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Washington D.C.

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2,493 Mansion Reviews

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Mansion Guest on Nov 24, 2018 said:

“Super fun experience! It felt like treasure hunting for for secret doors, angels and guitars. I teamed up with my boyfriend and we enjoyed it so much! ”

Mandi Kirk on Nov 20, 2018 said:

“We were greated by a very happy and welcoming staff who directed us on how to proceed with our tour. I loved this experience top to bottom. There was so much to see we will be coming back. My friend and I can't wait to actually stay in one of the fabulous rooms. Overall rating is 5 stars. ”

Mansion Guest on Nov 19, 2018 said:

“The staff were all helpful and very professional”

Kristina Stephens on Nov 18, 2018 said:

“We had a great time exploring. I would love to have had a separate guided tour to show the hidden doors. There is so much to look at, you quite often forget to keep an eye out for those hidden doors.”

Beth on Nov 15, 2018 said:

“Lots of fun. Owners very friendly and accommodating. Would highly recommend to all ages.F76F63”

Lisa on Nov 12, 2018 said:

“My college daughter and I had a wonderful time wandering through rooms, hallways, and secret doors. We were enthralled with all of decor and art pieces in the themed rooms! We chatted. We laughed. We got lost. We had blast! Thank you for an experience we won't forget! We will be back with the rest of the family!”

Nadia on Nov 5, 2018 said:

“Amazing gem in the heart of the city! Fun & interesting way to spend the day with the entire family and friends! Definitely will go back.”

Leilani Conger on Nov 5, 2018 said:

“This place is really super cool. What an off the beaten path kind of activity! My hubby and I had a lot of fun exploring this mansion. They started us off with a little video about the place, then set us loose on the 4th floor. We were allowed to wander to our heart€™s content. The place is filled with an amazing collection of stuff that's eclectic and fascinating to shuffle through. We started to forget to search for hidden compartments, as we were just too busy checking out the 70+ rooms, all decorated differently and some in really eccentric ways! Even if you don’t care to step back in time, or wander through a living museum, getting lost and trying to figure your way through the maze-like warren of connecting rooms is fun. Seriously, the only way I can think to describe this place is part Winchester Mystery House (in CA), part antique store, part museum. It was probably our favorite activity on the trip we took to Washington. So eclectic, quirky & unusual, you won'€™t regret it. There'€™s nothing quite like it! ”

Morgan Penberthy on Nov 1, 2018 said:

“I visited the O Mansion with my office at work, whom I'm very close with, and we all became even closer through our time at the Mansion! We felt warmly welcomed by staff, especially by H.H. (the owner) and the President of the Mansion, who told us fascinating stories about various items in the mansion and some of his wonderful life experiences. Searching for the secret doors, exploring the various beautiful and unique rooms (and the elaborate bathrooms - wow!), finding the hidden wine cellar (yay!!), and viewing some of the rarest and most special relics we've ever seen (personal photos from members of the Beatles, hello!) really made the experience a perfect way to spend our team building session. We enjoyed every bit of exploring and learning about that unique building, and in the process, learned much about each other and ourselves, too. Working as a team to look high above us to discover some of the most unique items we've ever seen really made me feel grateful to work with such an amazing group of people at work every day. Thank you, O Mansion, for bringing us together and encouraging us to play and explore!”

Mansion Guest on Nov 1, 2018 said:

“We were fortunate to have gone to the O Mansion midday as part of our 'team building activity', and that allowed us to connect with both owners/operators (which was great fun because they shared stories that we would of course never have had access to if it weren't for them taking the time to share them with us!). Thank you for a wonderful day of 'oohs' and 'ahhhs'!”

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