 said:

“My husband, two daughters and I had a wonderful time exploring this lovely, quirky, and creative mansion full of surprises. We will definitely spread the word and look forward to coming back!”

Debbie Wisser on Sep 10, 2018 said:

“Absolutely one of the most fantastic things we did while here in DC! Exploring for secret doors and rooms was so much fun. The decor and floor to ceiling treasures in every room, nook and cranny, made the treasure hunt exciting . Go, see, explore, laugh! One of a kind destination! You won’t be disappointed! So much fun! Will do again for sure!!!”

Lisa Halvis on Sep 9, 2018 said:

“Such a fun place! Found 10 doors! We will be back. ”

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